Free Bird Cafe

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Manee Nopparat Road, Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300
081 028 5383
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18.7957766, 98.9896661

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Vegetarian and healthy food, Thai, Shan and Burmese.


Rating: ★★★★☆
Recommended dish: Shan Green Tomato salad
Price indication: not so expensive; average meal about THB 100 / person
Open: every day except Sunday

Free Bird Cafe is a little cafe situated at the north part of the moat. Not only a nice little place to eat, have a Shan salad or a desert, it’s also a second hand charity shop. Proceeds go to the Thai Freedom House, a charity foundation established in the same premises that supports Burmese refugees and minority groups.
The vegetarian meals are pretty good here, nice crispy and interesting salads, smoothies and a peace-on-earth atmosphere that attracts the hippies and well-doers of Chiang Mai. Food is made with love and clothes were pre-loved, if you know what that means.
If you're not too much into hippie-stuff, don't bother, you can also just enjoy your coffee or some new dishes you can’t find in many places in Chiang Mai.
Freedom at Freedom Cafe has a little cost: a downside of the location is that you can get quite a bit of dust from the moat if you sit too close to the road here.

A great place for fresh salads if you're tired of sweet Thai papaya salad with too much additives, and you just want a healthy salad that feels more natural.
A must if you travel through Chiang Mai!

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Free Bird salads and deserts
Shan papaya salad

Free Bird salads and deserts
Signature dish: Shan green tomato salad

Free Bird salads and deserts
Nut dessert


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Free Bird Cafe
Free Bird Cafe
Free Bird Cafe
Free Bird Cafe
Free Bird Cafe
Free Bird Cafe
Free Bird Cafe

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