Why Not Mediterranean Restaurant

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14 Nimmanhaemin Rd. Soi 11, Chiang Mai, Thailand 55000
053 289262
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18.796829, 98.967821

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Why Not? Mediterranean Restaurant - Also an entrance on Nimmanhaemin Soi 13


Why Not? has been in Nimmanhaemin area for quite a number of years. It started originally as a branch of the owner of Buonissimo, another Italian restaurant along the river Maeping, nowadays long gone. That owner, an Italian guy, actually specialised more in import of Italian food and wine to deliver to other Italian restaurants, which was his main and primary business. SInce he could import food so cheap, he set up this restaurant in Nimman area to offer buffets at absolutely rock-bottom prices of 110 baht or so, if I remember well. Hence came the name: Why Not? Why Not offer so much great food for totally ridicuously low prices.
Later, he sold the restaurant so someone else and the name stayed, but for me the meaning of the name Why Not? changed, because the food has never been excellent, to my taste, and so the answer to the question Why Not? to me is simply: Because It's Not Good Enough. Especially when there are plenty of better alternatives everywhere. Take Brasserie Garibaldis in soi 7, for example. So much better food, so much more delicate. Why would you ever go to Why Not? Well, only if a group of friends invites you there.
I've never been impressed with Why Not?'s food after the first take-over. Take the pesto sauce for example, hardly edible.
Even Italics, with probably not a Thai owner, does better.


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Why Not Mediterranean Restaurant
Why Not Mediterranean Restaurant

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