Khao Soi Pa Lar

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Next to 7-11 in front of Rimping Supermarket Nawarat beige branch, T.Watgate, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50000
18.783995, 99.00514

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Khao Soi Pa Lar (ข้าวซอยป้าหล้า)
Local place for Chiang Mai Khao Soi and noodles. The shop is in front of Rimping Supermarket Nawarat beige branch.
ขายข้าวซอยแบบเชียงใหม่แท้ๆ และก๋วยเต๋ยวต่างๆ ร้านอยู่ข้างเซเว่น หน้าริมปิงสาขาสะพานนวรัฐ
Khao Soi Pa Lar (ข้าวซอยป้าหล้า)
"Khao Soi Pa Lar is a very local noodle place. Located next to the 7-11 near Rimping Nawarat. Pa Lar is the name of the owner, it means: Auntie Lar. This tiny little place serves very good Chicken Khao Soi. The Khao Soi you get here is an original northern Thai version of Khao Soi, which taste is different from Muslim or Islam Khao Soi. Original northern Thai Khao Soi contains coconut milk and also has a sweeter taste. Besides the Khao Soi, other noodles here are good too. With a standard price of 35 baht for a Khao Soi and 30 baht for other noodles, there's not much you can loose here. Worth the try!"

In front


Khao Soi

Pork Noodle without soup


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