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Singha Montra Hotel Airport (nearby)   78 $ incl.
VC @ Suanpaak Hotel Airport (nearby)   75 $ incl. recommend
3b Boutique Bed & Breakfast Airport (nearby)   53 $ incl. recommend
San Pareni Hotel Airport (nearby)   37 $ incl. recommend
The Airport Greenery Airport (nearby)   26 $ incl.
B2 Premier Chiangmai Resort & Spa Airport (nearby)   19 $ incl.
Airport Resident 2 Airport (nearby)   16 $
Plumeria Home Airport (nearby)   16 $ incl.
Chateau Chiangmai Hotel & Apartment Airport (nearby)   16 $ incl.
Noble Place Airport (nearby)   15 $ incl.
Kireethara Boutique Resort Chang Puek   66 $ incl.
Ruen Come In Chang Puek   59 $ incl.
Vanilla Residence Chiang Mai Chang Puek   40 $
The Grand Napat Chang Puek   37 $ incl. recommend
Burapa Boutique Hotel Chang Puek   35 $ incl.
Furama Chiang Mai Chang Puek   26 $ recommend
Chiangmai Grandview Hotel & Convention Center Chang Puek   25 $ incl. recommend
Green Lake Resort Chang Puek   20 $ incl.
Tarin Hotel Chang Puek   23 $ incl.
Lanna Boutique Resort Chang Puek   55 $ incl.
BED Hotel Chiang Mai Chang Puek   19 $
Napatra Hotel Chang Puek   17 $
We Valley Boutique Hotel Chang Puek   17 $ incl.
Aurora Resort Chiang Dao Chiang Dao   42 $ incl.
Marisa Resort & Spa Chiang Dao   28 $ incl.
Chankam Boutique Hotel City Center, Arak Road   88 $ incl.
Roseate Hotel City Center, Chang Puek Gate   27 $ incl.
De Lanna Hotel City Center, Intawarorot Rd.   55 $ incl.
99 The Gallery Hotel City Center, Intawarorot Rd.   31 $ incl. recommend
Buaraya Hotel City Center, Maneenopparat Rd.   17 $ recommend
De Naga Hotel Chiang Mai City Center, Moonmuang Road   105 $ incl.
Eurana Boutique Hotel City Center, Moonmuang Road   77 $ incl. recommend
Chompor Lanna Boutique Hotel City Center, Prapokkiao Road   31 $ incl.
Rachamankha. A member of Secret Retreats City Center, Rachamankha Road   121 $ incl.
BP Chiang Mai City Hotel City Center, Rachamankha Road   15 $ incl. recommend
Kodchasri Thani Chiang Mai City Center, Rachapakinai Road   66 $ incl. recommend
Sirilanna City Center, Rachapakinai Road   65 $ incl.
U Chiang Mai City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   83 $ incl.
Tamarind Village City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   109 $ incl.
Estia Chiangmai Boutique Hotel City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   39 $ recommend
Parasol Inn Hotel City Center, Ratchadamnern Rd.   22 $ incl.
The Rim Resort Chiang Mai City Center, Suandok Gate   75 $ incl.
Bodhi Serene City Center, Thapae Gate   64 $ incl. recommend
Hotel M Chiang Mai City Center, Thapae Gate   34 $ incl. recommend
Imm Hotel Thaphae City Center, Thapae Gate   24 $ incl.
Top North Hotel City Center, Thapae Gate   19 $ incl. recommend
Royal Peninsula Hotel Chiangmai City, Assadathorn Road   19 $ incl. recommend
Royal Panerai Hotel Chiangmai City, Assadathorn Road   20 $ incl. recommend
Eco Resort Chiang Mai City, Bumrungrad Road   35 $ incl.
Amora Tapae Hotel City, Chaiyapoom Road   31 $ incl. recommend
Miami Hotel City, Chaiyapoom Road   14 $
Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort City, Chang Klan Road   166 $ incl.
dusitD2 chiang mai City, Chang Klan Road   104 $ incl. recommend
Yaang Come Village City, Chang Klan Road   96 $ incl. recommend
The Amata Lanna City, Chang Klan Road   70 $ incl. recommend
Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   69 $ incl. recommend
Royal Princess Chiang Mai City, Chang Klan Road   57 $ recommend
Suriwongse Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   46 $ incl.
Empress Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   36 $ incl.
Wiang Chang Klan Boutique Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   30 $ incl. recommend
Lanna Palace 2004 Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   30 $
Park Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   27 $ incl.
Maninarakorn Hotel City, Chang Klan Road   19 $ incl. recommend
Night Bazaar Place City, Chang Klan Road   14 $
The Karinthip Village City, Chang Moi Kao Road   33 $ incl.
