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LL Massage

โอที นวดแผนไทย นวดเพื่อสุขภาพ

LL Massage emerged when covid-19 wiped out the original OT Massage that was located in the same run down apartment building where LL Massage is now.
OT Massage used to be one of Chiang Mai's oldest hanky panky massage shops, probably in Chiang Mai for over 20 years. OT Massage was an aquarium style massage parlor where you would literally face a group of girls staring at you, but that part of the building has been closed.
LL Massage operates under exactly the same concept, but without the aquarium setting, the girls are sitting right there in the room when you enter to be chosen.
Concept: exactly the same as OT: relatively older massage women (about 40 or 50+) with too much make up to hide their aging, a simple menu with Thai and oil massage and handjobs and more offered behind closed doors. 
Interestingly, another shop started in the same alley old building under the name of OT Massage, it's probably someone who picked up the old massage shop license.

Thai massage 2 hours 300 baht
Oil massage 1.5 hours 300 baht

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