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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

Most guys know what a Happy Ending massage is, and some know something about erotic massage or soapy massage, but relatively few people have heard of Lingam massage. Yet, Lingam massage can be a very worthwhile experience, and if you had a good one, you surely won't be so interested a simple handjob massage anymore.


Lingam masssage is a form of Tantric massage that includes massage of the male genitalia. Tantra is in essence a spiritual school originating from India that encompasses a whole lot of things, including Tantra Yoga.

The Lingam is a phallic symbol worshipped in Hinduism as a divine generative energy and a symbol of Shiva. Interestingly, even in Thailand and in Chiang Mai one can find phallic symbols named palad khik ปลัดขิก sometimes even in the market (although its meaning has changed in Thailand). Locals trace it back to Pram religion ศาสนาพราหมณ์ (historical Vedic religion, later Brahmanism) so essentially it has the same roots.

The Sanskrit word 'Lingam' is often translated as 'wand of light', so in essence Lingam massage is a massage (in worship) of the penis but it normally also includes the testicles, the perineum, and other sensitive and erogenous zones of the male body.

In the same way as Lingam massage is Tantric massage of the male genitalia, Yoni massage is a Tantric massage in worship of the female genitalia.

Phallic symbol in Thailand
Phallic symbol in the market in Thailand


Libraries have been filled up with books about Tantra and in today's world there are various main schools of Tantra, each with their own distinct differences and emphases. For the purpose of this article about Tantric Lingam massage, it's enough to know a few main points.

Tantric massage is all about your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces within your system: consciously or unconsciously, it drives you, it can make you mad, it can give you children or it can be expelled during ejaculation, but it can also be felt in your body as a wonderful, vibrating, rejuvenating energy that fills you up with a glow, makes you peaceful and loving, relieves you of stress and heals you from inside.

Recognizing your sexual energy as one of the most important powers in your body is a first step towards understanding the Tantric way. Rushing to ejaculate in a 5-min handjob is the exact opposite of it.

Tantra is about the wonder of touch, the magic of sexual attraction between the male and the female, about the intimate meeting of Shiva embodied through you and Shakti embodied through the beautiful woman in front of you, as they have met a zillion times during a zillion years through countless others, and still will. It's the sexual dance of the universe or if you will, it's about love.


These are big and beautiful words that may either thrill or perhaps put you off. The thing about Tantra and Tantric Lingam massage is that it can be done and experienced at an incredible wide range of levels: you can either simply enjoy the touch of a beautiful woman and feel what it arouses in you, or you can take things more seriously and try to achieve some target as 'hard-core Tantrikas' tend to do (such as becoming multi-orgasmic, wakening up the kundalini energy or even becoming enlightened).

I don't recommend anybody to go into a Lingam massage session too seriously because that automatically blocks your ability to relax-enjoy-and-experience. Besides that, the Lingam massages I recommend here are based on the practice of allowing pleasure to lead you to more, not theoretical concepts or expectations about goals.

And in Tantra, the journey is more important than the goal.

Lingam massage in Chiang Mai
In Lingam massage, the therapist connects to the heart and to the genitalia


Let's elaborate a bit further on the purpose of Lingam massage. The apparent 'working' purpose of the therapist in Tantric Lingam massage is the slow arousal and spreading out of sexual energy throughout your body, without the urge to expel it too quickly through ejaculation. The therapist may use techniques to help you let your sexual energy flow upwards towards orgasm and then hold back for a while, to start again, called edging-and-waving.
Imagine you're surfing big waves in the sea. Everytime you approach the top edge of a wave, you hold back a little to keep feeling the power of the wave to bring you higher and further. If you approach the edge to closely, you risk flipping over the edge and falling, in which case the game is over, or you fall down to a much lower level. By staying on the uprise of the wave and not going over the edge, you stay empowered and get high. If you manage to stay on the edge of subsequent waves, you're multi-orgasmic.
(More serious Tantric practitioners visualise this as moving the sexual energy up along the spine through the energy centers (chackras) towards the crown chackra on top of the head.)

