Dream Massage Chiang Mai

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Dream Massage Chiang Mai

Tucked away in a forgotten soi like an Edelweiß on an alm lies Dream Massage in the charming Santitam district of Chiang Mai. Judging from its facade, it looks like just another little Thai massage shop, but inside hides an amazing depth both in size and in services, only known to the real massage lover.

ร้าน ดรีม มาสสาจ นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ (มาสซาส / นวด) เชียงใหม่


Dream Massage is unlike the average Happy Ending massage parlor you find elsewhere in town. All staff in Dream Massage are young, cute, service-minded and have been trained not only in basic Thai massage skills, but also in the art of getting you turned on during the massage. So not just a happy ending, but happy-all-the-way. Dream Massage is well managed and closely monitors the performance of the girls, so Dream girls make an effort to please.

Besides that:

  • You can choose the girl, but if you don't choose, the shop will go by queue.
  • The shop is located in a quiet, discrete location.
  • All rooms are completely private and have air-conditioning.
  • The shop also provides outcall services.


Introductory video of Dream Massage


Dream Massage offers an interesting menu of massage packages:

Dream Massage Chiang Mai MenuDream Massage Chiang Mai MenuDream Massage Chiang Mai menu for ladies and couples

SENZ~ DUET - What can please your senses more than 2 girls playing your body like an instrument and slowly bringing you to a climax? Senz~ Duet is a song that you will want to shout from the roofs.

PRO PLUS - If you want to take your pleasure one more level up, try the PRO PLUS package which is a Senz~ massage plus a real prostate massage. Prostate massage can be beneficial to male health and it can be extremely pleasurable. Note that this is not a suitable package for you if you already have a prostate problem, such as prostatitis, in which case you should consult your doctor.

FOOT FUN - Senz~ massage that includes sensual play with feet.

SURPRISE - This is an exciting package for the daring customer: put yourself in the hands of no less than 3 masseuses while being blindfolded!
 Each masseuse performs her own style on you in a half-an-hour session building the tension up to a remarkable climax in the last session, so there are 3 separate sessions of half an hour, not 3 girls massaging you at the same time (that is the Senz~ Triplet package).
 The Surprise package will allow you to focus more on sensations, feelings, desire and imagination to surrender to the experience of touch and ultimately leading you into Bliss. The surprise element is that you don’t know which of the lovely masseuses available in the parlour will put their hands on you!
 Guess the right ones afterwards and you will get a 200 baht discount.

YIN YANG - This is a highly interactive and connective package that takes interesting turns: first, the girl will give you a Senz~ Massage during 45min. After that, you both reverse roles: she lays down and you massage her during the other half of the treatment! This package is of course not suitable for those who just want to chill. It is suitable for those seeking more exchange of energy in a giving-and-receiving manner. For gentlemen only!

Please note: you may choose the masseuse, but she has to consent to do a Yin Yang massage with you, if she doesn’t want it another package might be more suitable.
 Please understand that in Thai culture, it is rather confronting for a Thai woman to allow a stranger to touch her body, so please do not feel insulted if the massage therapist does not (yet) feel comfortable to do Yin Yang with you at first. In that case, opt for a Senz~ massage this time and perhaps she may feel comfortable to try a Yin Yang with you in the future.
Finally, please note that the girl does not take her shorts off. You may alter the timing and sequence of the parts of the package in mutual consent.

KARSAI - Karsai is an ancient Thai genital massage, both suitable for men and for women. It's primary aim is to clear blockages but obviously it can feel quite pleasant too to have someone focus on your pelvic area for a long time. Karsai can be supportive for all kinds of problems that men may experience, such as erectile dysfunction, blockages of ducts, premature ejaculation and so on. Note that from a therapeutical point, it's better not to ejaculate during or at the end of this treatment, but that if you can't take it anymore the happy ending can be included at no extra charge.

LINGAM MASSAGE - Lingam massage is a Tantric massage of the male genitalia. It is different from a normal happy ending massage in that it requires a different mindset both from the giver and from the receiver and uses different techniques. Try this if you can enjoy a caressing treatment for your genitals and for your soul if you don't have an urgent need to ejaculate. Lingam Massage can be enjoyed in a more intimate version (Lingam Plus). If you're healthy, you may be able to experience several orgams using edging-and-waving techniques, making this a very worthwhile package.

