One year Self Defence Course Education Visa in Chiang Mai

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This is an excellent opportunity for all those wishing to stay in Thailand for one full year to get a one year education visa while at the same time learning useful skills that may help you in difficult situations.

One year self defence course visa in Chiang Mai
Self defence class is open to people of all backgrounds


Any foreigner, young or old, male or female, any nationality, superfit or untrained.
The youngest student at the school is about 12 years old, the oldest is nearly 70 years old!
This program is easy to do for everyone, you don't need much strength to learn self-defence techniques, it's all about techniques that everybody can learn. Mind you, this is not an exhaustive Thai-style boxing course (Muay Thai).
The training room is airconditioned and training is very mild.


100%. The school is fully approved by the Ministry of Education to provide programs that allow for an education visa. There are no fake students.
Moreover, the school has a professional team of administrative staff that organize all your paperwork and make sure that you won't have any problem with Immigration.


This, for Thailand and Chiang Mai, unique program of learning comes at a very affordable cost: OFFICIAL PRICE THB 48,300.

This price includes the Immigration office's fees of 3 x 90-day reporting at THB 1,900 while the school offers the service of getting a queue number for you so that you don't have to wake up at 5am. Staff of the school will assist you during the reporting so that you can be sure that the entire process is smooth.


You will learn a mix of self-defence techniques derived from different martial arts traditions all over the world. All are easy to learn with proper guidance and instruction and can prove to be valuable protection in dangerous situations.
This is a group class and there are about 4 instructors during the course which ensures sufficient supervision and guidance. All staff speak sufficient English to teach you and assist you with the paper formalities.


Students of the 1-program train every Saturday and Sunday from 3-5pm, so that's only 4 hours per week and a total of only 180 hours per year.
Compared with the standard programs of Thai language schools, this is a minimum investment of time that allows you a full year of stay in Thailand. Most Thai language programs involve 400 hours of study, 5 days per week.


Applying is easy and fast.


Fill out your details here, then we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Note that the processing time for the education visa is at least 2-3 weeks. Note that you will have to leave the country one time to pick up your first entry. Read more about this procedure. COVID-19 UPDATE: you can apply from within Thailand without leaving the country.

(please mention that you were introduced to the school through CM Locator, it may give you a discount and it will help the site)


You can also apply from abroad, normally we charge 1,000 baht extra for postage and handling fees but you can now use your gift voucher to waive these fees. There is a huge advantage though: you can pick up the visa from the Embassy of your choice and that that will save you all the effort and money of one unnecessary trip in and out of Thailand. Simply apply, get your 1-year visa and stay in Thailand uninterruptely for 1 year.

(please mention that you were introduced to the school through CM Locator, it may give you a discount and it will help the site)

One year self defence course visa in Chiang Mai

Thorough training is provided all throughout the course


This 12-months program is unique in its kind, there is only one other martial arts school in the south of Thailand that provides a similar program with an education visa.
The school is run by a military police officer who also used to be a VIP body guard, which ensures the right connections in Thailand.
The school also provides other courses, such as shooting, women's self-defence etc, that can be taken additionally.


Comparison 1-year ED Visa options One Year Self Defence Course
ED Visa
Standard / average Thai language Course
ED Visa
Total cost including 3x 90-day reporting THB 34,000 (THB 30,000 to 40,000) + (THB 5,700) =
THB 35,700 to 45,700
Total time commitment 180 hours 360 to 400 hours
Weekly commitment 2 hour x 2 days 2 hours x 4 days
Learning Thai language necessary? NO YES
Full assistance during 90-day reporting? YES NO
Getting queue number during 90-day reporting YES NO
Skill testing at Immigration office or airport NO YES
Learn portable skills useful anywhere in the world YES NO
6-months ED visa possible? NO YES


  • A multiple re-entry permit can be added to an ED visa, allowing you to leave the country anytime and come back without losing your visa. This is not possible in case of a volunteer visa.
  • Most Thai language schools do not assist in getting a queue number for 90-day reporting. If they do, they usually charge about 500 baht more. Most Thai language schools let you go to Immigration by yourself.
  • Getting a queue number at Immigration can save you many hours of waiting time

One year self defence course visa in Chiang Mai
Training with real situations


All education visa (officially: non-immigration ED-visa) follow the same procedure* :

  1. Student applies for a study program at a school approved by the Ministry of Education. Student informs school in which country he/she wants to pick up the first entry of the education visa.
  2. School sends papers to Ministry of Education, which approves and informs Embassy of student's choice (about 2-3 weeks)
  3. Student goes to Embassy of his/her choice to pick up the ED visa's first entry (valid for 90 days). (Most students choose Vientiane in Laos, because it's cheap and easy, but you can choose any Embassy.)
  4. Student enters Thailand and starts study
  5. Every 90 days, student has to report to Immigration Office.
  6. Education visa expires after 1 year, but can be extended for several years.

