Living in another country with a foreign partner

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It may seem like a dream for many Thai women to find a foreign partner and perhaps have a family together. However, dating your foreign partner online or in Thailand is something completely different from relocating and living in a foreign country.

Often people in Thailand think that everything is better in developed countries, and that it will be an upgrade to our lives if we emigrate there. However, moving to a new country is a big life change, and not everyone is ready for it.

Before you decide to move to another country for your loved one, you better orientate yourself first on how you may find it to live there. The best is to make a trip there to stay for a few weeks or months as a tourist, then you can see it for yourself.

Also, be careful, because some men and agencies are aiming to find ignorant Thai women to marry and move to their country, only to exploit them as a housewife or sex girlfriend, and they may divorce or separate from these women before the law gives them the right to stay!

If you are a member of our international dating network, this is of course not likely to happen, because we pre-screen our candidates and we also offer assistance during the dating process.

Quite a lot of Thai-foreign couples prefer to keep their home base in their own countries, meaning that the Thai girl stays in Thailand for part of the year and the foreigner in his country, living separately for that time. This is often because Thailand is very different to foreign countries and the girl has found out that she doesn’t want to live in his country all the time.

What makes living in a foreign country difficult for us Thai people?


The food in foreign countries is very different. Especially Northern European food is often not so attractive to Thai people. A lot of bread and rather plain main dishes. If you move to Japan, the food is much more attractive but not spicy enough and you may feel bored of soy sauce.

Life style

Many Western countries have a home-centered way of living. It means people spend a lot of time inside their houses and not in public places such as restaurants and outdoors. This is partly due to culture and also due to weather, when it’s colder or rainy. This makes it much less easy to meet people and make friends. A lot of Asian people who start to live in Western countries have a problem with this! Even amongst local Western people a lot of them feel lonely.
Western cultures are more individualistic than Asian cultures, so group social meetings happen less easily. It is very important that you don’t get lonely and fully dependent on your foreign partner when you move to a Western country. This will make you very unhappy and create great stress to the relationship. Make sure that you connect to social groups where you live to keep your own life going, so that you don't just wait for him to come home and cook food.

Cost of living

In most foreign developed countries, the costs of living are much higher than in Thailand. This is not so much a problem if your foreign partner supports you, but you have to learn to think in the new currency and new prices. If you plan to save some money to send home to your family, you may find that it is not easy in the beginning, because the purchasing power is not the same, some things are much much more expensive, so for saving money you still need to plan.

Foreign language

It is very important that you learn to speak English or another foreign language fluently if you are serious about moving to a foreign country. Without speaking a foreign language, you will be helpless and fully dependent on your lover. Also it is more difficult to make new friends and understand what is going on.
For this reason, if your language skills are not so developed yet, it is highly recommendable to go to a foreign language school before you move to the new country.

Work or activity

If you go to a foreign country to live with your foreign partner, but he works during the day, you will be left alone in a cold house while he is working. So you have to find something to do for yourself to be involved with society and to keep your life spirit up. If the country allows you the work, you can try to find some work suitable to you. If not, you have to find other activities, because you should not stay at home all day.

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This information has been compiled and written by QpidConnections and is targeted at a Thai female audience.
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