Grill Of India

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69-70 Prapokklao road Soi 3, Opposite SBC Bank, T Phra Sing, A. Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200
094 712 7578 - 061 795 9264
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18.783265, 98.988693

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Grill of India (กริว ออฟ อินเดีย) Authentic Indian restaurant. Run by Indian chef.
Open daily for lunch and dinner.


The food here is authentic, but authentic doesn't mean it's always excellent or very interesting. Many curries actually taste quite the same, they are all spiced in a similar thick gravy. That makes it less interesting.
Also, there is hardly any difference between roti and nan, it's made almost of the same flour. Roti could have more of a whole wheat taste, but here it's not. The paratha is rather eggy, also without much substance. Garlic nan isn't as fragrant as I'm used to. Even the saffran rice isn't as fragrant as it ought to be.
Overall, with every bite I take, I feel sad that the dishes don't come to their full potential, as I'm used to. Indian cuisine is so rich and has such various tastes, here it tastes quite the same.
That said, the paneer is good though.
But overall, I rather prefer going to Le Spice or Accha, it's such a big difference in taste and so much more entertaining for the senses.


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Grill Of India
Grill Of India
Grill Of India
Grill Of India
Grill Of India

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