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Ratchadamnoen Road Soi 1, Chiang Mai, Thailand
18.788304, 98.992881


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DN House
DN House

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Ardith Posted on April 23, 2013 at 05:13:43
The location is great: the guest house is located in a small and charming soi near Tha Phae Gate. The room is cheap, but you get what you pay: small, no windows, not too clean, the fan works or not works, the bed is tired, no top sheet under the blanket, elictricity system - only one power plugin - looks one hundred years and could be dangerous. No windows but a space for aeration - you cannot close it - and so, many noise from others rooms. Internet connection is very bad or doesn't work. You can really find better rooms for the same price.

The lady and his daughter - we think it was her daughter - are fine and friendly, but the rude and unfriendly husband is a complete different story: he doesn't act like a manager with customers but like a policeman with suspects.

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