Goodsouls Kitchen

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52/2, Singharat Road, Si Phum, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
088 819 9669
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18.793240, 98.982060

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Goodsouls Kitchen is a popular vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Chiang Mai with a comfortable and relaxing eating out ambiance.
Open 7AM - 10PM


At first sight, Goodsouls Kitchen is too classy to be in Chiang Mai: its ambiance feels like you're in a large world city. It's comfortable, clearly some people have been thinking about the concept and the presentation.
The place is very popular during various times of the day and evening. Tremendously popular with vegetarian and vegan lovers.
But when it comes to the taste and the finishing, Goodsouls still have some way to go. The taste is not excellent, just ordinary and the waiters and the kitchen are struggling to keep things in order. 
Perhaps Goodsouls is struggling over its own success with all those vegan addicts flooding to a fancy restaurant, appreciating the lack of meat over taste.
It's nice, but not great.


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Goodsouls Kitchen
Goodsouls Kitchen
Goodsouls Kitchen
Goodsouls Kitchen
Goodsouls Kitchen

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