Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex

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Sayuri (ซายูริอางอบนวดเชียงใหม่) is Chiang Mai's best known and most popular male entertainment complex. The complex consists of a fairly large building where besides the main business of the soapy massage department, there is a coffeeshop, a karaoke and a regular Thai massage shop.

Sayuri probably has the largest selection of working girls on offer in Chiang Mai, if considered as gathered in one place (some other local brothels offer a lot of girls too, as do some sideline agents, but those girls don't work in one concentrated place). The place is open from as early as noon so having a 'hot dek' (hot girl) for lunch is now a real possibility and the good thing is that it doesn't have to break the bank. Sayuri is a Japanese word (小百合) which most likely means 'small lily', which is used either to suggest a good level of (Japanese style) service, or perhaps has a double meaning referring to a female organ.

Sayuri's 'soapy massage' if of course an euphemism for full sexual services. In the old days, real soapy massages were given where the girl would rub over your body on an airbed with soap, but nowadays things have sobered down to having a bath together, some small foreplay and sex. In Thai this category of business is called อ่างอบนวด (bath-sauna-massage), but there is no sauna either, so in truth you've been oversold a treatment that lacks sauna and soapy.

Sayuri is popular with Western (farang) and Asians alike, don't be surprised when an entire bus load of Asian tourists are dropped off by their tour operator.

The venue is that of a traditional fishbowl or aquarium that used to be popular decades ago all over the country and somehow has withstood the test of time. In some fishbowls in Thailand, the windows are one-way-see-through only, allowing you to peek through and inspect the merchandise before buying without feeling ashamed. Pick a number, agree on the price with the 'papa-san' manager, pay and go to one of the in-house rooms, sex-on-demand has never been easier.

ATMOSPHERE: What's nice about Sayuri is that nobody bothers you if you just chill out on one of the sofas, have a beer and watch the girls coming in and out behind the glass, while you engage in solving the only matter in the world that matters at this very moment: which girl to pick. Probably one of the most relaxing activities a man can undertake in his life, during his holidays, or away from his wife, because you'll be able to let all worries and petty thoughts fade away like you were in a deep meditation. And you're not alone: there are always other guys watching the same scene and comtemplating the same koan that we were essentially created for: which girl to take this time.
In the eyes of prudish women, we may look like dog drooling for the meal to be served, but who cares? It's the only thing that really matters: make love not problem, or something same-same-but-different.

PRICES: Western customers often quote prices at a level of THB 2,500 - 4,000 for one shot, but then they've been cunned. To find out real prices, become a PREMIUM INSIDER MEMBER.



  • real prices - don't get cunned and immediately earn back your membership in just one shot
  • best times to visit Sayuri
  • strategy how to get the prettiest and best girls
  • warnings and tips to avoid being cunned
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Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex photos

Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex
Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex
Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex
Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex
Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex
Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex
Sayuri Massage Parlour and Entertainment Complex

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Soidog Posted on December 22, 2023 at 03:47:58
I got craps-twice-at the Sayuri Complex.
Anonymous Posted on December 20, 2018 at 02:17:03
I was quoted high prices, I tried to negotiate by telling him that a friend of mine came ere with lower prices. No effect. I finally entered. The service was crap. Very plastic feeling, no flow very fake. This is far too expensive for this kind of services. If that's one of the best in Chiang Mai then I think Thailand is going down as a destination for sex-holidays.
Anonymous Posted on October 21, 2018 at 06:18:42
so, if you tell tell the papasan which i did the supposedly real prices and he doesn't budge what's next...walk out