For more details, read our article on Education Visa.

* NOTE: Immigration regulations are constantly changing. We can update you at the moment you apply.


When you have a non-immigrant visa to Thailand, a lot of official things go easier, for example:

One year self defence course visa in Chiang Mai

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Richard E Posted on May 19, 2024 at 04:41:16
DearSchool of One year Self Defence Course Education

I will arrive in Chiang Mai in late May, 2024 and I am interested in studying at your school. I would extend and probably want to start classes in the middle of July. Will that be possible? I’ve been to Thailand before and one very important thing I will need is a Thai bank account ASAP. I prefer KTB because I had an account with them before and found them to be the best. Can you provide a letter that will allow me to start a KTB account immediately? Thank you.

Richard E
Aimee Posted on January 18, 2023 at 08:35:37
Hi, is the One year Self Defence Course Education Visa in Chiang Mai still available? Whereabouts in Chaing Mai is the school located and are training times flexible, i.e. if I miss a Sunday lesson, is it possible to do a make-up lesson during the week?
Admin Posted on November 15, 2022 at 01:50:19
@D: Some schools accept a smaller pre-payment first until your visa has been approved, and a final payment upon issuance of your visa. But there are probably no schools which will finance your visa and allow you to pay the remaining sum in a few months. You either get a 1 year visa or not.
You probably won't find airlines either which allow you to pay half of your ticket before booking and the other half upon take off or during the flight.
D Posted on November 14, 2022 at 15:27:36
Is it possible to split payments for a course in two or more parts? Wanna visit Thailand for the first time, but spending so much money at once (flight ticket+3 months rent+full ED course price) seems too much for me.
Same question applies to language schools mentioned on this website
CM Locator Posted on August 11, 2022 at 05:17:37
@Jungle: yes this program is still viable. This is not an informal boxing school, it is an officially recognized school.
Jungle Posted on August 11, 2022 at 02:42:29
Can you please confirm whether this program is still viable in 2022? The Royal Thai Embassy website page on educational visas lists “informal boxing and language schools” as NOT being suitable for an ED visa, and I wonder if perhaps this place has some special dispensation by the government. Please clarify.
Dan Ragland Posted on May 20, 2021 at 16:13:15
I am interested in the self-defense visa. Is there a school in Phuket? I already have my ticket for arrival on July 3rd

Hashi Nao Posted on November 27, 2020 at 07:10:14
I have a B visa now. However, it will expire in end of December. I want to know about your service.
Daniel Posted on June 29, 2020 at 17:26:33
I am 69 and my wife is 61. We have Thai drivers license and bank account. We lived in Thailand for 2 years and then later for 5 months. I met several people from my apartment complex that used services like yours to stay in Thailand. Everything looks good! Are you still able to operate under the new rules? The fee is fine! Problem..the 2 hours on Sunday is fine.we are Seventh Day Adventist and would not be able to attend on Saturday. Could we do 4 hours on Sunday or another day? ..and occasionally we would have to leave to go to Cambodia?...maybe not with this virus mess. So, having said all this?....are you still working? Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, Daniel
John Posted on March 27, 2020 at 11:29:56
Are you open? Can I pay monthly? Is it 34000 for the total year?
Kenneth doey Posted on February 15, 2020 at 00:27:18
hi i would love to get the opportunity to take part in this self defence course could someone kindly contact me thanks
Jamie Robert Gell Posted on December 08, 2019 at 20:02:40
I will be in Chiang Mai, I wish to take your one year Ed. Visa program. Please respond so I can apply. Thank you.
Jamie Robert Gell Posted on December 08, 2019 at 20:02:01
I will be in Chiang Mai soon, I wish to take your one year Ed. Visa program. Please respond so I can apply. Thank you.
Daniel Posted on November 10, 2019 at 05:58:51
i sent an email a week ago but no answer yet
Chandré Morgan Posted on September 20, 2019 at 18:19:14
I would like to apply for this Visa. I am currently in Thailand(Phuket)
I am from South Africa and a white 47 year old female.
Randy Posted on September 11, 2019 at 08:43:00
I will be in Chiang Mai end of September, I wish to take your one year Ed. Visa program. Please respond as to where I need to go when I come to CM so I can apply. Thank you.
benjamin c Finnigan Posted on August 21, 2019 at 07:04:44
Can I apply for a 6 month language or self defense visa instead of 1 year?
Leith Gemmell Posted on August 16, 2019 at 06:42:28
Hi do you offer a 6month combat Visa?
Padma Posted on July 12, 2019 at 13:57:02
Course date of commencement

