Baifern Outcall Massage Chiang Mai

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Baifern Outcall Massage is a very local business mostly known to Thai customers. This business does not have a shop address and specializes in outcall massage only. The business claims to provide 24 hours service. Not much English spoken so follow Premium Insider instructions on how to book a massage.


Group 1 older women with massage skills
Thai massage 2 hours THB 600
Oil massage 2 hours THB 800
Foot massage 2 hours THB 800

Group 2 younger cute girls for light massage with erotic options
Thai massage 1 hour 40min THB 800
Oil massage 1 hour 40min THB 1000


Within the ring of Chiang Mai: free. Locations further than that: surcharge for travel, you will be notified how much.


In group 2, there are about 5-7 girls available, depending on the time of the day. Age 20-35 or so, fairly cute to average. Contact the shop to ask for pictures of outcall staff available.


Outcall Massage is available 24 hours every day. Please make a reservation about 1 hour in advance.

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Baifern Outcall Massage Chiang Mai photos

Baifern Outcall Massage Chiang Mai
Baifern Outcall Massage Chiang Mai
Baifern Outcall Massage Chiang Mai

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Jean-Pierre Posted on February 12, 2020 at 11:55:30
First and last experience with BAIFERN !!! (160/52 = pink lady "MON")
This girl knows no respect, no politeness, no honesty.
The photos are far from reality.
One hour 40, it's barely one hour 15
Oil massage? NO, for me there was no massage of any part of my body.
She sprawled on her back, legs apart, to be petted, sucked, to enjoy a sex toy and to enjoy a multitude of orgasms ...
And that for the sum of 1,500 Bahts !!!!!
As for the boss, no contact possible, no echo following an indignant complaint ...
To be avoided absolutely ...