Senz~ Diva Massage Chiang Mai

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Highly recommended by massage lovers


Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai

Senz~ Diva Massage is a must-try sensual massage massage parlour in the trendy Nimman area of Chiang Mai offering impressive services under the leadership of the legendary Memi. Memi is one of the most certified massage therapists in Chiang Mai and has great understanding about the art of sensual massage that she personally teaches to her staff.
Central in this massage shop's mission is to enjoy your senses and being sensual, hence the word 'Senz~' in the name. The other part of the name, 'Diva', probably refers to Memi who may rightly be called the Diva of Nimman.
Whether you're in Chiang Mai for a short holiday or you're a long term resident, a visit to Senz~ Diva should be on the top of your bucket list of not-to-miss experiences.

ร้าน เซ็นซ์~ ดีว่า นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ (มาสซาส / นวด) เชียงใหม่


Senz~ Diva is run by the charming Memi who, despite her young age, possesses great massage skills and understanding about what thrills the distinguishing gentleman and lady. Memi personally trains all her staff, so you can expect at least a minimum level of general and sensual massage skills which is surely better than in the average happy ending massage parlour.

Besides this:

  • there is always a good selection of cute young girls
  • you can choose the girl of your liking, but if you don't choose, the shop will go by queue
  • all rooms are completely private with air-conditioning and have been refurbished very well
  • there is a dedicated Scrub Room for spa packages
  • not only straight guys can be serviced here, ladies with special needs are welcome too and they can be spoiled by either a female or a male therapist
  • unique for Chiang Mai: there is a dedicated Couples Room for those who want to ride the waves of climax together
  • the shop looks normal from outside, nothing dodgy or sleezy, so nobody looks at you when you're going in
  • the shop also provides outcall services

Altogether, the combination of the services, great facilities, charming staff and the location form an offer no sensual massage lover can resist. Try it!



Senz~ Diva Massage offers an interesting menu of massage packages:

Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai menuSenz Diva Massage Chiang Mai menuSenz Diva Massage Chiang Mai menuSenz Diva Massage Chiang Mai menu

* NOTE: If you found the shop on the internet, it's best to tell the receptionist as soon as you walk in, then you will be offered the full menu including men's health, women's health and couples massage. If you just walk in, the receptionist may only show the general menu. This is because the shop is located right in the middle of Nimmanhaemin and it doesn't want to be too obvious about some services being offered.

SENZ~ MASSAGE is a sensual oil massage journey that always ends happily. No need for the usual annoying negotiation, just relax and let the hands of the masseuse bring you to Bliss.

THAI + SENZ~ MIX offers the best of all worlds: it starts with Thai massage and seemlessly blends into oil and sensual massage. The Thai massage part helps best to get some stress and office syndrome out of your system, the oil massage works well to relax and the sensual part brings you into Bliss.
NOTE: In-house staff are cute, young girls that possess basic Thai massage skills and are better at oil and sensual massage. If you are more serious about the Thai massage and need a very firm and thorough Thai massage first, you can book a mix of 2 hours, the shop will then call in a Thai massage therapist for the first hour (in the curtain room) and then the oil and Senz~ massage will happen in the private room upstairs.
For 1hr and 1.5hr, the in-house staff will perform a mix of Thai, oil and Senz~ massage all in the private room upstairs.

SENZ~ DUET MASSAGE is a Senz~ Massage carried out by 2 girls. You can either choose the girls or they will be assigned to you by queue. It is a special experience to feel how the girls work in rhythm and nothing is more pampering for a man than to be in the four hands of 2 beautiful ladies bringing you to higher levels of ecstasy.

SURPRISE XCITE - This is definitely one of the most relaxing and fun massage packages you can find anywhere in Chiang Mai. It’s extremely relaxing, fun and exciting. You will enjoy a sensual massage by not 1, not 2 but 3 lovely masseuses! Each of them will spoil you with her own style and skills for 30 min. The entire session takes 1.5 hour.
From the start till the end, you will wear an eye cover. This will allow you to completely relax and focus on sensations.
There is a game element in this package too: if you guess right which 3 girls massaged you in the correct sequence, you will get a 50% discount on the price! 
Want to get a chance of an entirely free massage? Go for the Surprise Plus, a session with 4 girls, and if you guess the girls and the sequence right the entire session is on us!
All 3 girls will build up the tension in a sensual massage and the last girl will bring you to a remarkable climax in the last session.
 You can’t get disappointed with this package!

