Prostate massage in Chiang Mai

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Most men haven't heard of the word prostate until they hear that someone else has prostate cancer, else it usually remains a neglected topic that most men are unaware of and uninterested in. So, why should you be interested in having a prostate massage?


The prostate is a small gland located inside the body, somewhere between the penis and the bladder. Because it's on the inner side of the body, you can't see it with your bare eyes nor easily feel it without making a special effort. This is why most of us are unaware of it during our entire life, until a problem occurs.

The prostate has an important physiological function in the ejaculation process, by squeezing fluid into the urethra (the "pee tube") that together with sperm leaves the body as semen.
For most men, as they grow older (typically after the age of 40), the prostate enlarges, which is a normal symptom of aging and not a problem in itself.
Problems related to prostate that may occur are: infection (prostatitis), bladder damage, kidney damage, renal failure, prostate cancer, urinal problems and erectile dysfunction. Doctors recommended to test for the risk of cancer after the age of 40-50 (this can be tested by taking PSA values from blood).

So far for some commonly known facts about the prostate from a regular Western medical perspective. That the prostate has important energetic, sexual and health functions as well is often neglected by the public.

The doctor is probably not your favourite person to examine your prostate
The doctor is probably not your favourite person to examine your prostate


From an Eastern health perspective, the prostate is one of many important organs that are all deeply interconnected in a way that you can't imagine. A good Chinese doctor is able to tell the status of your organs by feeling the pulse of your heartbeat, the heart organ is connected to the liver, the kidneys are connected to the prostate, etc. etc. In fact, your lower backpain may derive from your prostate, not from your chair!
In Eastern medicine, from traditional Chinese medicine to Indian Ayurveda, all of the organs have functions way beyond what is accepted and described by Western medicine.
Keeping all of your organs healthy, including the prostate, is therefore key to prevent problems.

Besides this, the prostate can immensely add to sexual pleasure if it is stimulated properly. This is, of course, hardly a secret in the gay community, but really you don't have to be gay to allow yourself this kind of pleasure.
Touching or massage of the prostate for pleasure if often referred to as 'hitting man's P-spot' in analogy to women's G-spot.

Entire books have been written about prostate massage
Entire books have been written about prostate massage.
Got Milked? How to do a Prostate Massage (Milking) for Sexual Fulfillment - Jani Zubkovs


Well, like everything, you can do it yourself, you can buy yourself a little toy or device and let it enter the anus, you can even get one with a remote control and let it vibrate much like women do with dildo's.

In some Eastern traditions, there are ways to self-massage your own prostate by using the muscles located in that area or even by becoming aware of the prostate itself. An exercise also well-known in Western medicine that will strengthen your pelvic floor (and the so-called pubococcygeus muscle or short PC muscle) is the Kegel exercise, which has great benefit for your general and sexual health, but it does not yet include the prostate.

So in the end, it's kind of easier and way more fun to have someone else do it for you, especially if it's a girlfriend or a pretty massage therapist with skills and knowledge.

Prostate massage can be extremely pleasurable and good for health, so you should try it as least once in your life but actually regular prostate massage is even better.
The massage can be exterior or interior: the prostate can be felt by massaging it from the outside through the pelvic floor but generally, that is not very sensitive and hardly reaches it goal. So the interior way is far more recommended.


No, if you really want to have a mind-blowing experience, you should open up your mind and let the massage therapist stick her finger in your ass! The first time I imagined this, I was put off because of the idea that there would be shit to deal with, but if you empty your bowels before there's nothing to feel repulsive about and she'll be wearing disposable plastic gloves.

The best way for the therapist to massage your prostate is with you up on fours and her index or middle finger in your rusty starfish, just accept the idea and let her do the job.

Prostate massage done well
The best position for prostate massage is through the rectum


There are roughly 2 kinds of prostate massage providers in Thailand: those who do it to provide pleasure only and those who actually had some training and do it for the health benefits in addition to pleasure.

In my experience, most prostate massage providers in Bangkok are in the first group: most masseuses have only basic training and often no knowledge, the main purpose why prostate massage is on the menu is for pleasure (but it's not the favourite item on the menu for the girls) and often the girls focus very much on making you ejaculate, rather than giving you maximum pleasure.

