Special Days

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The following is overview of special days in Thailand, in particular in Chiang Mai and the north of Thailand.

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Songkran Festival at Nawrat Bridge, Chiang Mai

YEAR 2016

date name HOLIDAY



1 Jan New Year's Day

9 Jan Children's Day    
15-17 Jan   Bo Sang Umbrella Festival San Kamphaeng Chiang Mai    
16 Jan Teacher Day



17 Jan King Ramkhamhaeng Day


18 Jan Royal Thai Armed Forces Day & King Naresuan Day      
5-7 Feb   Chiang Mai Flower Festival    
8 Feb Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey      
22 Feb Magha Puja    
13 Mar Thai Elephant Day      
27 Mar Royal Thai Airforce Day      
31 Mar King Nangklao Day      
6 April Chakri Memorial Day      
7 April World Health Day      
13 April Senior Citizen Day      
13-15 April Songkran or Thai New Year and Water Festival    
1 May Labor Day      
5 May Coronation Day      
8 May International Red cross day      
TBA Royal Plouging Day      
20 May Vesak Day  
1-7 Jun City Pillar or Inthakin Festival Chiang Mai  
TBA Dragon Boat Festival  
9 Jun King Ananda Mahidol      
24 Jun Revolution Day วันเปลี่ยนแปลงการปกครอง      
26 Jun Sunthorn Phu Day      
19 Jul Asalha Puja Day    
20 Jul Wan Khao Pansa    
29 Jul Thai Language Day      
7 Aug Rapee Day      
12 Aug The Queen's Birthday and Mother's Day      
28 Aug King Taksin Day      
1 Sept Seub Nakhasathien Memorial Day      
15 Sept Silpa Bhirasri Day      
19 Sept Mid Autumn Festival     
24 Sept Prince Mahidol Day      
1 - 9 Oct Vegetarian Festival    
16 Oct Wan Ok Pansa    
23 Oct Chulalongkorn or Piya Maharat Day      
25 Nov Loy Krathong Festival  
20 Nov Royal Thai Navy Day      
25 Nov King Vajiravudh      
1 Dec Damrong Rajanubhab Day      
5 Dec The King's Birthday, National Day and Father's Day      
10 Dec Constitution Day      
31 Dec New Year's Eve      

Holidays and Festivals in Thailand
Local Muslim community festival: sugar fest after Ramadan

Holidays and Festivals in Thailand
Loikrathong or Festival of Light in Chiang Mai


  1. HOLIDAY: official holidays. All government offices closed; post office and banks in the streets closed (but they are always open in the shopping malls and in the airport).
  2. NO HOLIDAY: non-official holidays. Some offices may be closed, depending on the business
  3. EVENT: no businesses closed due to an event
  4. MOON: this day depends on the moon, so the date changes every year
  5. Observed: When a holiday falls in the weekend, the Thai government can decide to "compensate" the public by allowing for an extra free day.
  6. No drinking of alcohol allowed in bars and in public on Buddhist special days and some other days

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Miriam B. Posted on November 22, 2015 at 04:02:37
Are the main festivals in Chiang Mai the same as in the South of Thailand? For example, we heard that a vegetarian festival in Phuket more performances, but Loikrathong in Chiang Mai is more beautiful to witness.