LÉON De Nimman

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Nimmanhaeminda soi 7 number 19 Chiang Mai, Thailand
+66(0)92 994 7889
18.7981380, 98.9690667

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LÉON De Nimman is a relaxed Coffee Shop and restaurant offering fresh homemade Thai and French cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. All ingredients are sourced from the local markets.
OPEN 10:00 - 22:00


There is a standard Thai menu, but the reason why people go here is mainly for the French food. Originally, only one dish per day of the week was offered, but nowadays all dishes are served on all days.
When the owner is cooking and managing, the food and service is great, but when he's socializing too much with his guests or smoking a cigarette, the quality of food and service quickly goes down. That means it's not that stable, but hopefully it gets better in the future.
Another reason to go here is just to chill out for a drink or take a dessert.

Pork dish with olive sauce at Leon de Nimman

Leon de Nimman French food
Leon de Nimman French food
Roast pork
Leon de Nimman French Food
Cheese cake with passion fruit 


LÉON De Nimman photos

LÉON De Nimman
LÉON De Nimman
LÉON De Nimman
LÉON De Nimman

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