In the end, you may orgasm / ejaculate1 (or you may choose not to, it's up to you, however, most men choose to ejaculate), and if done well, your orgasm may be more profound than during a quick handjob.

This is normally the working practice of the therapist, but what is more important is that during this process anything might come up, depending on your individual situation. Perhaps, by the power of the build up of sexuall energy inside you and the care of the therapist, you suddenly feel an unprocessed emotion that was stored in you and needed to be released, perhaps you shed a tear, perhaps you can't orgasm because you feel a blockage and suddenly you're aware of it. Real Lingam massage is not about achieving any of the aims the therapist apparently seems to work towards or reaching some distant target such as enlightenment but about fully experiencing and appreciating the journey. Consider the apparent working aim just a destination to travel to but be fully open to what the journey has to offer you, that is the real purpose.


So the Lingam massage did not fail if you did not reach ejaculate, if you did not have an earth-shattering climax, if you did not have a multi-orgasmic experience, or if you did not become enlightened, although all of these outcomes are possible.

Lingam massage is already a worthwhile experience if you experienced sexual pleasure for a bit longer than usual, if you felt it throughout your body or more than just your penis, or ... if you simply enjoyed it.

Tantric Lingam massage in Chiang Mai


Besides the obvious benefit of pleasure, Lingam massage can energize you in a way which is very different from a fast handjob. A fast handjob can deplete you and make you feel tired and sleepy in particular if you masturbated alone.
In Lingam, the slow arousal and spreading out of sexual energy by the therapist throughout your body can be felt as very invigorating, recharging, almost like a glow that stays with you for a while. If, with help of the therapist, you choose and manage to control your ejaculation at least once or a few times, this effect can be even more profound.

Sexual energy spreading and stored in your body can work in enormously healing and developing ways, both mentally and emotionally as well as spiritually. It can also help in restoring the connecting between your genitals and your heart, in modern psycho-analytic terminology called the Madonna-whore complex2.

Lingam massage can also be good to practise sexual stamina. (In fact, quick handjobs by girls who want to get the job done quickly should be avoided because they can lead to problems of premature ejaculation, and then you need Karsai massage therapy to fix that.)

Read more about different kinds of genital massage in Thailand here


Everybody can try Lingam massage, but it may not be the best thing for everybody all of the time. If you're just dead horny and on the verge of exploding, you may be better off just going for a good happy ending massage or find a girl to have sex with.
A good moment for Lingam massage is when you feel you can last a bit longer or at least you don't have an urgent desire to ejaculate, but instead you can imagine how you would enjoy all lot of attention for your genitalia, and you have an open mind to experience whatever happens then.


There are a lot of massage shops everywhere using the word 'lingam' and 'tantra' or 'tantric' mainly for advertising purposes, but most of them don't really understand what tantra is, typically they don't train the girls properly or they reduce the treatment to not much more than a handjob. Even in a mega city like Bangkok with nearly 10 million people, it is very very hard to find a proper Lingam or Tantra massage.

In my experience, the best Tantric Lingam massages in Thailand are to be had in Chiang Mai in All about Touch Massage, Dream Massage and Daisuki Massage. It is very hard to convey the deeper concepts of Tantric Lingam to Thai staff because modern Thai culture has become so superficial3 and even if taught properly at the outset, there is always a risk that the therapist becomes lazy or forgetful over time and simplifies the treatment to a slow handjob, but at least in the shops recommended here, real efforts were made to make the girls understand what they are doing and no staff is allowed to do Lingam without training (for example because a customer likes her face or just because it sells).

