Tabitha Handicraft

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Sukhaphiban 9, Chiang Mai, Thailand
18.821947, 98.951551

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Siloam Karen Baptist Life Development Center Tabitha Handicraft Project started in 2001. This project was established to: - Help preserve Karen culture and customs. - Promote Karen weaving. - Enable Karen women to stay in their village homes and earn a sustainable income through their weaving skills. - Find markets for their beautiful weaving in Thailand and Overseas. Mission : 1. To preserve the traditional weaving skills and Karen forms of art. 2. To preserve the customs and culture of the Karen. 3. To provide supplementary income for the Karen people of northern Thailand. 4. To encourage the Karen villagers themselves to realize the advantage of preserving and maintaining this kind of life style. The Karen will then live in peace and harmony and be instep with nature and the environment. Goal : 1. To assist villagers in organizing handicrafts groups and to help them to know how to work together and manage their own group. 2. To assist villagers develop their handicrafts skills and to use these skills for their own personal needs and for marketing elsewhere. 3. To assist the villagers in the area of marketing their handicrafts.


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Tabitha Handicraft
Tabitha Handicraft

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