Marin Bar

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Loy Kroh Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand
18.784988, 98.993645

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Marin Bar

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Lo Posted on January 01, 2018 at 17:04:45
Hi Everyone....I get that people will go to a city in Thailand and randomly walk into a bar for a few drinks so may not read this review before they walk in somewhere but...if even one person will be worth it. My boyfriend started drinking a few here before we went for dinner. He met two lovely guys from Switzerland in there and once I arrived in, we had 3 drinks together before heading for dinner. The woman who ran the bar...her real name is Marin...hence the bar name...but she goes as Natalie. I can only describe her as crazy and the longer we stayed in that bar, the more loud and ignorant she became. She was loud and brash and myself and my boyfriend became very uncomfortable so decided to leave. When we left, she refused to give us an itemised bill and hit us for 2650 bhat or 70euros for the 2 of us...that's for 6 drinks! Horrible woman started to argue with us when we questioned the bill. Things were about to get nasty so me and my boyfriend paid up and left. Horrible experience and scam..if you can at all avoid this bar and this woman then do. So many better places to go in Chaing Mai.

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