Read more about Lingam Massage

PARADISE MASSAGE - This is an intimate massage package that combines Thai yoga and oil massage with elements of play and seduction. While traditional massage uses mostly hands only, in Paradise massage the masseuse uses more of her body, which creates more feeling of intimacy, both in view and in touch*. Depending on the style of the masseuse and the needs of the customer, it can also include soft elements of domination. Each session will be different because of the interplay between you and the masseuse, what is the same is the goal of the masseuse to take you to Heaven.
(* Please note that intimate touch by you is not included in this package, you need her permission for that).

FLOW® MASSAGE - FLOW® massage is a mix of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and Senz® massage. Lomi Lomi massage  makes more use of the lower arms and elbows, which is less precise than fingers can reach but it creates a slightly different feel. Mixed with Senz@ massage, Lomi Lomi naturally becomes a fluid massage with sensuality.
 Flow@ massage is suitable for those who like Lomi Lomi style massage.

OUTCALL MASSAGES are provided within the city for the Senz~ Massage, Duet Massage and Sport Massage packages only. Travelling fees for the staff 200 baht (estimate for most locations within the city, but it can be more depending on your location).
For outcall, always respect the girl. Read more about Outcall Massage Manners.


Senz by Aunyong Massage Chiang Mai packages with coconut oil and hot oilSenz by Aunyong Massage Chiang Mai packages with coconut oil and hot oil


YONI MASSAGE is a sensual oil massage for ladies that includes the female genitalia. It can be carried out by either a female or a male therapis (advance booking recommended for both, but especially for male therapist). You may try Yoni massage simply for fun and pleasure or for other, perhaps deeper reasons (emotional blockages, reconnecting with your sexual energy, problems with orgasms and so on). There is a difference in style, experience and awareness of the various therapists.

Read more about Yoni Massage

COUPLES MASSAGE  is suitable for couples who enjoy having a sensual massage, each by a separate therapist, in the same room.
 Couples massage can be performed either by 2 female masseuses or by a female masseuse for the male customer and a male masseur for the female customer.
 Couples massage can be done in a joint room or in separate rooms. Please note that there is no swinging or sex involved. If you wish to have a male masseur as well, advance booking in the morning of that day is required.
Couples massage in Senz~ Diva is in principle sensual (Couples Senz~ Massage), if you wish to have a non-sensual massage please ask for a plain oil massage as a couple.


Dream Massage has about 7-10 charming young girls at the premises ready for service.

Dream Massage shop Chiang Mai massage staffDream Massage shop Chiang Mai massage staffDream Massage sexy massage girlsDream sexy massage girlsDream sexy massage girls

NOTE: Not all staff are working all the time. You are welcome to walk-in, but not all staff may be available all the time without a booking.


The easiest way to make a booking is to add the shop's LINE contact, this way you'll receive pictures of the available staff and you can make a booking.

WeChat Id: aunyong1234
KakaoTalk id : senzaunyong
Phone: +66 (0)950847540
Whatsapp: +66 (0)950847540

Alternatively, just walk in and choose the girl of your liking. Of course, depending on availability.

GROUPS (> 3 persons at the same time): Please note that Dream Massage has sufficient capacity to receive a group of people at the same time (maximum capacity of 10 massage rooms and more than 10 staff !), but it's best to book in advance.
If you walk in with a group of people (more than 3 persons), we cannot guarantee that enough rooms and staff are available at that time.

QR code LINE Aunyong shopAunyong massage shop Chiang Mai qr code WechatQR code Kakaotalk Dream Massage shop
QR codes Dream Massage of LINE, WeChat and Kakaotalk (from left to right)


Every day (including Sunday, Monday and public holidays unless announced here) from 10:00 hr until 23:00 hr. Most of the masseuses are present in the shop during the afternoon until early evening, so if you want to walk-in and have more girls to choose from, that's your preferred time interval to visit. If you wish to have a massage right at 10:00am, it's best to contact the shop (1 day) in advance.


Address: 22/8 Santiluk Road, Tambon Changpuak, just off Hussadhisawee Road, near the north-west corner of the moat
​GPS coordinates18.801118,98.978461

Icon map to Dream Massage Chiang Mai

Route description: From the northwestern corner of the moat, take Hussadhisawee road up north and follow for a few hundred meters until you see a 7Eleven at your left. Turn left into the soi just before the 7Eleven. Follow the soi almost to the end, and you'll see the shop at your right.

