Khao Tom Yong

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Suthep Road
18.7899592, 98.9637720

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Khao Tom Yong (ข้าวต้มย้ง) is one of many of Chiang Mai's late night boiled rice / rice soup restaurants.


Whether you're hungry late at night or you just want to have something else that steamed rice, then having khao tom is one of the most local ways to satisfy your appetite. Locals go to a khao tom restaurant because they fancy boiled rice or just because they like to have real Thai taste late at night.
What is real Thai taste? Well, experts may argue about this, but if you ask me, Thai like it strong: spicy, a bit salty, strong flavours. In fact, most foreigners might not like this that much, because what most Thai people like isn't really that delicate. Often, there is too much oil, too much salt, or too much sauce in the food, but that's how a lot of locals like it.

This type of food you can expect in many khao tom restaurants in Chiang Mai. Khao Tom means basically boiled rice, so it's a lot of water with some rice, in essence overcooked rice with more water than rice. Khao tom places in Chiang Mai also serve rice, some even brown rice, and you eat it with a lot of Thai-style dishes.

Khao Tom Yong is located just on the corner of the intersection of Suthep road and Nimmanhaemin road, it's been around for a long time and it's very popular with locals.

Expect nothing fancy, no beautiful decoration, no special atmosphere, the emphasis here is on eating and going, that's it.

I had a few dishes here and most are okay, but not excellent, but that's khao tom style.

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Khao Tom Yong
Khao Tom Yong
Khao Tom Yong
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