Dhara Dhevi Chiangmai City, Charoenmuang   280 $
Puripunn the Baby Grand Boutique City, Charoenmuang   111 $ incl.
Rainforest Boutique Hotel City, Charoenmuang   22 $ incl.
Calla Lily Boutique Residence City, Charoenmuang   17 $ incl. recommend
Oasis Hotel City, Charoenmuang   12 $
Anantara Chiangmai Resort & Spa City, Charoenprathet Road   157 $ incl.
9W Boutique Studio City, Charoenprathet Road   39 $ incl. recommend
Pornping Tower Hotel City, Charoenprathet Road   31 $ incl.
C H Hotel City, Charoenprathet Road   20 $ incl.
137 Pillars House City, Charoenrad Road   244 $ incl. recommend
Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort City, Charoenrad Road   86 $ incl. recommend
Sala Lanna Chiang Mai City, Charoenrad Road   64 $ incl. recommend
Woodfield Resort Chiang Mai City, Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd.   43 $ incl. recommend
La Villetta Chiang Mai City, Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd.   20 $ incl.
Khum Jao Luang Boutique City, Khampeangdin Road   53 $ incl. recommend
P21 Chiangmai Hotel City, Kotchasarn Road   33 $ incl.
Royal Guest House City, Kotchasarn Road   8 $
Star Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   66 $ incl. recommend
Chiangmai Night Bazaar Boutique Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   38 $ incl.
Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa City, Loi Kroh Road   38 $ incl. recommend
Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai City, Loi Kroh Road   46 $
Royal Lanna Hotel City, Loi Kroh Road   27 $ incl.
Basic Line Hotel @ LoiKroh City, Loi Kroh Road   9 $ recommend
Yantarasri Resort City, Nimanhemin Road   40 $ incl.
At Niman City, Nimmanhaemin Road   86 $ incl.
De Chai The Oriental City, Nimmanhaemin Road   71 $ incl.
Kantary Hills City, Nimmanhaemin Road   61 $ incl.
At Pingnakorn Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road   31 $ incl.
Yesterday Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road   30 $ incl.
Baiyoke Ciao Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road   28 $ incl.
Nimman Mai Design Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road   30 $ incl.
Mayflower Grande Hotel City, Nimmanhaemin Road   19 $ incl.
Bossotel Inn City, Railway Road   23 $ incl.
Golden Bell Hotel Chiang Mai City, Rat Chiang Saen Road   35 $ incl.
Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa City, Rat-U-Tit Road   104 $ incl. recommend
Chiangmai Ratanakosin Hotel City, Ratanakosin Road   22 $ incl.
Inspire House Hotel City, Ratanakosin Road   14 $ incl.
Buri Gallery House City, Ratchadamnern Road   26 $ incl. recommend
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   53 $ incl. recommend
Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   31 $ incl.
Winner Inn Hotel City, Sridonchai Road   16 $ incl.
Khum Phaya Resort&Spa,Centara Boutique Collection City, Super Highway Road   89 $ incl. recommend
Eurasia ChiangMai Hotel City, Super Highway Road   24 $ incl.
7 Days Hotel City, Super Highway Road   13 $
Chiangmai Gate Hotel City, Suriyawong Road   39 $ incl.
Smile House Boutique City, Suriyawong Road   15 $
Sinthana Resort City, Suthep Road   23 $ incl.
The Small Hotel City, Tha Pae Road   31 $ incl. recommend
Banthai Village City, Thapae Soi 3   52 $ incl. recommend
De Chai The Colonial Hotel City, Thapae Soi 4   59 $ incl. recommend
Viang Thapae Resort City, Thapae Soi 4   55 $ incl.
Na Thapae Hotel City, Thapae Soi 6   29 $ incl.
Rimping Village City, Wat Kate   52 $ incl.
Tree Retro Hotel City, Wiangping Road   11 $
Tri Yaan Na Ros Colonial House City, Wualai Road   35 $ incl.
Baan Ngern Village City, Wualai Road   15 $
Angkhang Nature Resort Doi Angkhang, Fang   41 $ incl.
Jasmine Hills Lodge Doi Saket   42 $ incl.
Horizon Village & Resort Chiangmai Doi Saket   39 $ incl.
The Balcony Chiang Mai Village Fah Ham   77 $ incl.
7 Days Vintage Hotel Fah Ham   30 $
Veranda Chiangmai The High Resort Hangdong   119 $ incl. recommend
Belle Villa Resort Hangdong   44 $ incl.
Huarn Jana Boutique Resort Hangdong   39 $ incl.