YIN YANG - This is a highly interactive and connective package that takes interesting turns: first, the girl will give you a Senz~ Massage during 45min. After that, you both reverse roles: she lays down and you massage her during the other half of the treatment! This package is of course not suitable for those who just want to chill. It is suitable for those seeking more exchange of energy in a giving-and-receiving manner. For gentlemen only!

Please note: you may choose the masseuse, but she has to consent to do a Yin Yang massage with you, if she doesn’t want it another package might be more suitable.
 Please understand that in Thai culture, it is rather confronting for a Thai woman to allow a stranger to touch her body, so please do not feel insulted if the massage therapist does not (yet) feel comfortable to do Yin Yang with you at first. In that case, opt for a Senz~ massage this time and perhaps she may feel comfortable to try a Yin Yang with you in the future.
Finally, please note that the girl does not take her shorts off. You may alter the timing and sequence of the parts of the package in mutual consent.

FLOW® MASSAGE - FLOW® massage is a mix of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and Senz® massage. Lomi Lomi massage  makes more use of the lower arms and elbows, which is less precise than fingers can reach but it creates a slightly different feel. Mixed with Senz@ massage, Lomi Lomi naturally becomes a fluid massage with sensuality.
 FLOW@ massage is suitable for those who like Lomi Lomi style massage.

LINGAM MASSAGE - Lingam massage is a Tantric massage of the male genitalia. It is different from a normal happy ending massage in that it requires a different mindset both from the giver and from the receiver and uses different techniques. Try this if you can enjoy a caressing treatment for your genitals and for your soul if you don't have an urgent need to ejaculate. If you're healthy, you may be able to experience several orgams using edging-and-waving techniques, making this a very worthwhile package.

Read more about Lingam Massage

PARADISE MASSAGE - This is an intimate massage package that combines Thai yoga and oil massage with elements of play and seduction. While traditional massage uses mostly hands only, in Paradise massage the masseuse uses more of her body, which creates more feeling of intimacy, both in view and in touch*. Depending on the style of the masseuse and the needs of the customer, it can also include soft elements of domination. Each session will be different because of the interplay between you and the masseuse, what is the same is the goal of the masseuse to bring you to Heaven.
(* Please note that intimate touch by you is not included in this package, you need her permission for that).

CHI NEI TSANG - Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal massage of the internal organs in the belly area. This area is very important for good health because it stores a lot of energy (Chi) that can be blocked. The belly area is often called the second brain of our body. It is usually neglected in standard Thai massage practice because the massage therapist needs throrough training and knowledge to treat this sensitive area. Senz~ Diva has 2 certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioners, Molly and Koya.
It is a wonderful experience for the body to be finally touched there where nobody every touches, the massage relieves stress in the area and detoxifies.
Chi Nei Tsang is the perfect base for a subsequent Karsai massage.
NOTE: Please do not have a heavy meal just before the treatment or allow at least 2 hours to digest your last meal.

Read more about Chi Nei Tsang here

KARSAI * - Karsai is an ancient Thai genital massage. It's primary aim is to clear blockages but obviously it can feel quite pleasant too to have someone focus on your pelvic area for a long time. Karsai can be supportive for all kinds of problems that men may experience, such as erectile dysfunction, blockages of ducts, premature ejaculation and so on.

Karsai in Senz~ Diva is particularly good because the shop has 2 staff trained in Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage which is an excellent base for a good Karsai as your sexual energy is drawn from the organs. What's also great about Karsai here is that if you can't take it anymore, the happy ending is included in the fee (but note that from a pure therapeutical point, it's better not to ejaculate during the treatment).
Karsai massage treatment can be taken both by men and by women. Since the physiology of women is more complex, more materials such as gloves and coconut oil are used, and the knowledge and skills to perform a proper Karsai for women are more rare, the price of Karsai for women is a bit higher.

Read more about Karsai

PRO PLUS * - If you want to take your pleasure one more level up, try the PRO PLUS package which is a Senz~ massage plus a real prostate massage. Prostate massage can be beneficial to male health and it can be extremely pleasurable.

