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Fang VIP Club offers erotic massages and body-to-body massages. This place has a loyal Thai client base, but welcomes foreigners too. Can be difficult to find.
Fang VIP Club บัานฟ่างวีไอพีเมมเบอร์ คลับ นวดมาสสาจ & สปา เชียงใหม่ (มาสซาสแอนด์สปา / นวด).
This place used the name Fang VIP Member Club before, but now dropped the word 'Member', so it is now called Fang VIP Club but recently also advertised the name OMG SPA.
It also means that one does not have to become a VIP member to enjoy the benefits cool.

Fang VIP club erotic massage with sexy Thai student girls

Overview of Erotic Massages in Chiang Mai

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Fang VIP (Member) Club
Fang VIP (Member) Club
Fang VIP (Member) Club
Fang VIP (Member) Club
Fang VIP (Member) Club
Fang VIP (Member) Club

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TIGRE Posted on June 05, 2017 at 09:24:40
Not very clean, poorly maintained.

The proposed program has nothing to do with a lamentable reality.

None of the girls present make you want to ...

To flee...
Chris Posted on December 13, 2016 at 16:17:37
I agree that the place is nice, friendly and straight forward with the menu in english. The shop is a bit disorganized but very clean. The gal was modest and kept a towel on for some parts but that didn't last long. No problems touching and no pressures for more money. 1000 baht all in for two showers together, naked b2b massage and HJ. The girls werent knock outs by any means but nicer then most I saw around the other shops in Chiang Mai. BJ on offer for a little more. HJ very good but massage left something to be desired.
James Posted on November 12, 2016 at 05:03:45
Just some words of advice about these B2B massage parlours.

So far I have tried 2 in Chiang Mai and they all seem to operate the same way.

At the start of the so-called massage the girl places her customer on his stomach. She will then pour loads of gunk over his back and begin sliding up and down the guy`s back with her body, but there`s a catch. She leaves her bra and shorts on. After 5 minutes she will prod the guy with her finger and tell him if he wishes for her to completely remove her clothes and touch her then he has to pay an extra 700 to 1000 baht over and above whatever the going rate for the service costs. She keeps the customer lying on his stomach so she has full control of the situation in-case the guy tries to touch her before the haggling process begins. Never have I known of a BJ or FS offered in any of this places.

So in most cases expect to pay about 2500 baht for a naked girl massage, a quite grope and the HJ afterwards.

It is advisable to ask exactly what is on offer and for how much before undertaking the massage.
Law Posted on June 20, 2016 at 10:05:40
Nice Friendly no drama

Not rushed at all very relaxed