Digital Nomad Network Groups in Chiang Mai

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Here's an overview of the most interesting online platforms that Digital Nomads in Chiang Mai use to exchange and gather. Most of these groups are active on Facebook as a dominant social media platform, others are on Reddit and nomadlist, for example.

You can easily find relevant new Facebook groups on Facebook using the search and selecting Groups.

General groups Chiang Mai's largest and most active FB group with sponsors Generally active FB group that also includes info on the regular Friday Nomad Coffee Club meetings Unmoderated, without sponsors (but needs admins to cut useless comments) The Break Room, mainly for events Founded by a few longer-term residents of Chiang Mai Start-up group in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs Chiang Mai Digital Expats Chiang Mai digital jobs Co-working Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Digital Nomad house Chiang Mai happy hour Nomads Chiang Mai Digital Health, for health-conscious nomads A bit less active but nevertheless welcoming group
Specialized groups by topic E-commerce group in Chiang Mai Informal e-commerce group in Chiang Mai Fulfillment by Amazon group in Chiang Mai Amazon Seller FBA group in Chiang Mai Another FBA group in Chiang Mai SEO group in Chiang Mai Audio and Video group in Chiang Mai Bitcoin group in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai digital marketeers Wordpress group in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Udemy Digital Nomads Chiang Mai affiliate marketers Chiang Mai software developers

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