In Bangkok, there is a freelance Tantra practitioner called Emily who has done some Western Tantra training. She is very dedicated and makes great effort, but in the end I found the session unsatisfying mainly because she believes the customer should ejaculate (she didn't ask me), because she doesn't fully understand the male body and energy and because IMHO she got some concepts wrong. She's very enthusiastic and being one of very few Thai women to take Tantra seriously is guaranteed a steady stream of clientele, but she is in my opinion not a top Tantric practitioner, more of an enthusiastic Tantra student who mainly learns from her students.


Then there are places like Analisa, Bunny Girls and so on but from the name and looks you can already judge that this is more about plain sex, body-to-body massage and handjobs. Finally, there are some outcall service agents such as Exotic Bangkok (which also operates under the name Body Bliss) which have fine websites including the right keywords in the text, but certainly most of the girls have developed more 'skills' for the straightforward full service package (sex) rather than for a proper Lingam massage. Exotic Bangkok lists Tantra massage as separate from Lingam massage, but Lingam massage is Tantric. Finally, these outcall agents boast that their girls master more than 20 different techniques but the essence in doing a Tantric Lingam massage lies of course not in applying a certain number massage stroke variations but in doing things from a certain mindset and from the heart with as much understanding as possible about what Lingam really is, else it becomes void.

Then there are those who use Lingam massage interchangeably for any kind of penis massage, whether it is a happy ending massage or a therapeutical massage. But those are not Tantric Lingam massages. In Chiang Mai, there are also such shops, which merely aims to gain side traction from the word Lingam4.

So if you want to try Lingam massage in Thailand, my recommendation is to go to All about Touch (Yuyie; Nanny; Sarah; Nanny), Dream Massage (Party, Shisha; Noomnim), Daisuki Massage (Tangmo; Bee; Pimmy) and Senz~ Diva Massage (Koya; Tina; Molly).



I believe the most important thing to do when undergoing a Lingam massage is to have an open mind without too many expectations. If you read a lot of books and have a lot of theories in your mind, you may not be totally open to the experience as it unfolds. You're gonna want to bend it towards the 'desired results'.

Besides this, the following may help:

  • Allow yourself to relax completely
  • Breathe deeply. On the inhale, imagine your breath going up along your spine until the crown of your head and keep it there for a moment. Then exhale and let it sink back into you pelvis.
    At some point, the therapist may take the lead in breathing deeply, try to breathe in rhythm with her, that increases the connection.
  • Share any issues you have or experience with the therapist (as far as the language gap allows for)
  • Allow pleasure to come but don't rush into a habit of wanting to ejaculate fast.
  • If you can, try to see in your massage therapist the Woman of all Women, a Goddess, the Embodiment of all of Femininity.

The last item on the list is very Tantric and philosophical. By seeing her as the ultimate beauty, it effectively transforms you as the observer. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so what does it say about the observer and the observed? It means that the observed is beautiful only because YOU find it so. By being a beholder of beauty, you effectively transform your perspective, something happens inside you that has opened up to the world.

This is also a common mistake by some Tantric practitioners, who believe that you should be able to see the Divine Female in each and every woman put in front of you. It took me 5 days of a Tantra workshops to be able to see a beauty in the girl randomly assigned to me, a beauty that was actually beyond her, but this cannot be expected from a customer walking into a shop trying a Lingam massage for the first time in his life. So if you're trying Tantric massage with a practitioner you actually don't find attractive and beautiful, you'll have a harder time seeing that beauty in her. But if you just picked a cute girl with proper skills, it's much more natural to feel thrilled by her beauty and to feel excited by her touch.
Even though in Tantra, the beauty you're supposed to see in her is some kind of transcendental beauty, beyond the surface of her appearance, still the starting point is easier when you feel a natural attraction to the girl.

I've tried massages with Lingam therapists who wondered why I didn't get a real hard erection while they working their hands sore on me. Well, the simple answer is that I didn't find them attractive and sorry I was not able to quickly make the transformation in my perception because I just walked through the door. But if a cute young girl puts her hands in my thighs, the erection is immediate and natural, I don't have to make an effort to see her as beautiful because I already do and looking at her more makes me want her more.