From the northeastern corner of the moat, follow straight on in northern direction, towards Santitam.

Route to Aunyong Massage Chiang Mai
Turn into Santiluk road when you see 7Eleven, and follow the street for a few hundred meters, nearly until the end

Senz by Aunyong shop route Chiang Mai
You have arrived!

Grab Taxi to Aunyong Massage Chiang Mai         For Grab, simply select: Yawk Bar. It's a few shops on the right from there.

PARKING: There is limited parking available in front of the shop for motorcycles and more along the road. Cars can be parked along the roads in the neigbhourhood. If you can choose your vehicle, to park a motorcycle is more convenient in the densely built Santitam area.


Dream Massage is located in a cute little house that looks rather small from the outside but has an amazing depth and offers 6 private rooms (gypsum walls, curtain doors). Nice neat and warm atmosphere, very clean. Semi-airconned. The shop intends to insulate spaces soon to provide a totally sound proof experience.

Senz by Aunyong Massage Chiang Mai facilitiesSenz by Aunyong Massage Chiang Mai facilities


Memi is a warm-hearted, motivated Karsai therapist. She amazes many a customer with her splendid Karsai massage, especially she's driven man crazy hitting the right spot at the prostate. Go for it!
Chaba studied her Karsai at first in Malaysia and then studied with Memi. Milk studied her Karsai in Taiwan and then continued with Memi.
In the beginning part of the Karsai massage in Dream, the customer can choose either hot stones or Gua Sha. Hot stones are used to warm up certain energy points of the body. Gua Sha is a Chinese therapy that helps to relieve aches of the body in a similar way as cupping does that. Gua Sha will leave some red marks on the skin of the belly and back, if you don't like that you can choose the hot stones.

One advantage of having Karsai in Dream Massage is the Happy Ending is included in the price, if you wish so. From a therapeutical perspective it is recommended not to ejaculate during the session, but some customer can't stand that, in that case the therapist will give relief.
Note that none of the therapists at Dream have done a separate Chi Nei Tsang training, if you like Karsai Nei Tsang (Karsai with a proper Chi Nei Tsang base) you can consider booking Molly or Koya at Senz~ Diva Massage.


Dream Massage strives to provide the best service to its customers. The shop has devised various ways to do so, by training staff in all processes of client interaction, by working on skills, by improving its management and booking system etc.
Dream Massage values happy and satisfied customers who become regular customers and refer friends too and is always open to your questions, comments or complaints.

At the same time, please respect the staff. A gentleman receives the best treatment. You can also reach Dream Massage directly at senzaunyong@gmail.com.

Read more about how to become a preferred customer

SHOP POLICY: If for any reason you do not like the massage style of the girl, you are allowed to change within 15min to another girl (if available) for the remaining time without charge.



Cute little shop with amazing service. Took the oil massage with Hana. Nice private room with proper massage bed, a relief from the usual mat on the floor. Pleasant relaxing music at the background. Oil massage was thorough and passionate, as was the juicy part in it. Meanwhile a pleasure to chat with therapist about everything that keeps you busy in life. Truly relaxing. Hope that the other therapists are as good as her.


Example of customer review of Senz~ by Aunyong Massage girls

1. SENZ~ FOR LADIES ON EXCHANGE BASIS means that we find a male masseur with massage experience and integrity for you and we offer our safe premises for the massage, but the masseur won't be paid because you both agree to have the session together on an exchange experience basis. The advantage for a female customer is that it's cheaper and that possibly more masseurs can be found, however it requires some exchange of profile (background and pictures) to make sure that both parties would enjoy the massage session (him giving, she receiving). This in essence also honors the exchange of energy, which is what this ought to be about in the first place, without monetary motivation.
The shop only charges for the match and for offering safe premises (THB 750 for 1 hour, THB 1000 for 1.5 hour) and guarantees that the male masseurs are reliable and with integrity.


