Juicy 4U

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5 Th Ratchamankha, Chiang Mai, Thailand
+66 0833306664
18.785074, 98.992508

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Juicy 4U is a little cozy healthy food restaurant with mainly vegetarian food.



Juices more juicy than the food

Cuisine: health foods, vegetarian
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Recommended dishes: juices
Price indication: not so cheap; average meal about THB 200 / person
Location: Rachamankala road, just 50m off the inner west moat.
Open: every day for lunch and dinner

Juicy 4U is located in a cozy little hut, that's the best way to describe the atmosphere. It's a low profile, small vegetarian in a good location with easy-going people and it may take some time before you get your food.
The menu book for food isn't very large, but there are items on the wall that aren't in the menu book so just look around for fresh soups and salads. The Thai dishes provided here are rather standard, though, and not of excellent taste. The vegetables aren't cooked too soft, the brown rice is good.
The best thing about this place are simply the juices. More than half of the menu book consists of juices, smoothes, all kinds of mixes, spirulina, wheatgrass and you name it whatever is supposed to be healthy is there.
I guess it's an easy place to say hi to other people, and generally everyone is quite friendly.
I never understand why places like this should advertise 'Peace on Earth' because it's really got nothing to do with the food, but if you feel it attracts you, go for it.
They also advertise that their vegetables are organic, but that's highly questionable.
Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the food, so I'd say it's more a cozy hangout place for a drink.


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Juicy 4U
Juicy 4U
Juicy 4U
Juicy 4U
Juicy 4U

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