Peter Spencer Posted on February 25, 2019 at 06:57:49
I am in CM at the moment can I visit you? Where are you?

Many thanks
Hunter Lafave Posted on February 01, 2019 at 06:13:16
I am currently healing from a broken collar bone in Chiang Mai but looking to get a 1 year visa once this heals. It should be about 4 months maximum before I am fully healed. Can you assist me in what that process would look like in applying? Thank you in advance
Luke Kryt Posted on January 25, 2019 at 10:55:04
Hello I am interested in this Muy Thai training Visa. Can you assist me with some more information about how to get started with the application process? Thanks for your time. Luke
Maksim Posted on January 02, 2019 at 07:42:51
I wanna move to Chiang Mai with my gf in spring.
Contact me pls via email.
Chad Posted on October 12, 2018 at 21:56:57
I will be moving to Chaing Mai and would love to participate. I could attend regulatory but I do need to travel for business occasionally. Do you know if there are attendance issues if you are out of town?
Amanda Posted on October 12, 2018 at 19:29:27
I want get visa 1 years of education. I need more information. Thanks. Now i stay at chiangmai
Gary Robertson Posted on September 28, 2018 at 20:33:00
I am trying to apply from the UK but i cant open the APPLY NOW FROM ABROAD link. can you give me the email address i would need to apply please. Thank you Gary
judah Posted on July 14, 2018 at 20:15:49
wrong address
judah Posted on July 14, 2018 at 20:15:15
cool site! Thanks. Coming to Chiang May in October to feel it out.Lat time in Thailand was 1970. Yikes! Traveling the world now, if I like Thailand it looks like this method would work for me as I have studied in the past, recently in fact filipino martial arts. I love the sticks. Guitar is my main gig, so I have to be careful pounding on things. but, this looks really slick for the extended visa.
Carol Posted on March 04, 2018 at 01:41:27
I'm in Singapore. Can I apply the Ed visa from here?
Will the charges be lower?
What are the procedures.
Do I have to enroll before applying here in singapore?
emeric Posted on November 14, 2017 at 10:33:48

I should be in Chiang Mai Jan and Feb this year. Do you have Krav Maga courses available other than for 1 year visa purpose?

Bryan St. Onge Posted on November 13, 2017 at 00:11:11
Where are you located? I want to start the self defense visa.
Poon Posted on November 11, 2017 at 09:54:24
If my husband has Polio, can he join the course?
copper urmenita Posted on July 25, 2017 at 15:40:02
hello.. where exactly are you in chiangmai? i might want to enroll for a year course starting June 2018. i am currently working in chiangmai but my contract will end on May 2018. i will then want to learn martial arts. also, your post is 2016.. are there any changes now? :) hope you respond soon thank you!
jean marc Posted on April 17, 2017 at 15:06:43
Hello I am a french and passionate self defense. On my next trip to Thailand is it possible to visit you.

Thank you

(I subscribed to your facebook profile)
Phubet Posted on April 16, 2017 at 02:57:45
Pls get back to me
Phubet Posted on April 16, 2017 at 02:57:27
I am interesting for my children , pls get back to me
Steve Posted on March 15, 2017 at 12:13:06
My wife owns a Visa company and I saw her competitors are offering this Visa. Interested in offering it as well. I am also interested in taking the course myself. I have been in Thailand for 14 years and this looks great!
fernando Posted on November 11, 2016 at 17:42:20
Hi ! i m coming to Chiang Mai in December with a 6 months visa, im interesed in the courses and the visa too