The Spicy Discotheque

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This place also goes by the name Spice (probably a misspelling by the owner), but we know what it's about: spicy meat. The most blunt and straightforward pick-up place for meat in town and open till late.

Officially a cafe and restaurant, but better known as one of the most obvious meeting and mating places of Chiang Mai, the moment you enter it late at night you get the vibe: everybody is staring at you and you're staring back at them. Not only guys make the first move but also girls, both 'normal' girls and hookers, start to talk with you. There is one and only one purpose to dwell here late at night at that is to get laid. Everybody knows it. Although some girls just go here to have fun, but probably at least half of them are here to be picked up for sex.
If you show your face here, it basically means you're in for the same.

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The Spicy Discotheque

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