Chiangmai Royal Creek Hangdong   31 $ incl.
Suan Bua Resort & Spa Hangdong   26 $ incl.
Lanna Resort Hangdong   25 $ incl.
Bulun Buri Resort Hangdong   14 $
Taraburi Resort & Spa Hangdong, Baanvan   28 $
Narittaya Resort and Spa Hangdong, Namphrae   44 $ incl. recommend
Assaradevi Villa and Spa Hangdong, Sanpakwan   32 $ incl.
The New Concept Boutique Hotel Hangdong, Sanpakwan   21 $ recommend
Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel Huay Kaew   48 $ incl. recommend
At Pingnakorn Huaykaew Hotel Huay Kaew   38 $ incl.
HUG Collection @ Nimman Hotel Huay Kaew   36 $ incl.
Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel Huay Kaew   31 $ incl.
Chiangmai Hills 2000 Hotel Huay Kaew   22 $ incl.
Prestige Chiang Mai Huay Kaew   22 $ incl. recommend
Baan Din Ki Huay Kaew   21 $ recommend
Khum Phucome Hotel Huay Kaew   21 $ incl.
The Nest Chiangmai Huay Kaew   20 $ incl.
Chiangmai Phucome Hotel Huay Kaew   20 $ incl.
Holiday Garden Hotel Huay Kaew   20 $ incl.
The International Hotel Chiang Mai (YMCA) Huay Kaew   19 $
V Residence Chiangmai Huay Kaew   17 $ incl.
Chiangmai Inthanon Golf & Natural Resort Jomthong (Inthanon)   41 $ incl.
Touch Star Resort Inthanon Jomthong (Inthanon)   23 $ incl. recommend
Maekok River Village Resort Mae Ai   65 $ incl.
Navasoung Resort Mae Chaem   22 $ incl.
The Natural Healing Spa Retreat Mae Rim   84 $ incl.
Panviman Chiangmai Spa Resort Mae Rim   75 $ incl. recommend
Sukantara Cascade Resort Mae Rim   90 $ incl.
The Spa Resort Chiang Mai Mae Rim   70 $ recommend
Proud Phu Fah Mae Rim   64 $ incl.
Baan Canna Country Resort Mae Rim   57 $ incl. recommend
Mae-Rim Lagoon Hotel Mae Rim   33 $ incl.
Hmong Hilltribe Lodge Mae Rim   33 $ incl.
Mae-Sa Valley Mae Rim   31 $ incl.
Away Suansawan Chiang Mai Mae Rim   25 $ incl. recommend
Botanic Resort Mae Rim   22 $ incl.
Rinrada Resort Mae Rim   17 $ incl.
Imperial Chiang Mai & Sports Club Mae Rim   22 $ incl.
Sibsan Resort & Spa, Maeteang Mae Tang   110 $ incl. recommend
Baan Rai Lanna Resort Mae Tang   24 $ incl.
Namrae Maewang Pairin Resort Mae Wang   79 $ incl.
Saimoonbury Resort Nong Bua, Chaiprakarn   26 $ incl.
Winplace Hotel Chiang Mai Padad   20 $ incl.
The Athitan Boutique Resort Padad, along Riverside   79 $ incl.
Sheik Istana Hotel Padad, along Riverside   59 $ incl.
Sri-Ping Resort Padad, along Riverside   27 $ incl.
Lanna Mantra Relais Patan   30 $ incl.
Baan Gong Kham Patan   26 $ incl.
Baan Singkham Patan   22 $ incl.
7days Hotel Patan Patan   13 $
New Chiangmai Garden Hotel & Resort Patan   11 $ incl.
Aomdoi Resort Phrao   18 $ incl.
Oasis Baan Saen Doi Spa Resort Ratchaphruek Garden   88 $ incl.
Prat Rajapruek Resort & Spa Ratchaphruek Garden   55 $ incl. recommend
Sibsan Luxury Hotel Rimping San Phi Suea   153 $ incl. recommend
Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa San Phi Suea   55 $ incl.
Tianna Garden Village San Phi Suea   35 $ incl.
Kaomai Lanna Resort Chiangmai Sanpatong   59 $ incl.
Fern Paradise Sansai   45 $ incl.
Golden Cupids Hotel Sansai   41 $ incl.
Villa Meesuk Residences Sansai   39 $ incl.
Chiangmai Perfect Resort & Spa Sansai   20 $ incl. recommend
Dreamcatchers Bed & Breakfast Saraphee   39 $ incl.
Kham Mon Lanna Resort Saraphee   48 $ incl.
Rates for Chiangmai hotels are subject to 7% VAT and 10% service charge.
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