FOOT FUN - Senz~ massage that includes sensual play with feet.

BODY SCRUB helps to remove dead skin cells and makes your skin soft as a baby again. Performed with a mix of salt, honey, and other high quality materials.

YONI MASSAGE is a sensual oil massage for ladies that includes the female genitalia. It can be carried out by either a female or a male therapis (advance booking recommended for both, but especially for male therapist). You may try Yoni massage simply for fun and pleasure or for other, perhaps deeper reasons (emotional blockages, reconnecting with your sexual energy, problems with orgasms and so on). There is a difference in style, experience and awareness of the various therapists.

Read more about Yoni massage

Senz~ Diva Massage is one of very few to take the needs of women seriously

COUPLES MASSAGE ** is suitable for couples who enjoy having a sensual massage, each by a separate therapist, in the same room.
 Couples massage can be performed either by 2 female masseuses or by a female masseuse for the male customer and a male masseur for the female customer.
 Couples massage is performed in Senz~ Diva's dedicated Couples Room. You can either enjoy semi-privacy by a see-through curtain or enjoy totally sharing the space with your partner.

With its menu and facilities specifically catering for couples, Senz~ Diva is the absolute center for any kind of couples massages in Chiang Mai.
Please note that there is no swinging or sex involved. If you wish to have a male masseur as well, advance booking is required.
Couples massage in Senz~ Diva is in principle sensual (Couples Senz~ Massage), if you wish to have a non-sensual massage please ask for a plain oil massage as a couple.

Senz Diva pleasure happy ending Senz massage for female
Senz~ Diva offers massage not only for gentlemen but also for ladies and couples

* Note that this is not a suitable package for you if you already have a prostate problem, such as prostatitis, in which case you should consult your doctor.
** Please book in advance, therapist is not always in shop.
*** Please note that there is a 50 baht late night charge for massage packages at a value of less than 900 baht that start after 22:00hr.
**** Please note that only Thai massage, Oil massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Sport Massage, Swedish Massage and body scrub are 'vegetarian' (without happy ending).

OUTCALL MASSAGES are provided within the city for the Senz~ Massage, Senz~ Duet Massage and Sport Massage packages only. Travelling fees for the staff 200 baht (estimate for most locations within the city, but it can be more depending on your location)..
For outcall, always respect the girl. Read more about Outcall Massage Manners.



Senz~ Diva Massage has about 5-7 charming young girls at the premises ready for service.

Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai sexy young Thai girls
Senz~ Diva staff are able to thrill you anytime!

NOTE: Not all staff are working all the time. You are welcome to walk-in, but not all staff may be available all the time without a booking.


The easiest way to make a booking is to add the shop's LINE contact, this way you'll receive pictures of the available staff and you can make a booking.

LINE ID: @145nmhur (or add through this link:
WeChat Id: senzdiva
KakaoTalk id : senzdiva
Phone: +66(0)629920446
Whatsapp: +66(0)629920446

Alternatively, just walk in and choose the girl of your liking. Of course, depending on availability.

QR code LINE Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai QR code WeChat Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai QR code Whatsapp Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai
QR codes Senz~ Diva Massage of LINE, WeChat and Whatsapp (from left to right)

GROUPS (> 3 persons at the same time): Please note that Senz~ Diva Massage has sufficient capacity to receive a group of people at the same time, but it's best to book in advance. If you walk in with a group of people (more than 3 persons), we cannot guarantee that enough rooms and staff are available at that time.


Every day (including Sunday, Monday and public holidays unless announced here) from 10:30 hr until 23:00 hr.
Please note that there is a 50 baht late night charge for massage packages at a value of less than 900 baht that start after 22:00hr (this is to encourage staff to stay longer).


One would certainly not expect to find a business like Senz~ Diva hidden right in the open in the very heart of Nimmanhaemin, Chiang Mai's most popular area, but there is it, like the eye of the typhoon.

Address: Nimmanhaemin soi 13, just two houses left of Mango Tango.
​GPS coordinates: 18.79637,98.96859

PARKING: It may be difficult in Nimmanhaemin area, being the most popular area of Chiang Mai, to find parking space for your car, so arriving by foot or by motorcycle will cost you less of a headache. However, if you come by car and cannot find a parking space, you can park at two dedicated private parking areas on soi 13, which will cost you 50 baht for a few hours. If you book any package from THB 1,100 up and show us the parking payment, we'll reimburse you the 50 baht.
Please note that in all of Nimmanhaemin's soi's there is alternate parking on different days of the week.

