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CM Massage is another outcall massage service without physical shop, delivery to your door only. Compared to some of its peers, CM Massage is quite well organised with an active and good manager who communicates clearly (in Thai) makes sure that staff arrive at your door in time. That is such a relief to the common practise by sideline girls or some other freelance outcall massage services in Chiang Mai, where it's typical that the girls arrives 20-30 minutes late, leaving you waiting at the love hotel or at home annoyed and not feeling like a customer.

CM Massage นวดนอกสถานที่ นวดกระปู๋ นวดพิเศษ เชียงใหม่

CM Massage has 3 groups of massage staff: 1. male staff 2. female staff with good skills (usually older women) 3. cute girls age 20-35 or so providing erotic massage and more.


Group 1 Male masseurs
2 different rates between 09:00-21:00 and 21:00-03:00 THB 800-1000 for 1:40-2hrs

Group 2 Female masseuses with some massage skills aged 28-45
2 different rates between 09:00-21:00 and 21:00-03:00 THB 600-900 for 1:40-2hrs

Group 3 Pretty girls for more sexual massage services aged 22-33
1 hour 40 min for a mixed massage with some Thai, oil and erotic massage


Within the ring of Chiang Mai: free
Locations further than that: surcharge for travel, you will be notified how much.


In Group 3, you'll find a decent number of outcall staff available, most more around or over 30, some cute to pretty. Don't expect great massage skils. Some of these girls have a daytime job as a cashier in a minimart at the hospital for example, and try to earn some more money in the evening. Contact the shop to ask for pictures of outcall staff available.


Outcall Massage is available 24 hours every day. Please make a reservation about 1 hour in advance.

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CM Massage outcall massage services
CM Massage outcall massage services

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