Tha Chang Cafe

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44 Adsadotorn Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand
+66 (0)8 2028 5770 - +66 (0)53 23 1520
18.807630, 98.995367

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Sunday to Saturday from 06:00pm to 01:00am. For younger travelers looking for a night out with the locals, Tha Chang is sure to be packed with college students and young adults every night of the week. Tha Chang's lengthy menu of snacks, liquor, and mixers keep the kids coming back for fruity cocktails and generous helpings of Sang Som, Thailand's premiere rum. The roadside in front of Tha Chang fills up with cart vendors selling roasted meat, dried squid and, occasionally, fried insects. It's also not rare for an elephant or two to come strolling by during the evening begging for food. Tha Chang and the surrounding JJ Market bars area are not yet popular with foreigners, but that may be a part of their appeal. - Scott Johnson


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Tha Chang Cafe
Tha Chang Cafe
Tha Chang Cafe

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