Private paid parking areas at 50 baht along Nimman soi 13


Senz~ Diva Massage offers state-of-the-art rooms and facilities which cater perfectly for the amazing services it's offering. Fully private, new and well-designed rooms with air-conditioning ensure that you can enjoy the depth of your own sensuality without being bothered by anything else. Incomparable with the average Thai massage shops with curtains!
There is a sublimely designed Scrub Room for special spa packages involving honey and salt scrubs with water and so on.
Finally and unique for Chiang Mai, Senz~ Diva has a dedicated Couple's Room, ideal for couples who want to ride the waves of climax together.

Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai rooms and facilities Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai rooms and facilities
Senz Diva Massage Chiang Mai rooms and facilities
Charming Couples Room


Nothing is more important to Senz~ Diva than happy customers with the wish to return! This is why the shop has an internal training, review and monitoring system to make sure all staff are performing to the max.
Should there be anything that is not according to your liking, then you can always contact management at or contact the receptionist immediately. Also, if the skills, attitude or appearance of staff is not as you desire, you may change staff within 15 min.

Read more about how to become a preferred customer

SHOP POLICY: If for any reason you do not like the massage style of the girl, you are allowed to change within 15min to another girl (if available) for the remaining time without charge.




Koya is everything you would want from a massage therapist: she is hard-working, dedicated and concentrated, she has a firm hand and can massage with good pressure if your body likes that, and she has a good feeling.
Koya is trained in Chi Nei Tsang in Tao Garden's Healing Tao style. Koya further studied Karsai with Memi in the Pathum Thani style of Karsai.
If you take a Chi Nei Tsang with Koya, it's hard not to continue with Karsai.

Chi Nei Tsang in Chiang Mai by Ms Koya certified practitioner

Chi Nei Tsang: a short impression of various techniques


Molly is a wonderful warm-hearted massage practitioner whose first and foremost skill is that she wants to please the customer. Molly is trained in Chi Nei Tsang in Tao Garden's Healing Tao style. Molly further studied Karsai with Memi in the Pathum Thani style of Karsai. Molly has a soft and sensual touch and enjoys a chat.
Karsai massage with Molly is irresistable.

Chi Nei Tsang in Chiang Mai by Ms Molly certified practitioner


Tina completed a Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage training in the Tao Garden style in 2022, providing her an excellent base for all treatments with Chi Nei Tsang as a start (Karsai, Chi Nei Tsang + Senz~ and Chi Nei Tsang).
Tina can massage both gentle and very firm. She is hard-working, has a great attitude, is eager to please.

Chi Nei Tsang in Chiang Mai by Ms Tina certified practitioner

One advantage of having Karsai in Senz~ Diva Massage is the Happy Ending is included in the price, if you wish so. From a therapeutical perspective it is recommended not to ejaculate during the session, but some customer can't stand that, in that case the therapist will give relief.