Chiang Mai erotic massage soapy massage body to body massage brothels overview map

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레이 Posted on January 03, 2023 at 01:32:44
코로나 이후 주인(한국인)이 (태국인)바낌..마사지 가격도 올리고 예전에는 마사지도 충실 하였으나 지금은 여자들이 돈돈돈 하고 시간도 대충 끝내려고 함 가성비 최고였던 가게였는데.. 쓰레기업장이 됨
PJ Posted on December 17, 2022 at 05:50:48
A great experience. I enjoyed my massage with Nana no2, who provided a top massage and is very sweet and lovely.
Noo Posted on November 19, 2022 at 05:45:27

I was very surprised how well the masseuse massaged. I really didn't expect that with the one and a half hour Senz massage. It was very soulful, pleasant and at the same time extremely stimulating and relaxing. It is also very accommodating that you can enjoy a warm shower in peace before and after the massage, which gives you a pleasant feeling. It is a very clean and attractively furnished place of rest and contemplation.
Unfortunately, to my regret, I no longer remember the name of the masseuse. But I can fully recommend Dream-Massge and will be happy to use them again.
Peter Posted on November 13, 2022 at 19:28:25
35 Party was so nice and sensual that I wanted to fall in love. I would definitely go back to her.
John Donaldson Posted on June 09, 2022 at 18:13:05
I had a few fantastic massages at Dream massage. The place is a bit smaller than it's sister shop, Senz massage.
The staff were friendly and relaxed and the massage lady had amazing skills and was very sweet and kind.
i would recommend following Dream Massage on Line so you can see who is working. I would definitely recommend trying it out.
James Posted on August 22, 2021 at 05:02:52
Well, for me having visited many Chiang Mai massage parlours over the decades, I now find just a basic rub over with hands and HJ by a fully dressed girl boring, even if the girl is cute looking, no matter how much they try to glorify their services in their descriptions, it`s still basically a massage with a happy ending.
This can be obtained at many CM massage parlours.
I enjoy kissing, the girl being naked and allowing herself to be touched, even without the FS and just ending with a HJ.
Shame Senz doesn`t provide this sort of service or doesn`t appear to provide these sort of services.
But if it changes I would definitely be a regular customer.
Not giving a bad review only I was considering visiting Senz but judging by some of reviews, this doesn`t sound like anything special.

JK Posted on June 22, 2021 at 08:10:52
A lot of fun with xcite program , wonderful experience with wonderful handskill
Alan Posted on April 04, 2021 at 09:49:21
Competent, excellent service by an attractive, friendly staff. I have received repeated massages from Milk who knows her business and will keep you coming back for more. The establishment is small but easily located and the massage rooms nicely appointed. A well worth it experience!
Nathan Posted on February 13, 2021 at 10:21:00
Recommended memi >> one of the best Prostate masseuses in town
tallfelllow Posted on October 17, 2020 at 03:26:14
Had a great 1 1/2 hr Massage with Jinny. Very professional and definitely has some massage training. Highly recommend this place.
James Posted on August 29, 2020 at 15:30:59
Is it possible to come with my Thai wife and have two girls massaging us, with a “happy ending” for both of us?
Carlos Danger Posted on January 19, 2020 at 03:13:25
Hana took really good care of me. She gives an out of this world oil massage. I originally met her in 2018 when she was working at a different shop nearby. I will definitely visit anytime I come to Chiang Mai
armando56 Posted on November 18, 2019 at 19:07:50
Hi is there possibility to have massage from ladyboy
Maw Posted on September 14, 2019 at 10:17:48
This shop is young n good massage
Very nice thanks
sanook Posted on August 28, 2019 at 12:21:02
k. nit Very happy with 2 hr massage but The next seat verywas noisy
수수 Posted on July 06, 2019 at 12:49:04
치앙마이 최고의 샵입니다
마사지 정말 잘하는 집

John Posted on June 17, 2019 at 06:51:43
Got a 2 hr thai massage there yesterday. Good experience.
Michael Posted on March 14, 2019 at 10:52:49
Great massage from Hana today ,very professional,nice lady.
Mike Posted on March 06, 2019 at 13:11:54
Very happy with 1.5 hr massage with Som albeit with very little English which is not that important,obviously well trained.Clean premises,no complaints
Rastus Posted on February 24, 2019 at 08:26:33
Just had a massage by Hana. Excellent massage. This is not a B2B place. Friendly and good English.