Baan Sin Kaew

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26, Ratchiangsaen Road, Soi 2, Hai Ya, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, 50100, Thailand
053 272 814
18.777901, 98.994136


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Baan Sin Kaew
Baan Sin Kaew
Baan Sin Kaew
Baan Sin Kaew

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Daniel Posted on July 30, 2013 at 17:06:27
I stayed at Baan Sin Kaew for 6 months, having signed a lease to get a slightly lower rate than short-term tourists get. I found there were other expenses that drove up the actual cost of staying there. The toilet in the apartment got plugged up several times. I cleared it by dumping several buckets-full of water in it. The manager called for the plumbers to fix the problem several times - at my expense. Getting the room cleaned cost more than in any other place i have stayed at in Chiang Mai. The monthly cost for electricty was very high because the a.c. unit did not work properly - so I ran the a.c. more than I would have otherwise. The metal rails on the balconies are for show not to prevent residents from falling: I leaned on the rail while doing stretches for my legs and the top rail gave. It fell down from the 4th floor, making a hell of a racket. The second of the 3 rails got knocked out too. But it bounced back into the balcony. I staggered but did not go over. Days later that second rail fell off, landing on an awning at the ground floor and some electrical wires. I paid the cost for the the plumbers to supposedly fix the toilet, and for the workers to replace the balcony rails. But when the manager demanded that I also pay for the dented awning I refused. That was her responsibility since she neglected to have the rails repaired for several days. The reason that I moved was that the manager insulted me too much about the toilet. She refused to give back my deposit. If you stay there be aware it is more costly than it seems. And you risk your life if you lean too hard on the rails - and if you don't die you will be charged for the damages done.

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