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alex Posted on January 18, 2023 at 16:34:16
I had a 2 hours (and it were 120 minutes) Body Scrub + Senz~ massage with Miki today and it was absolutely great. She did the scrubbing and oil massage like a pro and the final part took me to heaven. The rooms are super clean with nice ambient light and background music what makes the experience even better. This massage shop is the most professional and most honest I have ever visited and I can only recommend it highly!
Korea Posted on December 29, 2022 at 17:04:05
I had massage twice times with Dear here and experienced real paradise.
I will come back Chiang Mai in 2023 and definitely revisit this place. Hope to see again.
If you want to be relaxed, Highly recommend this place.
Pete Posted on December 28, 2022 at 23:55:47
I had a great massage with Dear - highly recommended
Senz Diva Massage Posted on December 23, 2022 at 05:17:44
@KK: Lingam Plus is more intimate, there is some more close positions. We do not disclose all details online. It is best to try it
KK Posted on December 23, 2022 at 04:14:05
Hi @SenzDiva - what is the difference between Lingam and Lingam plus massage?
OzTBoy Posted on December 18, 2022 at 13:25:17
@SenzDiva...thank you for the reply. I sort of understand what you are saying. So for the Senz massage if I tip the right amount they can do massage naked and intimate touching? And in the Yin Yang massage is the girl naked up top as standard while I do massage with touching of breasts allowed, but have to tip for her to be completely naked and intimate touching everywhere?
Senz Diva Massage Posted on December 18, 2022 at 13:10:29
@OzTBoy: Good question. We try to "internalize" some of the extras customers like in our packages, but not all. In both packages, Senz~ and Yin Yang, modest touching (for example on leg or hip) is allowed but for more intimate touching usually the girl expects a tip.
OzTBoy Posted on December 18, 2022 at 06:30:31
Hello...with the Senz massage can you have the girl naked and are we able to gentle touch during massage? Also with Yin Yang again is the option to have girl naked during massage of her and allowed to touch everywhere? Or is she only naked at top but allowed to massage breasts etc? Thank you
Martin Posted on November 08, 2022 at 11:50:11
This is the BEST MASSAGE SPA I have frequented here in Chiang Mai. Been going here for almost 1 year now. They treat you to the best massage anywhere. Many EXTRAS can be had by asking for the menu. I have had the pleasure of different massage ladies that were all trained by the Manager, MeMi. The quality of the massage is ALWAYS perfect! These ladies give you exactly what you have paid for. Options are available with the massage ladies but that is between you and them. NO SEX is ALLOWED!
All the ladies are very good looking, don't do a lot of talking, don't use their cell phones and you get ALL THE TIME you have paid for. There are showers available on every floor. The spa is kept very clean. The people are very courteous and wash your feet when you first arrive and give you tea and cookies after your massage. What more could you ask for?
A dennet Posted on November 02, 2022 at 12:56:22
Exelent service from niki she was fantastic
Franck Posted on October 19, 2022 at 09:17:47
I would like to reserved a sensual couple massage (couple room not privacy) - the 3 of November à 6 Pm
is it possible to book now with Molly & Koya?
Thank you for your response
Mike Posted on September 25, 2022 at 16:00:53
Die beste Lingam Massage mit Girl Koya die ich je hatte. Saubere Zimmer, Badezimmer, Koya super nett und freundlich. Sie ging auf alles ein wie ich es haben wollte. Ich komme gerne wieder. Vielleicht mit zwei Girls. Dankeschön.
Sam Posted on September 07, 2022 at 13:09:59
Not impressed in hospitality
Ron Posted on August 25, 2022 at 19:47:59
I came senz, there was no receptionist, the worst attitude I ever experience, I found the aloha.
Johnny Posted on August 10, 2022 at 18:02:25
Cream gave me a relaxing and super sensual massage . She was very sweet and kind to me .
Stefan Posted on August 08, 2022 at 08:35:49
@Sense Diva
Well, before I moved to Pattaya I lived 5 years in Chiang Mai (now I am back). Beside the fact, that I met many Lanna girls in Pattaya, I also met open minded Isaan girls in Chiang Mai. Yes, the northern Thailand culture is different but for your business you always can find girls they have no problem to be touched. And to be honest, I feel shy, uncomfortable and unrelaxed when a girl touches me everywhere but the girl itself is too shy to take off everything.
Inspired couple Posted on July 29, 2022 at 16:23:20
After discovering this gem in Chiang Mai in Dec/21 it was not very hard to come back...
My husband and I received a Chi Nei Tsang and Senz massage by Koya and even though it is impossible to describe in words the magic of these experiences, here are some impressions that should help other curious people to take the decision of trying it. These sensual massages are awakening, energizing, empowering, ecstatic, and at the same time incredible pacifying! And believe me, it is even better than it sounds! Your only job is to be a good receiver by profoundly relaxing, deeply breathing and embracing it. It's a magic gift!
Thank you so much!

