Yoni massage for women in Chiang Mai

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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.


While in Chiang Mai, both female travellers and long term residents should not miss the experience of having Yoni massage.


Yoni massage is the massage of the female genitals, the vagina. “Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for vagina and can also be translated as ’sacred space’. Indeed it is the sacred space of a woman.
The word Yoni Massage stems from Tantric Yoga practices, but there are other forms of vaginal massage, for example in Thailand there is the ancient karsai genital massage (both for men and women). Also, in Chinese Taoist tradition there are techniques of massaging the female genitalia. 
But each of these have different techniques and somewhat different purposes.

Thai Karsai massage is mostly focused on clearing physical blockages. There is not much attention for emotional or spiritual issues. Taoist practise can be very advanced and is mostly focused on maintaining good health, longevity and achieving very specific purposes (like stopping menstruation, even).

Yoni massage as described here is mostly dealing with emotional and perhaps spiritual aspects, while it's gateway is pleasure.

Read more about different female genitalia massages below

Yoni genital massage for female in Chiang Mai
Yoni massage is a treat you can give yourself


There can be various reasons to try Yoni massage, and most aren't wrong, it just depends on you.


The main reason to go for Yoni massage is simple: you just want to have an experience of deep pleasure and sensuality. This is, in our view, the best motivation to try Yoni massage, because it is Pleasure that leads you to all other purposes.

Some people women ask us if we can guarantee an orgasm because they have trouble getting one, others are in search of deeper spiritual experiences or seek a multi-orgasmic experience, and yet others have emotional or physical blockages that prevents them from a full-blown orgasm. All these goals are okay, but none of them can be achieved without Pleasure. Pleasure is the gateway and it is the guide towards more.

There are some practitioners or self-proclaimed experts out there who will guarantee you an orgasm, a multi-orgasmic experience or the solving of all your relationship problems.

But orgasm is not necessarily the goal of the whole endeavour, it is a gift if it happens and it's perfectly okay if it doesn't happen. The worst thing is to go into a session with the pre-determined goal of 'I must have an orgasm this time'. It will block all your freedom of energy and experience.

Everything that happens during a Yoni session is okay, it is allowed to be there, it is cherished both by the client and by the practitioner. Perhaps a feeling emerges from a distant past, perhaps you cry in the arms of the therapist because your boyfriend cheated on you, or perhaps you have a series of orgasms that just makes you wonderfully energised. All is good.

It depends on your own individual stage in life where you are and what you go through. Don't let other tell you what you have to experience.

So a main quality in the therapist that you seek is that he/she is full of attention and attuned to you and that you feel safe during the process.

Yoni genital massage Chiang Mai for female


Many women experience difficulties in experiencing an orgasm. This can be for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps your current partner doesn't take the time to please you, or doesn't please you in ways she wants. Perhaps there are emotional blockages from the past. Or perhaps your physiology is just such, that it's harder to get an orgasm. Some women climax very fast and are not able to get a 2nd orgasm during the same session. Others take more time to gain steam and then reach a full-blown orgasm, and for yet others it may take more than average sex. Every woman is different and there is not one magic approach, one key that fits all.

Trying Yoni massage can be a good way to approach it from a different angle: there are no emotional strings attached to your therapist and he/she may use different techniques than your partner.

As said before, we do not guarantee that you will have an orgasm (although most of our clients do), because it should not be the main purpose. The main purpose should be that you are led by pleasure first.


A number of our clients just want to try Yoni as a fun experience on their holiday. That's perfectly fine and healthy, in fact it's very healthy because the pleasure element is more free to play out than when you are very focused on obtaining a fixed result.
It can also be fun to experience Yoni simultaneously with your female friend in a separate room. We do not recommend having Yoni massage by our therapist with your partner in the same room.


Finally, this is a totally wrong reason to try Yoni massage and we do not accept any clients with this motivation. The desire to try Yoni massage should entirely come from you, as a free woman, and not from your partner.

We are often asked by men about Yoni massage for their partner, the answer is always no. The desire and communication should come entirely from you and not from your boyfriend or husband, even if you're shy or have some issues or your sex is not satisfying as a couple. To undergo a Yoni massage without your own full desire just to please your boyfriend creates a totally wrong setting and we do not cooperate in that.


