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Palin Outcall Massage is a local business mostly known to Thai customers. This business does not have a shop address and specializes in outcall massage only. Not much English spoken so follow Premium Insider instructions on how to book a massage.

Palin นวดนอกสถานที่ นวดกระปู๋ นวดพิเศษ เชียงใหม่


Group 1 massage woman with skill
Thai massage and oil massage

Group 2 pretty girls
Relaxing massage with options


Within the ring of Chiang Mai: free. Locations further than that: surcharge for travel, you will be notified how much.


In group 2, there are about 4-5 girls available, depending on the time of the day.


Outcall Massage is available 24 hours every day. Please make a reservation about 1 hour in advance.

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