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Aurora Club (since 2015) offers body-to-body massages to male customers. This place is mostly focussed on Thai clientèle, so it's better when you speak some Thai.

ออโรร่า คลับ นวดB2B มาสสาจ & สปา เชียงใหม่ (มาสซาสแอนด์สปา / นวด).

Aurora Club and its sister Pink X Station together are probably the largest body-to-body massage group in Chiang Mai. There are about 10-15 girls working in Pink X Station and more than 10 in Aurora Club. That is the largest B2B girl total in Chiang Mai by one owner. Pink X Station is located in town near the night bazar while Aurora Club is located out of town on the east side of town near Payap university. Aurora Club is housed in 5 town houses, that's a huge amount of space with big rooms, while Pink X station is based in a large building too.
So this is definitely a huge business with so many girls and so much space, all run by the same owner.

There is a difference in the two branches: Pink X Station has lower prices and houses the less pretty girls, while Aurora Club has the higher price classes and prettier girls. There is probably a historic and a practical reason for that, because this business started out in one town house as Aurora Club which focuses mostly on Asian customers who are willing to pay a lot more for private time with a girl than average farang tourists.

The girls in Pink X station are indeed a bit less pretty and cheaper than those in Aurora Club, but most girls in Aurora Club aren't really that much prettier, in my eyes at least. Out of 13 girls in Pink X station, I only marked one in my head for a future try out, and out of 10 girls in Aurora Club I only marked 2 girls for a future visit. Now my perpective will be different from the average visitor, because I'm used to be surrounded by beautiful girls every day and I tried so many B2Bs that I really need a WOW factor to get triggered.
Your perspective and taste may be different and certainly if you just came to Thailand for the first time, there is more chance to find a girl you like here than in the other B2B massage parlours, simply because the other girls typically have 3-6 girls to show on any given time.

One more reason to try a B2B in either Aurora Club or Pink X Station is that this is about as good as it gets when it comes to Thai-run places: Aurora Club is run rather professionally, with one or two receptionists round the clock, the interior of the buildings has been refurbished in clean, new, glossy golden style, the girls line up perfectly to present themselves to you (in some places, they shy away behind the door with dim-lit light), hell there is even a cleaner wiping the glass doors at 10pm!
So as far as Thai-managed places is concerned, this is about as good as it gets. (The only way it gets better is when a foreigner is managing a place who understands how to change the rather boring B2B treatment with something that is more sensual and seductive, because all of the Thai places lack that.)

Now when it comes to prices, you've got to dig deep into your purse because Aurora Club is also the most expensive B2B in Chiang Mai: a treatment by a girl in the so-called Model Class comes at THB 3,300, the next Extra Model Class is THB 4,400 and the most beautiful girls of the Super Class go for THB 5,500. That buys you a 75min shower, soft massage, BJ (quite often without condom) and going all the way. If you're used to dating Thai girls or picking them up at lower prices, you will probably think twice before spending that kind of money on a girl you could have met at a coffee shop near one of the uni's, but if you're not good at dating or you don't look that handsome anymore, this is a way to get your candy.

What's good about the menu is that it lists the prices including going all the way (in some B2B places they don't want to show that and you've got to negotiate your way with the girl, which could either lead to higher or lower overall costs). Another nice thing on the menu is that both Pink X Station and Aurora Club have a "fast option", which is 40min. That means much of the massage will be skipped and you can go over to business right away. The fast option knocks about THB 500-700 off the bill so this is an option if you're mainly interested in that one thing.


Finally I free time to try out Aurora again, after many years. One of our Premium Members said this is the best it can be when it comes to body-to-body massage parlours in Chiang Mai, so I'll put it to the test, despite the rather steep price tag.

Aurora is a bit of a drive out of the centres of Chiang Mai (Taphae Gate and Nimman), but that doesn't stop Thai, Chinese, and other foreigners to visit. Arriving at the building complex, there is ample parking space because there are not many thriving businesses here. Aurora occupies an impressive 4 (!) buildings, that's a large number of rooms.
The lobby offers a large open space that is finely decorated all with new, shiny and glossy furniture, wall papers and lights. This is what Asians like: super glossy, and it feels clean and new.
The receptionist comes over, well dressed in matching colors with the interior and asks me if I've been here before. There are two ways to answer this question: when you say 'YES', she'll know that you know what kind of services are being provided. This is generally an advantage, because she'll feel more free to offer everything on the table instead of holding back. If you answer 'NO', she'll have to start again and sometimes receptionists in B2Bs won't offer you the full service menu.