For some reason, there is a high concentration of prostate massage services being offered in a soi along Sukhumvit 22 but overall in Bangkok there are probably less than 10 shops who offer it on the menu, most girly massage places prefer to sell body-to-body or full service and frantically stay away from your asshole. I asked a random teen massage shop and they didn't even know the word prostate. Most Thai girls in massage parlours stay centimeters away from your asshole because in Thai perception it's a dirty place, so the girls usually only focus on the front and they don't realize the pleasures hidden in and around your backdoor. I often have trouble convincing the girls that sliding a hand along my butt crack is a sensual experience, but for them the focus is on making you cum and not on providing maximum pleasure.

In the second group you find masseuses with some training and knowlege, usually in Karsai, and prostate massage is a part of the treatment. The good thing is that the authentic therapists are not necessarily focused on making you ejaculate, quite the contrary: they can even stop ejaculation if you can't hold it anymore and they can do it in such way that it will improve future sexual performance.
There are some Karsai therapists in Bangkok but to my surprise not even that many for a city with 8 million people. I yet have to try out one or two of them but they seem to be focused a lot on prostate milking and ejaculation, while that is actually not recommended in the original concept of Karsai, so I feel they have abandoned the original meaning of Karsai as a therapeutical treatment and giving in to the commercial demand for ejaculation. One Karsai massage freelancer in claims that milking out all of the fluids from the prostate will improve sexual performance, but I can't yet testify to that. If any reader has experience with Karsai in Bangkok please do share it with us.
Milking tables are another thing in Bangkok, inspired out of sexual phantasy in Japan and focused on ejaculation, but that has nothing to do with prostate massage.

Chiang Mai has quite a number of Karsai therapists of various schools and the quality can be okay to good. A benefit of having prostate massage as part of a Karsai treatment is that the masseuse actually knows what she's doing and that, besides the pleasure, it serves some health purpose. In Karsai, prostate massage can be used to pro-long erection and postpone ejaculation in your future sex acts.

My favourite genital massage is by one of the masseuses of Daisuki by Lolita, All about Touch Massage, Dream Massage or Senz~ Diva Massage. In these shops, you'll find qualified, well-trained therapists who are able to do an excellent Karsai massage with prostate massage included OR to perform a nice teasing massage including the prostate part.

Genuine internal prostate massage in Chiang Mai

Besides these, there are also fake providers in Chiang Mai1 that don't even qualify to be in group 1 or 2, because the prostate isn't really massaged but the shop just wants to lift on the keyword prostate massage without having the skills and knowledge and without providing the real deal. 


If you are otherwise healthy, it should be fine to try out a prostate massage just for pleasure, but if you have an enlarged prostate or other health issues that you are aware or unaware of, there is some risk when you let an untrained person massage your prostate. For example, if you have prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), you should only allow a knowledgable person to touch it. Improper massage of your prostate could then lead to spreading of infection all over the body.

Proper prostate massage happens through the back door


Expect to feel a littlebit awkward when you do this for the first time. One of the best positions for prostate massage is actually a doggy so you may feel you're the lady here being taken from behind ;) .
When the masseuse enters the rectum, you will feel the urge to poo, and when she touches the prostate, you feel the urge to pee. That is all perfectly normal.
How intense the pleasure is depends on the skills of the masseuse and on your own sensitivity and personal preferences. Pleasure may develop over time during the massage, or it may take a few times before your own sensitivity to feeling pleasure there fully opens up.
Because the stimulation of the prostate may lead to (uncontrolled) ejaculation, I don't think many people can take prostate massage for a long time, so the actual massage of the prostate will normally not last much longer than 10 minutes or so. So if any business promises to give you a full 1-hour prostate massage, that's probably an overstatement because either the masseuse or the client won't be able to take it.

The combination of being wanked while at the same time being prostate massaged can for some lead to extraordinary prostate orgasms. How that all works is difficult to describe or predict, all parts of the body are interconnected in miraculous ways and yet everybody is different. For example, to me the act of entering the anus is more sensual than the actual touching of the prostate and I think this is because the circular muscle of the anus is connected to the circular structures of the penis around the peetube. Have you ever noticed a sensation in your throat when you try to clean your ear with a cotton bud? This is the same correspondence of the circular openings of the ear and the throat that are somehow miraculously interconnected, perhaps by acupuncture lines or nerves or who knows what.

Read an example experience of prostate massage


You prepare for prostate massage in the same way as you do for Karsai:
- don't eat just before treatment, your last meal should be finished at least 1-2 hours before
- make sure to empty your rectum (have a bowel movement before)
- clean yourself and your ass well for hygienic purpose in a shower at the premises.



