SM Logistics

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25/1 Moo 2 T.Pabong, A.Sarapee, Chiang Mai. Thailand 50140
053 263 350
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18.7559076, 99.0516351

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SM Logistics (เอส เอ็ม โลจิสติกส์)
25/1 หมู่ 2 ต.ป่าบง อ.สารภี จ.เชียงใหม่ 50140
Fax. 053 249 854

SiamMandalay Logistics (SM Logistics) provides Thai exporters and importers from around the world complete door-to-door professional shipping services for all your products. Building upon our expertise initially as an in-house shipping department, Siam Mandalay Logistics has handled the most demanding shipments and schedules. For both FCL and LCL trafficking by ship, or truck, as well as air cargo shipments, Siam Mandalay Logistics offers a core range of services designed to provide you with a stress-free, reliable shipping experience with complete accountability and the highest international level of customer service. With our thorough knowledge of cargo logistics we can bridge the gap between carrier and shipper, quickly spotting all of the danger signs that keep cargo from getting to its destination on time.


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SM Logistics

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