Adam Posted on July 26, 2022 at 06:26:35
Karsai with Tina and Miki was wonderful experience, pampering and healthy.
Senz~ Diva Posted on July 13, 2022 at 05:23:44
@Stefan: Northern Thai culture is more conservative, provincial and traditional than you will find in big cities in the South where girls travel to for work and can feel more anonymous without their family knowing what they are doing.
If your only reference point is Pattaya, it will be a good experience to learn more about Thai culture in Chiang Mai, for example.
Stefan Posted on July 12, 2022 at 21:26:03
"Please understand that in Thai culture, it is rather confronting for a Thai woman to allow a stranger to touch her body..."
Are you serious?! I am living in Pattaya now and will move to Chiang Mai soon. Here has no girl in sensual massage places a problem to be touched. Price of a 1 hour boom boom massage is 1300 Baht.
Mick Posted on July 04, 2022 at 17:19:54
Tina with her magical hand made karsai massage was remembering moment. Skillful, professional, lovely.
Jack Posted on July 03, 2022 at 15:43:49
Molly is a very skilled Karsai therapist whom I recommend without reservation. She puts one at ease despite the fact that Karsai does involve a trip beyond the comfort zone of a typical straight male. If you have considered Karsai, Molly is a most competent guide throughout this unorthodox treatment.
Marcus Posted on June 22, 2022 at 17:53:21
Had an excellent senz massage with Koya. She has good massage skills and nothing is rushed. She takes her time to give a proper massage first, which is very relaxing and adds to the sensuality. Really enjoyed the massage from start to finish. The facilities are also very nice and the staff are welcoming.
Joshua Posted on June 19, 2022 at 19:14:42
Itim is very good, Any body tried YinYang? How’s it like?
Tim Posted on June 08, 2022 at 13:53:37
Never had a sensual massage before but this was a great experience. Friendly staff and clean air conditioned rooms in a great location also. Will come back again.
Daring couple Posted on June 02, 2022 at 12:02:37
My husband and I each had a sensual massage and we loved the experience. We took a masseuse each in separate rooms (they have couple rooms if you desire) and found Koya and Molly were extraordinary. What an awakening of senses it was. The nice room, jazz music and dimmed lights were a great addition to the experience.
If you are looking to have fun as a couple and discover new things, you must visit Senz Diva!
Tom Posted on May 23, 2022 at 14:59:11
Highly recommended! Stop searching for other shops - you've found paradise already! Lovely atmosphere, very welcoming and clean shop. I will come again and try the more exotic selection on their menu. 5 Stars for their service and kind heart ❤️
John James Posted on May 09, 2022 at 17:10:48
I had a great experience at Senz with a couple of Senz massages there. It's easy to find and is a really professionally run clean and nice outfit.
I love that they wash your feet first an give you tea after like in other massage shops.
The girls were cute, kind and friendly and also had good massage skills.
I would recommend following Senz on Line and you can ask them to send you pictures of who is working on a particular day.
Senz Diva Posted on April 12, 2022 at 04:39:22
@James: Dear Sir, We have several ladies who have experience in giving Senz~ Massage for a lady and also to couples. Could you add us on LINE ID senzdiva? Thank you
James Posted on April 11, 2022 at 20:28:28
My girlfriend is interested in the Senz massage for ladies or the couples massage.
Are there any ladies that have used these services and could give a review?
Jon Posted on February 05, 2022 at 16:29:45
Excellent place to go for a massage. I tried the senz duet. I had two lovely ladies Party and Anne. Very good massage and they worked together in very sensual ways. Memi's staff was excellent and I truly liked the you don't feel rushed upon exit. The tea is a very nice touch and classy. I give two thumbs up!!
John Posted on January 28, 2022 at 11:22:44
Molly, Ice Cream, and Koya are great! I’ll be going back next week! I highly recommend this place
Thankful & joyful woman Posted on January 21, 2022 at 13:53:57
The massage with Koya is something from another world! I wish every person to have this experience! It is the perfect blend between an excellent Thai Massage and a profound tantra massage (called in the shop senz massage).
Koya does the massage with such skills and dedication that you feel revitalized afterwards. ขอบคุณมาก Koya!!!
Ergi Posted on January 19, 2022 at 11:40:22
Nice place! masseuse have good skills and friendly very good service, reception Jade ❤️ she really kind too!
Fun Couple Posted on December 26, 2021 at 21:12:27
My wife and I were in Chiang Mai for a week and stopped by for an erotic couples massage. 10/10 experience. Memi is awesome and did a great job creating a relaxing atmosphere and aesthetics. Our masseuses (Molly and Gouya) were experts in their craft… so much so that we had to come back a second time :)