So this is something that some older practitioners surprisingly don't get: 'your erection is not so hard, there must be something blocking in your energy or your mind', they will tell me. This problem is easily solved in the great shops recommended above because for sure you can find a girl you naturally find attractive.

Chart of the Chackras
Energy centers in the body: the 7 chackras from bottom to top



Many people know Tantra in connection to sex. But Tantric massage can and may exist by itself, without sex. If it is used as a foreplay to continue with sex either in a couple or between a customer and a therapist, that's all great. Some Lingam providers explicitly offer that, others don't offer it in the shop.


It's perfectly alright to ejaculate, nobody should have a judgement about you ejaculating. All that's being suggested is that Lingam massage offers an opportunity to play with it, to delay it and see how that feels, it's an opportunity to experiment. Some people feel good being 'continent' (completely and consistently stopping ejaculation), others feel great by letting it burst. Do what feels best.


The healing power of Lingam massage works more on an energetic and perhaps emotional level than purely on a physical level. If, for example, you have erection issues caused by enlarged prostate, physical blockages in the tubes and lymphatic system, or still muscles in the perineum, you may benefit more from a more physical approach such as Karsai ancient Thai genital massage. If, however, they are caused by emotional blockages or lack of libido, Lingam massage could be very benefiical.


Yes, you can. The only disadvantage is that in Tantra a certain ambiance is preferred to bring your senses in the right mood: soft lights, candles, calm perhaps meditative music and nice fragrances. For outcall massage, the therapist may not be able to create for all that in a hotel room.


It is very natural to have the urge to touch the therapist during Lingam massage. Most therapists allow modest touching, but it's up to the girl how much she allows. If you like a more intimate version of Lingam massage, book Lingam Plus or Lingam Deluxe with one of the shops recommended above.


Edging is a technique that can be applied in Tantric Lingam massage or in other massages or in sexual intercourse, where you allow your sexual energy to build up to near climax and then hold off for a while, either by yourself or with help of someone else (like your girlfriend or a Tantric massage therapist). Some compare it to a tease-and-denial game but it entirely relies on cooperation between you and the masseuse, so in fact there is no real denial.
By holding the ejaculation off and easing for a while, you'll be able to build up your sexual pressure and spread it over your body, to build it up again at a higher level. At the end you can either choose to burst or to preserve your sexual energy.
Stopping ejaculating5 can be done in various ways which range from gentle to more forceful. For beginners, the gentle ways are recommended, but more advanced practitioners are able stop ejaculation entirely by themselves, using breathe, muscle control and mind.
PLEASE NOTE: the more forceful edging techniques are NOT recommendable for older people or those with heart problems or high blood pressure.


At this moment not yet. But some of the therapists recommended here are trained and can give you some sexual education during the treatment. Also, be sure to leave your comments or requests at the shop so that perhaps a more targeted education effort can be organised in the future.



The quality of Happy Ending massages varies greatly from a poor or mediocre HJ in say Loi Kroh road to a wonderful sensually uplifting experience as provided in one of the top shops in town.
Girls in the mediocre Happy Ending massage shops typically rush to the HJ in the end ("do you want special?") without any understanding of sensuality. Girls in body-to-body massage parlours also generally lack that feeling for sensuality, and typically aim for quick sex.
Girls in the best massage shops in town (notably All about Touch, Daisuki and Dream Massage) generally do a better job in applying sensuality and real massage skills in the massage.


This is a therapeutical massage, purely physical, with the objective to clear blockages and relieve or cure all kinds of genital issues, not to make you come (although that often happens because the customer can't control himself).
The massage style is not sensual, psychological, emotional or spiritual at all.

Read more about Karsai massage


As discussed, Lingam massage distinctly differs from the above categories both in concept, purpose and techniques.

