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If you are considering to invest in property in Chiang Mai but you are not sure about certain things, such as: price, location, rentability, yield, contract and risks, we can help you.

Lawyers and real estate agents in Chiang Mai have their own limits and interests.
Lawyers cannot advise you on economic aspects, such as price and yield. They are often rather expensive and sometimes don't carry out what should be the scope of their work.
Agents in Chiang Mai mostly act out of one interest: to get commission and short term benefit, not to serve the best interests of their customers and to build a long term relationship. Even though some agents advertise that they represent your interest, the main driver is and remains for them to make the deal happen.
Some agents in the market that claim to represent your interests only, but in fact they are also selling and buying property and it's very doubtful that they can act purely on your behalf. However, often there is an inherent conflict of interest if they have a property on offer that they want to introduce to you.

We offer various real estate services, acting as your Property Pal:

Module I. Value assessment

We estimate: fair market value; potential for capital apprecation; possible rental yield; quality of interior / renovation; risks, current and possible future problems.

Fee: THB 3,000 for a condo, or THB 5,000 for another property
Discount possible if you selected more than one property in your shortlist.

Module II. Negotiation

Negotiation can be done for either party, but happens most often on behalf of the buyer. There are many things that can be considered in the negotiation to get a better deal. Being well prepared with regard to the values of the property, the situation of the seller, the quality of the building and interior design, and the government parameters can help a lot to get the best deal.

Fee: THB 3,000

Module III. Preparation of Purchase Contract

In the process and as a result of the negotiation, it can be very useful to put all points of agreement down in a contract. Often, certain things are forgotten or overlooked, leading to problems at the time of transfer.
We have compiled a standard contract based on examples from several agents and lawyers, that includes the best and most reasonable clauses and protection for both parties. Many contracts used in the market by both agents and lawyers are unfair or don't give appropriate protection to either side.
We will help you to draft everything into the contract that is important to you, and co-sign as a witness.

Fee: THB 3,000

Module IV. Assistance to transfer the title deed

When all paperwork and finance are ready, we assist you to go to the Land Registry Office until the moment the title deed is transferred. Although in principle the transfer is very straightforward, many things can go wrong due to inadequacy of paperwork or poor preparation for example with regard to reported value. We can also save on waiting time at the Land Registry Office.

Fee: THB 2,500

All above four modules together: THB 10,000

Our 2nd opinion can give you peace of mind that you are making the right investment choice that suits your purpose. Our assistance can help you successfully through all stages of the buying process.
We are confident that you can easily earn back our fees by avoiding mistakes, saving time and money on the purchase price, the negotiation and the paperwork.

Other service modules: upon your request

There can be all kinds of other questions you have with regard to (investing in) property. We are flexible to your demands and can offer other services at your request. Please ask us and we can discuss how we can help you.

Our interest is to help you deal with the property matters that concern you. We have no portfolio of properties and no mixed interests. We only have experience, knowledge and ambition that we can share with you. As a third person, we approach the situation in a different way, estimate value better, and impact the negotiated price.

Contact us with the property details and we will send you a specified approach.

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DISCLAIMER: Any information about property on these pages reflects the personal opinion of our financial reporter and is meant purely informatively. No claim is made as to the exact accuracy of facts and figures nor about any future returns you can make by investing in property in Chiang Mai. Investing or di-vesting Thai property is not without risk, and the risk is to be assumed by you as an investor, and you only. Neither our financial reporter nor this site accept any responsibility to your financial decisions, which you make alone.

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Simon Laroche Posted on July 29, 2014 at 06:18:38
Hello Rolf, you probably mean The Treasure Condominum, a project by the same developer of My Hip Condo: This is a new condominium project in planning. The information by the developer isn't complete yet, neither is their map. We will edit the information as soon more is confirmed.

As for other new developments in Chiang Mai, there are probably about 60-70 (!) new condominium projects now. It depends on personal preferences which one is good for you. We can help you to fine-tune your shortlist and evaluate projects on their price and quality.
Rolf Lethenstrom Posted on July 28, 2014 at 05:08:59
I just visited Chiang Mai and saw a add about a new property called the "The Treasury" I can not find the website if you could help me with that or any other new developments with contemporary style that a foreigner can buy I would be grateful.