Some couples like to enjoy a sensual massage together in the same room. This is perfectly fine and we recommend a happy ending massage together by 2 therapists.
For a real Yoni massage, we do not recommend to have that together with your partner in the same room. This is because there will be 4 people in the room and the group energy can become dominant rather than your individual process and state of being.

Yoni massage for women in Chiang Mai


We understand more than any other massage therapists that safety and trust are your first concern when entrusting your (emotional) self and your most private areas to a person you don’t know. That's why we only work with therapists of the highest level of integrity.
Integrity means the therapist always puts your well-being and your needs first. We do not work with sleezy self-proclaimed Yoni experts, some of whom even advertise with fake licenses.

Nothing during the Yoni massage happens against your will. Although for the purpose of the massage it is best that you relax and surrender yourself to sensations that you may feel, you are still in control during any moment of the session.

The most important qualities of our therapists are integrity and dedication to the customer to give you selfless pleasure in an environment of respect and trust, while using skills and patience in the process that you are in. We do not select our therapists first and foremost on looks or age, but we understand it can be a factor to some customers.

You can enjoy Yoni massage at one of our affiliated shops in prime areas in town, with new, clean and private rooms. Or you can enjoy the session in the comfort of your own hotel room.

You can choose the therapist. We have several therapists available, both female and male. Please do realise that therapists have different skill level when it comes to techniques (and different consciousness level when it comes to the spiritual side of the massage).


Thailand has a rich tradition and a wide application of massage practices. Historically, there has been a great tolerance of all kinds of massage styles, although in recent times there have been several Puritan clamp downs.
Karsai massage, for example, is an ancient Thai massage style almost indigenous to Thailand that is exclusively focused on clearing blockages in the pelvic area, both for men and for women. Authorities would like to clamp down on it with regulations, but it's so widespread that they can't.

Chiang Mai is a great place to experience different styles of massage, because there are so many massage schools and massage businesses that offer treatments at very affordable rates.

Yoni massage in Chiang Mai by male therapist


There aren't that many Yoni massage providers in Thailand, because in essence it one of the most difficult massages to give. We've tried several practitioners.

In Bangkok you can find various "Yoni massages" by male Thai freelancers who will come to your hotel, sometimes at the rather affordable rate of THB 1,500 for a session. They may look handsome at the pictures but when they arrive they are probably shorter than you thought. The skills will in general be basic and normally there is no understanding about Tantric concepts. Typically you will only get C-spot and G-spot stimulation and then he will ask if you want special (sex) at THB 500 more.

A much better therapist, probably trained in Tantra schools (such as Somananda), is Bali, a 40+ year old western woman with a great passion and dedication to Yoni massages. Bali is not cheap: a session starts at THB 4,500 but the good thing is that Bali takes all the time for it and doesn't strictly limit it to one or two hours. All sessions start with an intake, a talk about what is your background and what you seek to experience in Yoni massage. Bali makes effort to give you at least one or several orgasms. The one thing that doesn't entirely stroke with our principles is that Bali also uses sex toys.2

In Chiang Mai there are a few providers of Yoni massage. We tried guy called Marc who advertises heavily on Facebook and even on the street (!) as if Yoni massage is something like the latest type of shampoo that you want to grab off the shelf. Marc will impress you with excerpts from Tantric books, send you pictures of himself as a fit yoga practitioner and very suggestive pictures of himself as a yoni expert schooled in China out of all places who addresses a crowd of people as a teacher.
In the end, the proof is in the pudding and Marc is exactly the opposite of everything he claims to be: he has absolutely no sensitivity and will almost force himself upon you with the invitation that you can grab his thing. He even uses heat generating massage balm on and in your Yoni!
So this is absolutely the type of Yoni massage experience that every woman will want to avoid.

In Aloha massage shop in Chiang Mai there is also a girl providing Yoni massage, perhaps she is skillful enough, we don't know, but in general this shop has a cunning way of cheating and misleading customers.

Overall, the best shops where you can experience a safe, clean and professional Yoni massage in Chiang Mai are Senz~ Diva, Dream, All about Touch and Daisuki Massage. Senz~ Diva and Dream have the benefit of being able to offer various male masseurs, not only female masseuses. What's great about these shops is that they are run professionally, they train their staff, they take responsibility and don't cheat customers. With freelancers, you have no guarantee, they walk away and don't care about their name.
Besides that, the rooms in these shops are clean, newly renovated and private.