Experience of a prostate massage in Bangkok

Strolled along Sukhumvit 22 to compare a few shops. Despite the number of girls available in the various parlours, I didn't see that many really pretty ones. Most girls were more dark-skinned, their true faces hiding behind a thick layer of foundation and other make up and with somewhat rough features. Perhaps that's Isaan or Southern Thai style? At least, they felt 'less pure' than the young girls I'm used to in Chiang Mai: fairer skin, finer traits, sometimes Chinese-looking or from the mountain.

I picked an average to cute little girl for a prostate massage, which was on the menu for 1,000 baht. The receptionist wasn't too happy with that, clearly she wanted to upsale my choice to having 2 girls for a body-to-body massage, but I was solely interested in the prostate massage. Do you want the girl to be naked?, the receptionist asked. No, I answered, I figured I could always top up the treatment if I felt like seeing her naked, but sometimes it feels better to guess beauty behind than to be confronted with the harsh reality of cellulite and sagging tits. My main purpose today was to try a prostate massage.

The masseuse seemed a littlebit disappointed hearing my choice of menu and showed signs of lowered motivation when she took me up to the room. Well, too late to change girl, I thought and laid myself down belly down ass up. She started the massage with a few general massage strokes on the back, then quickly did some light touching with her finger tops and nails along my legs working up to my pelvice area to turn me on. It worked, although it clearly was a bit rehearsed. She started stroking down along my ass while touching the anus. I must say, that felt nice. The ass is probably the most neglected and despised part of the body, and nobody every fancies of touching it, but truly it feels nice. All of this was done with plenty of oil, so I didn't feel it was 'dirty'. She played a bit with my balls and dick, which was fighting with the mattrass trying to stick up.
After a good 20 min or so, she put on plastic gloves and put some nuru gel around my ass. The nuru gel is good, because it's so slimy and slippery that it relieves friction and yet it's not oily, even can feel cool at times.
Now her finger penetrated my rusty starfish and I started to feel like being fucked. I couldn't resist the thought of imagination of how it is as a woman or a gay to get fucked, but this was probably the closest thing I would ever get to that experience in this lifetime. It wasn't unpleasant, in fact, it was quite pleasant but I wasn't banging my head through the roof.
She now started to really 'finger-fuck' me, going in and out with her finger and putting on more pressure. This didn't add more pleasure, I just felt a bit weird as she was trying to generate some effect that didn't come.
The main thing is, that she didn't really hit the right spot, her fingertop could have been dwelling on the exact location of the P-spot but instead she was just banging me. I think part of the problem was, that she didn't put me in doggy, which is the best way I learned from a few Karsai massages I had in Chiang Mai. It's kind of hard to go in from the back and bend your finger to where the prostate is, so belly position is really not that good.
She asked me to turn over, and now fingerfucked me with one hand while her other hand was pumping up my dick. Yes, this was pleasant and it was the right position with a good view on her face and body. She did that for a while, then stopped wanking and let only one hand still stimulate the point inside until I came. Interestingly, she didn't need to wank for that, I came just by the prostate stimulation, but was it a good orgasm? Well, it was okay, but certainly not mind-blowing, pleasant but not amazing.
She stopped the milking a littlebit too fast as I felt I still had some fountain water to spray, some girls just don't get even that basic skill even though they are doing it several times a day.
Overall, it was a pleasant experience, better than a simple handjob because going down there definitely adds a lot to the pleasure, but her skills and knowledge were a bit limited and the actual time spent on the prostate wasn't that long (although I wonder how long an average person can take).
Next time, I'd rather try with somebody perhaps less pretty but hopefully with better technique.

1. Fake providers of prostate massage in Chiang Mai: The infamous shop Aloha Massage in Chiang Mai has a long history of deceitful behaviour. You should be careful not to be fooled by what it promises on its menu or in 'reviews'. As for prostate massage, an otherwise entertaining field report about Aloha on Singlemansforum makes clear in great detail that what is at stake is not a true prostate massage but rather a teasing handjob. Other disappointed customers confirm this. The shop can also not produce the relevant certificates to qualify for a therapeutical massage.

Prostate massage done the wrong way
Not everybody knows how to perform a proper prostate massage

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I have very good experience with prostate massage provider in Bangkok with nurse background.She know well man anatomy and know how stimulate male p-spot to push me to mind-blowing intense.Her very pretty face with long and big index finger in rubber glove plus gentle massage skill insite me give me unexplain ogasm feeling.Please email to me if you need more information.
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Tell me about the prostate massage training program