TIP: decide whether you tell the receptionist that you've been here before or not

I answer 'NO', and she puts a menu on the table that offers body-to-body massages by 3 different beauty classes of the girls (Model, Extra Model and Super Model). The price varies from about THB 2,300 to THB 2,700 or so.

Since I already decided I'd like to finish with full service, I ask her นั้นราคาคอร์สจบเท่าไรครับ? how much for the courses with full menu? She looks at me and decides that it's okay to present the full service menu to me. The prices for the same 3 beauty classes go up from THB 3,500 for Model Class to THB 4,500 for Extra Class and THB 5,500 for the most pretty Super Model Class. This is definitely about the most expensive being presented in B2Bs in Chiang Mai, so I tell her to bring it on: show me the girls.

About 5-6 girls line up in front of me. Two of them stand out. I'd give them a 9 out of 10. They are Extra Model and in my eyes prettier than the Super Model standing next to them. I pick the prettiest one, although she didn't really smile at me.
Now when a girl doesn't really smile or make an effort to capture you during the presentation, you also know that she's not going to put in her best effort during the session. The other Extra Model smiled and tried to charm me more, I could have taken her, it could have been more fun, but I stick to the prettiest one, accepting that the service wil be less than optimal.

TIP: If you want a better service, always pay attention to which girl makes an effort to smile or connect to you. The ones who make less effort surely will also make less effort during the massage.

It takes a little while before the girl comes back to bring me to my room. Later, I hear that she had a discussion with the receptionist whether or not to accept me. If I was a plain farang, she would have refused full service as she would fear the size of my device would hurt her. Luckily, she decided I don't look too much farang and so the green light to full service was on.

She takes her batch, swipes it in front of a machine on the counter, this must be something like a time clock. Arrived in the room, she does the same, there is another clock device. From all this, the beautiful, clean, new, shiny interior, the lights, the tiles, the round bed and speakers, it's clear that no costs were spared to make this place top notch. My Premium Member was right: this is the most beautiful space for a B2B that I've encountered in Chiang Mai.

She tells me to take off my clothes and go to the shower room. The usual routine follows: she takes off her clothes, she cleanses me a bit with soap, showers herself, then I lay down on the bed for some kind of lame massage, then it's time for sex.

If you thought that there would be a body-to-body massage with nuru gel before the sex, you're wrong. She simply skips that and that often happens when you choose full service at the counter: the girl just skips all the frills and goes straight to the point.

Blowjob with condom, then she lays down and let me do the job. She clearly isn't enjoying it, it's almost as if she is doing this reluctantly, there isn't much fun conversation. In the end, she simply let's me finish inside her as a fuckbody. Little fake or real moaning didn't add much fun to the experience, she preferred only one posiiton.

Overall, was it worth it? Well, she was definitely a very pretty girl, 9 or 9.5 out of 10. But the service was nothing out of the ordinary. She clearly hasn't been trained and the only thing that is in her favour is her beauty.

CONCLUSION: Aurora definitely offers very beautiful girls and top facilities. In terms of treatment and service, it's rather average. It's only worth it if you really desire to do it with a certain girl and if that's in your budget.


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river Posted on May 15, 2024 at 19:30:10
Pls send your wechat. mailbox,thanks
Anonymous Posted on July 19, 2023 at 08:03:24
One of the best Thai places. Girls are pretty hot, BBBJ always included. Sex is optional ( up the girls and customer ). A bit more expensive than usual "massage" place but well worth. Rooms are beautiful / luxurious, the best i´v seen so far. 9/10
Anonymous Posted on July 10, 2018 at 18:41:55
WU ziqian
Anonymous Posted on May 09, 2017 at 16:17:36
Cheapest girls are 1700 for B2B. Full service is 2000 extra (all written on the menu), so very expensive.