The female and male therapists in these shops are consistently being reviewed as good and reliable, both by single female clients and by couples.


There isn't much to prepare for a Yoni massage, just don't eat a heavy meal shortly before the session. Some women prefer to shave excess of pubic hair, it may be more comfortable but it's not a necessity.

The treatment starts with a general oil massage, and then slowly center more around the genital area. The best is to go into it with an open mind, to relax, and to express yourself openly to the therapist for example by allowing sighing out of sheer pleasure. This way, the therapist can assist you best in your journey to more pleasure. You may also ask and guide the therapist to massage more a certain spots that you like.
Finally, it is most important that you keep breathing. You can breath with the therapist as he tries to tune into you. Deep and full breathing will allow you to get in touch with any emotion that may arise. Holding back, cramping, short and shallow breathing, stiffening and so on will suppress whatever feeling wants to occur. There may be short and explosive orgasms that way but perhaps without the full embrace of everything it has to offer.

Happy ending massage for female by female


Yoni massage by male therapist 1hr THB 1,500-2,000 and 1.5hr THB 2,000-3,000 (both in-house or outcall).
Different therapists charge a different rate.

Yoni massage by female therapist 1 hr THB 1200-1300, 1.5 hr THB 1400-1500 (in-house rates, for outcall add about THB 200).
Different affiliate shops charge a different rate.


If you feel interested in Yoni massage, please contact us here:

LINE ID: senzdiva and aat.cnx (2 separate ID's)
WeChat: all-time-high

Please note that we only accept bookings and communication from female clients, not from their partners. It's best to book on the day that you wish the have the treatment, as availability of male staff is confirmed only in the morning.


You can either book Yoni massage in your hotel room or enjoy it in a new, clean and private room in one of our affiliate shops.

Yoni genital massage for female in Chiang Mai facilitiesYoni genital massage for female in Chiang Mai facilities


There are various ways to enjoy a genital massage for female, they have different focus, techniques and therapists.


Karsai massage is purely physically oriented on removing blockages in the genital area, it can be applied to female as well as male and it could be performed by a female or a male therapist, although most Karsai therapists are female
Karsai is meant purely therapeutical for the body, but it is not meant to focus on emotional or spiritual issues. It is also not a sensual massage nor is it focused on pleasure, although some women may find it pleasant to some extent. This is a massage for genital health, it can alleviate issues and sometimes cure with repeated sessions.

Common issues for women that may be alleviated by Karsai are: a sinking of ovaries, insensitivity, menstruation pain, lack of blood flow and so on. These issues can affect both sex life and general health. The massage uses purely physical techniques and is focused on massaging and clearing blockages or maintaining genital health.

Karsai massage starts with a gentle general oil massage. The therapist then moves over to the belly area, where a lot of organs are connected to the genitals. The genital part of the massage is mostly technical and therapeutical, aiming to release blockages and make all parts smooth.

If you want to try Karsai massage for women, it's best to have it with a properly trained massage therapist.

Read more about Karsai

Yoni genital massage for female in Chiang Mai


In Yoni massage, the therapist works with pleasure or the sexual energy of the woman. It is not a physical therapeutical massage like Karsai, but it can work therapeutically in an emotional way.

In principle, we could distinguish between a happy ending massage for ladies and a (Tantric) Yoni massage. In a typical happy ending massage for ladies, the therapist would aim to let the woman orgasm, perhaps as quick as possible, in a similar way as man can have happy ending massages. In a (Tantric) Yoni massage, the therapist would perhaps take more time to work with the sexual energy of the woman and aim at more orgasms or hold off just before orgasm (edging). More experienced therapists would perhaps be able to work with emotional issues that might occur during the session or with vaginal de-armouring.

In practise, in Thailand, the difference between a happy ending massage and a (Tantric) Yoni massage is not so clear cut, it is a more like a gradual scale. The experience a female client could have in a session could vary from simply a lot of pleasure to several orgasms to perhaps clearance of emotional issues. It will depend on the mindset, skills and experience of the therapist, the connection or trust level between the female client and the therapist and the personal situation of the female client.

The difference between a happy ending massage and a Tantric Yoni massage for women is a less clear than between a happy ending and a Tantric Lingam massage for men. This is also due to the different physiology between men and women: men mostly have a one type of orgasm while women can enjoy several orgasms in a session that can each be of a different kind.

