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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
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10 ways to have paid and unpaid sex in Chiang Mai, maps, exact locations, tips to pick up
'working' girls, uni girls and sideline girls: introduction and
insider information


When it comes to sex life in Chiang Mai, for many guys Chiang Mai doesn’t come close to places like Pattaya or Bangkok, although northern girls are reknown for their beauty. Still, there are quite a few ways and venues that can give you unparalled sexual experiences. Some of them seem obvious, others are more covert and some happen only at the grace of officials' closed eye. I've listed here most ways and venues for you to embark on a sexual journey in Chiang Mai. If I were you and I'd have limited time, I'd skip the elephant park and the flower festival and instead work your way through my sexual bucket list, which probably gives you a much more in-depth understanding of Thai culture anyways.

Did you know that there's a love hotel in or around each and every little village in Thailand? Now what does that tell you about Thai culture? Much more than the conventional non-sense you hear, like the illusion that Thailand is the Land of Smiles. Going to a love hotel with a local girl is a much more genuine Thai culture experience than going to a khantoke.

Here's a video I came across lately, it's called หมอนวดที่เป็นข่าว ที่เชียงใหม่ or 'the masseuse who became news in Chiang Mai'. The video was produced in Chiang Mai but more likely for the purpose of posting it on an international pornsite (not that there are many other interesting Thai produced videos on it too, by the way). Although the set up and the reference to a particular store are probably fake and chances are very slim you run into this kind of situation just by walking into a random store, you will be able to have such an experience in another way, simply by knowing where to go.

My guidebook on how to make the best of your sexual experience in Chiang Mai can show you how, and meanwhile teach you more about Thainess than the Lonely Planet.
Open up your mind and work through my bucket list as a must do sexual guidebook.

Here are 10 ways that can lead to a sexual experience in Chiang Mai

Paid Sex scene in Chiang Mai

Long time foreign residents of Chiang Mai speak of legendary times that there was a brothel on every corner some 20 years ago, but the government decided to “clean up” the city and much of that has since disappeared.

As a consequence, there are a few “official” places and a whole lot of “unofficial” places, some of which are harder to find. On paper, all sexual services against payment are illegal in Thailand (officially you can’t even buy a porn magazine from a bookshop or a sex toy from a fun store), but in practice Thai authorities close down one eye for nearly everything except for child prostitution (under the age of 18) and human trafficking. As a foreign customer using the regular services in the sex industry, you don't need to worry about anything.

Soapy massage parlours, sex massage places and karaoke's that provide full sexual services are all balancing on that edge although you'd think that they are operating fully legal because they are officially established businesses in the limelight.



Now if you're tired of (online) dating or you just want to keep things simple with a girl, you can go for the following options:

I. dirty soapy massage parlours: walk in, pick-a-chick, pay and have sex inside the premises.

II. go go bars and alike: walk in, have a beer, pick-a-chick, buy her out (with the bar fine) and take her home or do it in a love hotel.

III. karaoke's: walk in, book a VIP room, sit with a girl, pay all fees, then buy her out and do it at home or in a love hotel.


Love Hotels in Chiang Mai
What's wrong with a love hotel when you have mirrors everywhere
to view this girl from each angle?


The difference between these options is how much time and money you want to spend to sit around, drink and talk to a girl before you take her for the real thing. Soapy massage parlours are the most straightforward, karaoke's are most cumbersome . Some karaoke's are just trying to rip you off and there are a lot of hidden fees before you can get laid.

These are the most obvious choices for any newcomer in Chiang Mai, and then there are the more murky waters of paid sex business, some of which operates more under the radar:

IV. take-away brothels: walk in, pick-a-chick, pay and do her in a love hotel (or at home).

V. escort girls: nothing is easier than to pick up the phone and get a hot girl delivered right to your doorstep. The outcall industry offers company and sex-on-demand, prices are higher but you get a girl with a large skillset.

VI. sideline girls and agents: sideline girls are typically student girls looking for a some money on the side. Often, sideline girls work in groups and an agent helps them to get sugardaddies. Buy a sideline girl just for one time and do her in a lovehotel, or consider sponsoring one long term, which can feel much better than going for plain prostitution.

All these businesses are more covert and often hard to find. Sometimes it's better if you are introduced or at least some guidance can help a great deal. Prices can be both higher and lower than in the "official" businesses, times of service are different and sometimes you can make your own personal arrangements with a certain girl. Recommendable for those who enjoy diving a bit deeper under the surface and it can make quite a difference if you can speak a decent word of Thai.

Now if you're not looking for full sexual intercourse but just for a quick release or the contrary: a more sensual approach, you can go for:

VII. a happy ending massage: probably about 1 or 2 out of 3 'normal' massage places employs some practioners that are willing to perform additional services. However, the quality of a hanky-panky can differ greatly.

VIII. erotic / sex massage: usually no normal massage intended / offered, everything is geared towards your climax. Girls can be (semi-) naked and are aiming towards your happy ending. Body-to-body massage is often the preferred service offered.


Erotic Massages in Chiang Mai
Erotic massages in Chiang Mai are just a bit more delicate
than the average happy-ending massage in and around Loikroh


The experience you can get in all these paid sex places can be highly contrasting from a lazy, mechanical approach to a very sensual and personal one. It all depends on the girl, her attitude and skillset and the click you have with her. Usually, in the paid sex business it's a bit harder to get a real girlfriend experience.

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Unpaid Sex scene in Chiang Mai

If you see limits to the lubricating powers of money, you prefer a (sexual) relationship or you just enjoy the hunt, you can do:
IX. online dating: there are plenty of sites in Thailand, paid and free, casual and more serious. Converting chatting to dating is another story. X. clubs: have fun with Thai or foreign girls and get laid for free.

In general, Chiang Mai girls are much more provincial and less open-minded than girls in Bangkok, concepts of "love" (รัก) and "taking care" (ดูแล) have different meanings from what most foreigners are used to, and in, say 95% of the cases, money is always a background factor.

Sideline Girls in Thailand
Many student girls are in need of a helping hand


Comment by Nick from the USA: "Glad I had your info, had no clue where to go besides the bars. Would be even better if you could intermediate in finding a side line girl."

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