Pum Pui

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24 Soi 2, Th Moon Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand
(053) 278 209
18.784148, 98.991746

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Pum Pui means something like: having a full belly after eating, and indeed that is what you can get here. No doubt, one of the best Italian restaurants in town. Pleasant garden and full Italian menu.


Rating: ★★★★☆
Recommended dishes: spaghetti siciliana; pesto
Not recommended dishes: main courses with meat and fish
Price indication: not so expensive; average meal about THB 200-300 / person<
Open: every day except Sunday

No doubt one of the best Italian restaurants in town. The good thing and distinguishing feature about this place is that it offers a full range of Italian dishes and has a very pleasant garden area. The pasta's are al dente, the sauces are good. The pasta sauces are tomato based, olive oil based, pesto or cream based. In some other Italian places you find just tomato based sauces.
The tomato base seems to vary a lot though, depending on the type of fresh or canned tomato the owner, Franco, uses.
Unfortunately, I cannot recommend any main courses here (so beyond pasta and pizza). I tried many times, but I never had good meat or fish here, though the side dishes with potato and vegetables are fine.
It's one of my preferred places to enjoy Italian food in a peaceful environment: a garden in the heart of the city, very pleasant to dine and talk.
Finally, enjoy some of the paintings of the owner's wife, Susanna Tabernari, the only interesting paintings I ever saw in Chiang Mai.


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Pum Pui
Pum Pui
Pum Pui

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