The purpose of Lingam massage is not necessarily to make you ejaculate or even orgasm, but it's rather about a slow build up of sexual energy and whatever that brings about during the session. The concept of Lingam massage is deeper and can develop into more energetic, emotional and spiritual directions.

During Lingam massage, the masseuse will use some different techniques from a normal happy ending massage, although some techniques may overlap.


1. Note that  in male physiology, ejaculation does not necessarily equal orgasm: a man can have an orgasm without ejaculation and by doing so, he can preserve his sperm and his energy to 'reload the gun' again. Typically, orgasm in a man happens a fraction of a second before ejaculation. Some men prefer to not (always) ejaculate during Lingam massage or sex.

2. The Madonna-whore complex, also called the Madonna-mistress Complex, is a condition in which a man has (to some extent) disconnected his sexual energy from love. In practical terms: he cannot get aroused by the person he loves, he can only feel sexually attracted to women he doesn't love. As Freud wrote: "Where such men love they have no desire and where they desire they cannot love." This condition can exist on various levels, for example some men need to look down on a woman or see her as a 'bitch' to want to have sex with her, while others can't get a hard-on with someone they truly love because something is blocking them, perhaps an emotional trauma or the idolisation of the mother archetype as a pure and clean image in their mind.
(This is, by the way, something different from an average relationship having grown into more of a friendship over the years where sex has withered because of getting used to each other, lack of play, or boredom, something many relationships suffer from.)
In Tantric Yoga, the Madonna-whore complex could be viewed as a disconnection between the sexual and the heart chackra, this is why certain techniques are applied to restore the flow of energy between the chackras. The sexual chackra is the second or Sacral Chackra (Svadhishthana Chakra), the heart chackra is the fourth chackra (Anahata Chackra). In Kundalini Tantra, Kundalini energy is seen as stored in the first, the root chackra (Muladhara Chakra).

3. Without judgment or considering one culture more superior than another, modern Thai culture with its addiction to smartphones, social media and materialism has lost touch with its spiritual roots and most Thai people don't really understand anymore where they really come from. Lack of education, both about the modern world and about its own background, and rigid social structures do not create the ideal environment for Thai people to grow up as conscious beings especially when it comes to emotional and spiritual development.
Some tantrikas have had a more advantageous starting position with a cultural background and education more open to what Tantra has to offer. Nevertheless, some Thai therapists can turn out to be natural talents, even without having had this more advantageous starting position and with training, assistance and customer feedback can grow to become good Tantric practitioners. Let's celebrate them.

4. In Chiang Mai, an example of a shop which merely uses the power of the words Tantra and Lingam for advertising without really knowing about the concepts is Aloha Massage, an otherwise infamous Chinese copy cat which usually copies the better shops in town.

5. Stopping ejaculation can be done in various ways. One of the most forceful ways relatively quite a few people have heard of is the Power Draw, often promoted in Healing Tao and some Tantric communities. This technique requires mainly muscle and breath control and abrubtly draws the sexual energy from your genitals to the rest of the body. It is, however, so forceful that we do not recommend it, as it kind of creates a shock to the body and the vascular system with possibly some pressure in the heart that can be felt if you're sensitive to it or when you're a bit older.
A much better and milder technique yet equally powerful is to use crucial muscles in the perineum area in combination with breathing and mind control. You can practice the strength and flexibility of these muscles with so-called Kegel exercises, but you can also ask some of the therapists recommended above for a little free sex education to help you becoming more aware of exactly what muscles to pull. If you sit a lot, the muscles in the perineum area may become stiff and inflexible, this can lead to weaker erections and will make them less powerful in an attempt to stop ejaculation by yourself. A good therapist can massage these muscles to increase their capabilities.
For beginners, all of this may seem far-fetched and they may prefer a more passive way of stopping ejaculation by letting the therapist do the main job. She will help you to stop ejaculation by pressing certain points at the crucial moment. This still requires coordination between you and the therapist because if she's too late you will have reach the point-of-no-return and then the game will be over and you can't do more edging anymore.

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