What kind of Thai girls do foreigners like?

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Some questions often asked by Thai girls and our members are:
Do foreigners prefer dark-skinned girls? What can I do to become more attractive to foreign men?
Interestingly, many Thai girls still have misconceptions about what foreigners are like and what they like about Thai women.

For example, although Western countries are more rich and more developed than Thailand, not all foreigners from these countries are rich. A lot of the poorer ones come to countries like Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia, and even though they may have more money than an average Thai, they may be much more stingy.

Another misconception is that foreign men are sex maniacs, that they need a lot of sex all the time or are really focussed on it. That may be true for some, but certainly it's not true for all. One reason why this may seem so to some Thai ladies is because that's what some foreigners like to talk about on certain dating sites.

Finally, a funny misconception is that foreigners prefer dark, tanned skin to white skin. Again, it may be so for certain individuals, but definitely not for all foreigners and the reason why Thai women think this is actually reverse: it’s because most Thai people prefer white skin, while most farang are indifferent to either dark or white skin.
Also, this may be because it is a scene that everyone can easily see and remember when passing a street with bars: the farang in there hang out with dark-skinned girls. But these farang do not represent all farang.

Korean, Chinese and Japanese men clearly don't prefer tanned skin.

So if you have white skin or dark skin, you shouldn’t worry too much because for most foreign men it doesn’t matter so much.
What matters much more to foreign men is your general beauty, your personality and behavior.

What kind of girl do foreign men like?

What do they like about Thai girls? What kind of Thai girl in particular? And how can you become more attractive to foreign men?


All men are charmed by beauty. But what is beauty?

Lady Chanel, the founder of the famous brand believed that all women can be beautiful, they just have to find the way to show it.
We are not all moviestars, but we can find a way to make ourselves pretty.

Real beauty, however, comes from inside, not from outside. It is your inner beauty that shines through as your attitude, personality, spirit and health, that serious partners will fall for.
In addition, make up, clothing and style can enhance your beauty, but they are not the essence of it.

Body shape

Some Thai girls revert to plastic surgery to become physically more attractive: a straight nose, bigger breasts, alterations to the face, etc.
Is it necessary or useful?
In essence, this is a personal choice and preference of you and your partner.

Some men like big breasts, straight nose, and movie-star face, others prefer more natural looks.
Plastic surgery is more popular and accepted in South-Korea, and much less so in Europe. So Korean men might be looking for the 'perfect' shapes, but farang in general are probably less enthusiastic about plastic surgery.

Some preferred "spec" of Thai men are: white skin and big breasts, but for farang this is more diverse: some farang care more about firmness of breasts than about size, more about natural beauty of the face, smooth skin (no spots), straight teeth, not too much hair in private places, and attitude.

Overall, Thai women are considered rather beautiful, also in comparison to ladies from other countries, so in general it's not something to worry too much about. What foreigners like about the average Thai looks are: female shapes, clean, straight and long hair, no smell, friendly and polite appearance and smiles.

Attitude and behaviour

Perhaps more so than physical beauty, many foreign men appreciate a good attitude and good behavior. But there are cultural differences between what people see as good attitude.

If you want to date Japanese men, most important are: politeness, manners, respect, harmony, and position. Japanese people pay even more attention to politeness and manners than Thai people. Japanese people even apologize to each other for receiving presents!

If you date farang men, however, communication and expression, personality and interest are more important. Farang culture is much more direct than most Asian cultures, problems are addressed openly instead of ignored. If you want to be attractive to farang men, you will stand out from average Thai women if you show your individual personality, express your opinion, and are open to discussing problems. For example, if a farang men asks you what kind of hobbies you have and what you like to do in the weekend, answering ‘sleeping and watching tv’ will not make you stand out. Instead, showing him your real interests, in cooking, traveling or something you think you can enjoy will open more possibilities to exchange things with him. The same is for your opinion on life, the world or any other matters. Most foreign men like to discuss things together with their partner.


Of course all foreign man would appreciate it very much if you can read, write and speak their own language, and at least English or another world language. Not so many foreign men are fluent in Thai language, the ones who do often live (or have lived) in Thailand for a while. The ones who live overseas, probably can’t speak much Thai.
So it is probably one of the best investments in your future to learn a foreign language, most of the time this will be English, but if you're dating a German it could be German.
Some foreigners who date Thai ladies online send them to a language school in their own city so that they can better speak their language, before the foreigner has even met the Thai lady!

So have a critical look at your English language level. Most Thai girls can read some English, however their writing skills are already less, and speaking is usually much worse.
If you want to talk online and be able to really communicate about deeper issues with your lover, it will help a lot if you can write more than just the basic level. And if later you meet him, you will have much more chance to exchange if you can speak his language better. Without deeper exchange, he might become bored and you may loose him.

How can you improve your English (or another foreign language)? A misunderstanding amongst Thai people is that you can learn English online, just by chatting to a foreigner. This is not true, you will hardly improve. If you really want to improve a foreign language, you have to go to school, or you have to meet foreigners often. It will be easier for you to improve your English when you work as the reception in a hotel, than if you keep chatting on your phone.

If you have trouble writing English, there are tricks how to communicate with him [read more link to that page].

QpidConnections offers free help to its members.

Other tips for online dating

Your pictures are the most important introduction to possible candidates in online dating. High quality well-shot pictures are the best eye catcher. After that, your profile and how you talk to him will affect your chances of success.
If your profile is nearly empty or very plain, you may not seem so interesting.

Some things you have to be careful with when talking online with a foreign man, for example: asking for money. Some guys understand that you are not as wealthy as they are, or they may feel more masculine that they can take care of you. Other guys may feel that you want to cheat them when you ask for money, or that you sell yourself and that they can buy sex with you. So it’s better not to ask for money, or to only accept money (after a while) when the guy offers by himself.

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