Lucky Massage (Chang Khlan Rd)

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Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand
18.783134, 99.000048


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Lucky Massage (Chang Khlan Rd)

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na Posted on February 20, 2017 at 08:05:17
This massage business is between Pantip Plaza and Duke's Restaurant on Chang Khlan Rd. It's between a 7-11 and a money exchanger. I went there in 2016 and the first day, I had a great massage from a lady. I've only had massages from women (I'm a man), and they have always been normal. I went back again a few days later to the same place, but this time I had a man. I thought nothing of it, but then it got weird. His name was Mong, he was around 50 years old, and was from Myanmar. We go upstairs and he says I can change in the room with him standing there. I told him I will go into the changing room. It's just the two of us upstairs and he starts working on my right leg with one hand and then places his other hand on my crotch. I'm thinking that this is very strange, so I grab his wrist and place his hand on my leg and said "It's good right there." Then he starts working on my left leg and does the same thing. Just rested his whole palm directly on top of my private parts and was kinda cupping it. Again, I grab his wrist and move his hand to my leg and say "It's good here". I should have cancelled the appointment because I thought the worst was over. He starts talking about how he has a friend in New York who always comes here and loves getting massages from Mong. I'm like "Ok, why are you telling me this?". We get near the end of the hour and I'm sitting up, cross legged, and he's working on my right arm and then he goes in for the nipple rub. I lift my other arm up to block it, thinking that this guy is super creepy. Then he switches sides and goes to the other arm and tries to go in again for the rub. I adjust to block it, the hour is up, I change and then when we're walking downstairs, he asks for my contact information. I told him I'm not interested in giving it to him, but then he pats my pocket where my phone is and says we can exchange information. I said "No, I'm good". I pay for the hour, and then go back the next day to get a website or phone number to contact the owner about this, but Mong is sitting outside. I ask him for any sort of information and he says they don't have that. So, if you want to be inappropriately touched, go to Lucky Massage on Chang Khlan Rd

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