So here we simply use the word Yoni massage for convenience to refer to all genital massages that work with female pleasure, although there can a a difference in experience.

Yoni massage can be performed by both male and female therapists. The choice is mostly a matter of (sexual) preference of the female client. Some Tantric schools, however, claim that the energetic potential is larger between a female client and a male therapist.

Yoni genital massage for female in Chiang Mai



I would like to make a booking for my girlfriend / wife

Sorry, we only accept bookings and questions directly from the client. Not from boyfriends, husbands or agents. The desire to have Yoni massage and communication should come from her, even or especially if she is shy or has any problems.

Can my boyfriend / husband join me in the room?

You can enjoy a happy ending massage in a Couples Massage package by 2 female therapists. Our male therapists do not perform Yoni massage in a room with more people.

I’m interested, but I would like to have a female therapist

Please enjoy a happy ending massage with a female therapist in our of our affiliated shops.

Can you guarantee orgasm?

We do not guarantee orgasm but most clients to experience one or more orgasms. It is, however, not the explicit goal of the session.

I have difficulty to experience orgasm or sexual pleasure

This is a very good motivation to try Yoni massage. We will do our best to help you. For that, it is important that you share with us your issues and individual needs.

Do you have young, handsome masseurs?

Our team focuses on skills, experience, professionalism and integrity above looks. If looks or additional services are more important to you, you may consider visiting one of Chiang Mai's gay venues where young boys are usually straight and for hire.

If you make a double booking, for you and your friend, we will call both therapists to the shop and you can choose amongst each other.

Yoni Tantric massage in Thailand by male therapist

Are there any other services besides massage?

We only offer Yoni massage and sexual services are stricly forbidden at any of our affiliated shops. We do not know or interfere in what happens in your hotel room.

Can I get a discount?

In some situations, a discount is possible, for example for students or if there is a 'click' between therapist and client in which case the session can happen more on a human-to-human basis instead of on a renumeration base. Anyway, please note that our Yoni therapists are not full-time employed in a shop but are doing this with a giving mindset.

Only in Chiang Mai? Can you recommend any Yoni therapist elsewhere in Thailand?

We cannot vouch for other therapists. In a world without too many covid restrictions, in some cases our therapists may travel to other locations.


1. Unfortunately, the word 'Yoni' is often misused. For example, even Karsai teachers use the word Yoni for Karsai courses.


There are various aspects to the use of sex toys for women. Because the physiology of women is more complex than men, because women have many different sensitive spots and need prolonged stimulation, sometimes of more than one spot at the same time, to reach orgasm, this can be rather hard and tiring to achieve by human hands. This is why some women, and therapists, resort to using sex toys: it's much easier to achieve a stable and prolonged vibration and stimulation.

There are significant risks and downsides to the use of sex toys, though:

a. First of all, sex toys do not have life energy, 'chi', prana, or whatever you want to name it. While technique and vibration matter (in the same way as size can matter in the intercourse with a man), it is ultimately the life energy of the therapist that connects to yours and exchanges energy. This is what will nourish you in the treatment and not the orgasm itself. In fact, it is possible to have a powerful orgasm triggered by devices and to feel extremely depleted afterwards. 
It's understandable that a therapist chooses to use a device to be able to stimulates other points with the hand, but the more use of devices is made instead of human energy, the more risk of depleting your energy afterwards. Energetically, nothing is more depleting than masturbating alone in your room with a device or during phone sex, especially if you do not know how to preserve your energy. 
In contrast, a genuine sexual energy exchange between two poles of Yin and Yang, can make you feel extremely invigorated. In fact, for a true Yoni therapist, giving the orgasm to a woman is also receiving its energy, like a surfer surfing at the base of a giant wave is in awe of its primal power.

b. In Tantra, one of the most central concepts is about making a connection and exchanging energy and that can only be done by a human and not by a device.

c. By using sex toys, you can get addicted to the powerful vibration that no human hand can perform. This may create insensitivity and numbness when there is real human contact and it puts the emphasis on technique and vibration instead of human-to-human contact.

It is mostly female therapists who resort to the use of sex toys, because they lack the strength and endurance to keep going at a certain spot, while the male therapists can perform longer. This could be one reason to prefer a male therapist.

If you do prefer sex toys even during your Yoni massage, just bring your own or ask the therapist.

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