Bitcoin and other crypto currency exchange in Thailand

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Bitcoin ATM machine in Chiang Mai does not always work
Bitcoin machine in Chiang Mai does not always work

If you want to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or reversely, you want to cash out some of your money, CM Locator offers a platform for buyers and sellers to find each other to exchange cash for crypto or vice versa.

This service is ideal for those coming from a country with many restrictions on crypto.

Exchanges are on a peer-to-peer basis so constitute a completely voluntary exchange of value between two individual people, not a financial service by this website.

If you can’t find somebody interested in making the transaction you desire, we can match you with somebody in our pool at a matching fee:

transaction value matching fee
< USD 500 8%
USD 500 - 1000 5%
> USD 1000 3%

Please leave your offer in a comment below or contact us at






交易额 配套费
< USD 500 8%
USD 500 - 1000 5%
> USD 1000 3%


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