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Jessie Q

Profile created on November 16, 2011

35 year old woman from Canada - in Chiang Mai at the moment

Location in Chiang Mai

Chang Moi Keaw Road

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Freelancing Bohemian
Activities & Interests
All things related to body and movement, of which I practise Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Contemporary Prop Manipulation. I am fascinated by the myofascial matrix and the potential of the human body. I am inspired by its beauty and perfection. I love seeing Circus arts, acrobatics, all kinds of prop manipulation and any sort of art that uses the body and athletics to express from the Heart. I wish to further my studies in Thai Massage, myofascial release and maybe Chiropractic so that I can specialize with Circus artists, dancers and athletes in my bodywork practise.

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Jessie Q
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