Ong Thai Massage School

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9/12 R.Hatsadisaewi T.Sriphoom A.Muang Chiang Mai
086 1140219 - 053 215148
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18.79826, 98.97973

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Ong Massage School provides an impressive course menu treatments of

Thai massage
Tok Sen Massage
Facial Tok Sen Massage
Spa Hand-Foot Massage
Stretch Table Massage
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Hand and Arm Massage
Feet Therapy Massage
Thai Herb Compress
Pregnancy and Baby Massage
Tok Sen Massage

Thai Ten Sen
Stretch Massage
Herbal Body Scrub
Chair Massage
Guasa Therapy Massage
Postpartum Mothers Thai Treatments
Facial Massage
Thai Yoga Rusie Dutton
​Package Time Cost (bath)

Elbow Massage
Foot Massage and Reflexology
Aroma Therapy Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Thai Table Massage
Bamboo Therapy Massage

Postnatal (YU FAI) LEVEL II 5 Days Hrs. ฿10,000 ฿

Basic Thai Massage
Professional Thai Massage
Thai Therapy Massage
Jap Sen Massage 5 Days
Chi Nei Tsang I Massage
Chi Nei Tsang II Massage
Thai Reproductive System (Karsai ) Massage
Thai Yoga Rusie Dutton Advance 90 Positions



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Ong Thai Massage School

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