Lemon Tree

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26/1-2 Huay Kaew Rd., Chiang Mai, Thailand
053 222009, 053 404411
18.798088, 98.974154

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Thai restaurant offering a wide menu of Thai food.


The Lemon Tree has been around for a long time, originally with more branches but this is the longest lasting one, as far as I know. In general, the restaurant provides decent Thai food, but it doesn't climb to the top because there is always some disappointment of some sort.

The menu is quite large, with general Thai food on it, but surprisingly sometimes lacking some Thai favourites, although they did add a few Northern Thai dishes such as Haeng Lei curry to the menu.
The ambiance is nothing out of the ordinary, a bit plain. There's an upstairs and a garden area on the roof, but not recommendable due to mosquitos.

Overall, the taste of the food is decent, but not excellent. The quality and freshness of the ingredients is also so so. One way to measure this is the smell and taste when it's served on your plate, but an even better way is to test how well it smells after you've stored a left-over or a take-away in your fridge. From all the good restaurants that I eat, a take-away can last a few days in my fridge and it's still good to eat. Not so for food from the Lemon Tree.
I even had a few occasions that I got diarrhea because the rice was off, something which is harder to notice when it's topped with a tasty curry.

The rice in the Lemon Tree is of the kind that doesn't have much fragrance in itself, in fact often it doesn't smell well. For some reason, the business prefers to 'save on costs' even though we're in the heart of Lanna with some of the best rice in the world. One possible reason that you may be served old rice is because they cook a lot in one time and then put it back in the fridge, perhaps mixing old and new rice.

This is one of my disappointments when dining at the Lemon Tree: it could easily be so much better, but somehow the owners don't bother to put in the proper effort and investment to make the place excel.
Other disappointments are that some of the bench seats along the wall are actually broken but they "quick-fix" the seat boards by pushing them back against the wall. A next customer may suffer again from an uncomfortable seat if the seat board moves a bit, but they basically don't care. Typical maipenrai management.

Other typical things are that the 3 staff available don't pay attention to customers orders but rather prefer to play with their phones. I've also observed a rat racing along the wall in the restaurant.

Overall, the food is decent and not expensive but because of the lack of effort and investment, the Lemon Tree still remains mediocre.



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Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree

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Gilles Posted on March 06, 2024 at 08:28:35
Nice food
Anonymous Posted on October 09, 2013 at 06:47:08
Definitely one of the best Thai restaurants in town!

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