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Banner and advertising packages with Chiang Mai Locator

Why advertise with Chiang Mai Locator?

  • Chiang Mai Locator has Chiang Mai's (and probably Thailand's) best online database with currently more than 7,100 businesses! No organisation can rival that.
  • Google search the “name of your business” + “chiang mai” and you'll see that Chiang Mai Locator appears high for most search results.
  • All information is easily accessible and readable in one page.
  • Entirely smartphone and tablet friendly, easy when on the road.
  • Exact and detailed interactive Google maps with GPS coordinates. Thai sites and other sourcces often show incorrect locations.
  • Advertising is possible both in English, Thai and Chinese.
  • Special reviews are possible to increase your exposure even more!

How to order and pay for advertising

  1. select your package underneath or ask us for a download
  2. contact us with your preferred package code, for example "SH12 for Language Schools"
  3. send us your logo / banner (preferable in JPG file) and other information that you wish to advertise
  4. pay using one of our payment options and notify us after the transfer (an invoice / receipt can be issued upon request)
  5. we will upload the banner and you're up!

* Chiang Mai Locator reserves the right to change the conditions and price of banner and advertising packages.


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CNXTim Posted on June 04, 2015 at 22:51:40
There have been many start-ups in the Chiang Mai Guide space over the years that in the main unfortunately, have all gone the way of the Do-Do. I wish you well in your endeavours. I did think Grapevine was on the right track, And despite the humongous "never mind the quality - feel the width" monster portals like Trip Advisor, accuracy still counts - all the best.