Grace International School

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88 Muu 3 T. Harn Kaew A. Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50230
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18.650965, 98.915450

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Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Grace International School (GIS) was created to provide a high quality Christian education for the children of international workers located in Southeast Asia. Our primary goal at GIS is to allow these families to continue to work in their fields without having to compromise the education of their children.
In addition to offering a traditional Christian day-school experience, we are committed to providing additional services to support both students with special needs and homeschooling families.
We offer a strong education where biblical truth permeates all subjects and programs. Our staff seeks to demonstrate how diverse subjects inter-relate so that GIS students can apply knowledge and skills to all areas of life and live out their Christian faith.

Ultimately, we aim to cultivate students of Christ-like character and values who will transform their world.



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Grace International School
Grace International School
Grace International School
Grace International School
Grace International School

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