Sunshine Massage School

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159/2 Kaew Nawarat Soi 4 Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand
+66.53 262 574
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18.800419, 99.010862

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Sunshine Massage School is committed to maintaining excellence in teaching Thai Massage in the spirit of Asokananda, who transalted this Eastern tradition into a format that the westerner could comprehend. We provide quality training with highly qualified teachers trained in both Thai and western teaching methods. We continuously focus our energies on improving the quality of our course materials and ensuring that we meet or exceed the standards set by Thailand’s Ministry of health and education. We understand that to deeply understand Thai massage is a life time process and our teachers continue to grow by studying further and therefore bring a fresh approach to each class they teach. We offer a range of classes in Thai Massage to support the goals of the serious student. After completing the initial beginner’s course, we provide advanced courses and courses that are relevant to progressing as a practitioner. In this way the student is able to choose in which direction and at what pace they would like to deepen their understanding of Thai Massage. We also have the flexibility to offer the student custom training to meet their unique needs. The school itself is a beautiful new building designed in traditional Thai architecture, specifically for the purpose of teaching Thai Massage. The experience of learning in such a space where the needs of the individual are catered for by a happy staff aids the learning experience enabling the Metta required for Thai massage to flow.


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Sunshine Massage School
Sunshine Massage School
Sunshine Massage School
Sunshine Massage School
Sunshine Massage School

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