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SP Thai Massage
SP Thai Massage
SP Thai Massage

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John H. Posted on January 19, 2020 at 05:17:29
I think it’s a good place to go , two hours 500, tell the cashier the age and build of the the girl you want , she will bring the girl down to show you first.
Take condom.
John Posted on January 17, 2019 at 02:40:42
Over the past few years I've received about 20 massages at this business....guaranteed that an offer of "special massage" will be given.

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James Posted on November 24, 2018 at 19:32:07
A couple of weeks ago after seeing this massage parlour advertised on here, decided to give it a try.
Went in the afternoon. An expressionless stone faced middle aged woman met me at the reception desk. I asked; how much for a 1 hour oil massage? 300 baht she replied. I said OK. then she said; you pay now! I refused, told her I will pay after the massage as is the normal routine. Then without another word she calls a member of staff. It was a short fat woman in her 30s. The woman washed my feet then led me up 2 steep long flights of stairs to the massage room. Wait here she said as she walked out the room. So I undressed, put a towel round me and laid on the massage table.
About 10 minutes later the woman reappears.
After 14 minutes into the massage she asks do I want a HJ? Maybe I said; but it`s only been a short time into the massage so far. I noticed she kept looking at a clock on the wall.
Within the next minute she asks again, do I want a HJ? You give me 1000 baht. That to me was the passion killer. no I said, and then she said; 700 baht, no I said, and then 500 baht, again I said no. But this woman was not taking no for an answer and was like being lock in a room with a high pressure insurance salesman.
Noticed she repeatedly kept looking at the clock and then said to me, please, I need money.
That was it, enough was enough, after 30 minutes into the head banging nagging and crap massage I got up, told her I`m leaving, went downstairs paid the 300 baht and out the shop.
I caught on that why the woman kept anxiously looking at the clock is because she either had somewhere else to go after the hour or had another customer booked, so she wanted to secure her tip before the time was up.
I`m not against having a HJ after a massage and at times quite welcome it, but not with the fast and aggressive approach, I`m not that desperate.
The S.P Massage does not have a friendly, relaxed approach towards it`s customers. I won`t be going there again.