Chiang Mai Immigration Office (Promenada)

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G/F, A Building, Promenada Resort Mall, Tambon Tasala, A. Muang Chiang Mai 50200
053142787 - 0955428125
18.7661723 - 99.0370768

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This is Chiang Mai's new Immigration Office. All visa matters for foreigners in Greater Chiang Mai are handled here.

You go to this office for:
- Tourist visa
- Retirement visa
- Re-Entry Permit
- Medical cases
- 90 days reporting
- Notification by landlord of residence proof
- Notification of change of address
- marriage visa issues
- education visa issues.

There is a G/F and a 1/F office. The old office near the airport is permanently closed for foreigners.

Chiang Mai Immigration Office is the one and only office in the north of Thailand for both foreigners and Burmese workers.

Since a few years, the Chiang Mai Immigration Office is usually very, very busy. Crowds are queuing up outside of the office from early in the morning 6 or 7 am, and at times even up until the road. For this reason, Immigration gained itself the nickname 'the Zoo' amongst some groups of foreigners, and indeed waiting times can easily be 2-4 hours.
Read more about how to handle your visa matters smoothly at Immigration.
Book your reservation online (only 100 days in advance): book a reservation online.
Prepare your documents: standard requirements for visa.
Download some visa application forms
Read more in our Visa section
Official opening times:  from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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Chiang Mai Immigration Office (Promenada) photos

Chiang Mai Immigration Office (Promenada)
Chiang Mai Immigration Office (Promenada)
Chiang Mai Immigration Office (Promenada)
Chiang Mai Immigration Office (Promenada)
Chiang Mai Immigration Office (Promenada)

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Allan Posted on October 24, 2017 at 10:05:55
Today i tried to get a Residence Certificate from Chiang Mai immigration located on 2 floor in the Promenada shopping mall.
Here is the story. I went in and asked where to get the certificate - and was pointed to a box full of numbers. After waiting and my number came up i went to the desk and was met by a lazy looking lady with a kind of "i don´t care attitude"). She asked me to to see a rental contract and other paperwork. Well - that resulted in a fine to my Landlord/ Housemaster, that she wanted me to pay (not my fine, but they make you do that, or else you will not get the required receipt). So I paid! and she went off to lunch. I was left there with no rental contract and could not proceed. At around 13:30 (Yes, not 13:00, lots of people waiting) she came dangling back to the office, and i asked her for the rental contract and said i was not able to proceed. That resulted in her and another lady started to offend me in Thai, calling me drunk (perhaps perfectly normal for them - not for me) and then... she just completely ignored me, as if i was not there, and have turned into something not worth her attention, after waiting and waiting and paying a fine that was not even mine. I have never been treated like that before, after many years in Thailand.

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