Take-away brothels in Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

There are about 5-10 take-away brothels in Chiang Mai, all of them operating in a realm of illegality and darkness. In a way that's a joke, because their bigger brothers, the soapy massage parlours, bars and karaokes are just as illegal when it comes to providing sexual services. All paid sex in Thailand is illegal so all of these businesses are supposed to provide some legitimate service only, whether it is a spa, a massage, a song in company of a girl, or a drink in a bar.
However, some take-away brothels are probably 'a bit more illegal' than their bigger brothers because they (partly) employ illegal labour and they don't have any special license.

One of the best take-away brothels in town officially sells nothing but boiled rice (รุ่งฟ้า ร้านข้าวต้ม)

It's not something you need to be concerned about too much, but if you go there, it's good to know what spheres you're engaging in. There's probably not much forced sexual labour in Chiang Mai, as appears to be the case along the Thai-Cambodian border, and you don't need to expect a B-movie scene where police is raiding your (love) hotel.

However, because of the obscure nature of their business (ธุรกิจมืด), generally take-away brothels are operating more covert and are harder to find than 'official businesses'. Some don't even have a proper name and they certainly don't advertise. They are far less stable, keep changing locations, changing owner, closing down - probably because they didn't pay enough to law enforcers - and then suddenly they re-appear again.

If you want to go to a take-away brothel, you need some more guts and Thai language proficiency to get a (good) deal. Some businesses may reject you rightaway seeing that you are a foreigner, others charge more, and some girls may refuse to go with you perhaps fearing the size of your instrument. That won't happen often with the standard bar girls on Loikroh, are often fluent in (foul) language and well-accustomed to farang size.

Another factor you may want to consider is that girls in take-away brothels aren't (as often) medically checked as in their colleagues in the regular places, so there can be more risks with sex. They are often (very) young girls from Myanmar or the mountains, brought in by the bar and due to serve the customer without any further training other than 'training on the job'. Some don't even know how to put on a condom or want you to put on two (!), so don't expect very high 'professional standards'.
In some places you can sense they aren't as free as their Thai colleagues (in the more official businesses) although there's probably not much forced sexual labour in Chiang Mai.

Very local brothel, in the daytime looks like nothing,
in the night time buzzling with activity with girls on offer from THB 400

Now what do you need to go there? First of all, a good route description, secondly some more guts, and finally some Thai proficiency, or an introduction. (Some guys bring their own condom because the stuff the girls provide is not of the right size.)

The standard procedure for most of these places is, you go in and pick a girl, the pimp brings you and the girl on a scooter to the love hotel and you've got either standard half an hour or an hour to get it done. Some places have rooms at the back or a fixed deal with a nearby love hotel that's included in the price. It could be worthwhile to pick your own love hotel, because not all of them are very clean or new.

Typical prices range from THB 400-600 for half an hour to THB 1,300 for an hour, including or excluding the room which could cost around THB 80-140 for an hour. Some girls expect a tip otherwise they won't give you a good service next time.

Here are some take-away brothels:
1. Rung Fa Boiled Rice Shop - A stable business that officially only sells boiled rice
2. Day-time brothel in Nimman - A very local house with a few local girls
3. 99 Karaoke Santitam - Probably the best take-away brothel with a lot of girls
4. Burmese brothels in Santitam - What in broad daylight looks like a dull street with some metal businesses and a Thai BBQ (mukaataa), turns into a mongers' Walhalla every night, that is: if you like it very basic. Pimps are riding in and out to bring the girls to and fro a nearby love hotel, like bees flying in and out of a nest.

These are the most stable places, other places may pop up or disappear, we'll update it here.

A quiet street in daytime, but buzzing with scooters and girls in the night
A quiet street in daytime, in the nighttime buzzling with scooters and girls


The first time, it may take a bit of guts to go in

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