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Mahidol road 199/9 mu 9, T. Haiya, A. Muang Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
+66 922686639 - LINE ID: Ohkajhu
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18.7723892, 98.9782828

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Ohkajhu is one of Chiang Mai's top restaurants offering not only great salads and organic food but also plenty of other dishes
โอ้กะจู๋ Organic Salad เชียงใหม่ สาขาแอร์พอร์ต

OPEN: 9:30 - 21:30 every day, last order before 21:00

Facebook: facebook.com/ohkajhu

This place is very popular so try making a booking in the morning or else prepare for a queue of 20-30min


Ohkajhu has opened its restaurant doors just for a few years in Chiang Mai but it's already a legend. At first, I didn't feel like going there as there was always a queue in front of the place and it's decorated with these fancy icon cartoons, which all makes you feel this is a total Thai hype. There are many popular Thai places in Chiang Mai which attract large crowds but serve poor food and nobody seems to notice because it's what I call Facebook Friendly Food.

So it took a while before I could get a reservation and book a table but since then, all my hesitations have disappeared. This is really a top Chiang Mai restaurant in all its aspects: the quality of ingredients is very good, straight from farm to table, the chefs in the kitchen are good, even for the Italian dishes, the service is just great and very attentive, the atmosphere and the furniture are good and the price is very, very reasonable.

In a short time, this place became one of my clear favourites, the only thing you've got to work through is the queue or the booking system, other than that all is perfect. Make sure you order your last dish before 9pm, often the staff will remind you but sometimes you're overlooked.

The 50 baht salad is just unbeatable, there is no salad this size and this quality in Chiang Mai for this incredible price, a must-try.

The rice is real brown rice and not the lousy mixture of 95% white and 5% red rice that are being sold as brown rice in some vegetarian restaurants.

All other portions are rather big so it can even satisfy my appetite.

Okhajhu is one of several restaurants in Chiang Mai that work via the 'farm-to-table' concept: the gigantic farm in Maerim supplies plenty of vegetables that go straight to your table without the interference of a middleman. Other places which do that are Salad Terrace, but Salad Concept doesn't.

Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant Chiang Mai Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant Chiang Mai Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant Chiang Mai Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant Chiang Mai Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant Chiang Mai
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