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(Recommended by massage lovers)

Anime Kawaii Shop massage by sexy Thai student girls

Anime Kawaii Shop is a cozy little shop offering great services to the distinguishing gentleman looking for that little bit extra. Walk in here tired of heat, dust and work, and walk out reborn as a man.
(Anime Kawaii Shop was previously named Anime Massage).

Anime Kawaii Shop ร้านอนิเมะคาวาอี้ เชียงใหม่

Located at walking distance from Central Kad Suan Kaew, this place is a hidden gem that any male massage lover can’t afford to skip.


There are many reasons why a visit to Anime Kawaii should not be missing in your holiday schedule or why you should prefer this massage shop to others.

  • Probably the main reason why most customers go here is to have a cozy private time with a cute young girl during a caressing massage. If you want to have a very thorough, tough, energy line massage, this may not be your place and you better go to a massage school or a blind massage shop.
  • Anime Kawaii Shop distinguishes itself from other massage parlours in town in that it's well managed, has a cozy atmosphere and offers a great number of cute young masseuses, many of which are happy to work here to pay for their college fees in the nearby university. Be sure to be pampered in a girly atmosphere and escape for a moment from your daily worries.
  • A big benefit of Anime Kawaii is that there is no queue system for the staff, quite the contrary: the shop expects YOU to select the masseuse and you don't have to feel awkward to choose a girl.
  • All rooms are private, you won't have the disturbing experience that you can hear what another customer is saying or that you can hear what the masseuse is doing with him surprise through a curtain.
  • The shop is in a quiet soi that you can access discretely.
  • Finally, a unique feature of Anime is the Akasuri, which is a Japanese style bodyscrub (Akasuri). Anime Kawaii shop has created the right facilities for Akasuri and certainly not many with the right facilities (some shops try to scrub on a bed but that's not convenient with all the water).

Watch a video about Akasuri by Anime Kawaii Shop


Several courses are available:

  • Thai massage - 1 hour at THB 400
  • Oil massage - 1 hour at THB 400, 1.5 hours THB 600 500 or 2 hours at THB 700 (you can choose oil, cream or gel)
  • Thai massage + oil massage combi 1.5 hours THB 500, 2 hours - THB 700
  • Akasuri: Japanese style body scrub + shower - 1 hour at THB 500 (you can choose salt spa, cream oil or coffee scrub)
  • Oil massage 1 hour + Akasuri 30min - total 1.5 hours THB 600
  • Oil massage 1 hour + Akasuri 1 hour - total 2 hours THB 800
  • Thai massage 1 hour + Akasuri 1 hour - total 2 hours THB 800
  • Herbal compress + Thai massage 1.5 hour THB 600

Anime Massage Chiang Mai menu

A unique feature of Anime Kawaii shop which few places in Chiang Mai can offer is the so-called Akasuri. Akasuri is a Japanese style bodyscrub, that is supposed to get rid of dirt and old skincells. A mix of cream, honey and salt is used to rub every little corner of your skin fresh and let your pores go open. What more a dirty (old) man could wish for? wink Especially if he's bathed and scrubbed by a a cute young girl. Some guys describe this as re-living the experience of being bathed as a baby: an experience of being reborn and a pleasure you won't forget.

The Akasuri ideally follows the oil massage, but can also preceed it.


  • Not all masseuses give a Thai massage. If you want a firm Thai massage, please check with the PR during booking which staff can provide that.
  • The shop does not provide body-to-body massages and does not provide sex.
    However, rest assured that all masseuses here are willing and able to treat certain aching body parts of your body, and you can discuss your needs individually with the therapist.

Anime Massage Chiang Mai menu hot compress


Oil or Thai Massage 1.5 hour = 800 Baht (not further than 1 km from shop: Nimman, Tapae, Maya, Hillside Condo, Nakornping Condo or else, because the staff can take a motorcycle and bring 3 towels and oil to see customers).
In case your location is further than 1km from the shop or in case of bad weather, our outcall staff will need to take a Grab Taxi, the costs of 200 baht are for the customer.

Add LINE ID for outcall massage: 0935695499 to see pictures of staff. Or email : or call to : 0935695499 or Wechat ID Animemassage.

5 staff are available for outcall massage, age 20-28. All can do Thai and Oil massage well. Please note that these staff are different from the ones in the shop and that this is not an escort service.

Outcall Massage is available from 13.00-24.00. Please make a reservation about 30 mins or 1 hour in advance.

Anime Outcall Massage Chiang Mai


There are in total 15-16 (!) girls working here during several shifts of the day, most of which are real students who come straight from the nearby university (Rajabhat) to earn a bit of money on the side. Amongst the staff, some have been trained to do a proper massage (with massage certificate), but most girls are less trained so do not expect a thorough energy line massage. Most customers who come here do so because they appreciate having a private massage with a cute young girl with a sensual twist.


Anime Massage Chiang Mai costume playAnime Massage Chiang Mai costume play
See more pictures of the girls


Each masseuse is different, some is more cute, another massages stronger, another is fun to talk to etc. Please be sure that you select the masseuse of your liking and follow the policy of the shop as to how to change or comment if the massage is not satisfactory to you. 


This might seem obvious to most customers but to avoid misunderstandings, there are two ways to book and enjoy a massage at Anime:


This is most customers' preferred way of booking to be sure to have a masseuse ready for your when you arrive at the shop, instead of finding out that your preferred masseuse has been booked by someone else, as the shop can get busy at times.

Contact the shop by LINE or phone and clearly express your preferences: time, type of massage, good skills or better service or good looks. The PR will send you pictures of all masseuses available at that time. Then simply confirm your booking and make sure you arrive at the shop in time.


  • Anime Kawaii shop cannot hold your booking if you arrive much later than the confirmed time.
  • Pictures are true and real pictures of masseuses but it can happen that you find the masseuse looks different from your expectation when you arrive. In such case, you are allowed to change and choose another masseuse, there is absolutely no problem in that as long as you tell the PR at the reception straight-away.


You are also very welcome to walk-in without a booking. Again, clearly express your preferences with the PR at the reception: time, type of massage, good skills or better service or good looks. Ask to see the masseuses and select the one of your liking.

The advantage of walking in is that you can see the masseuses in real so that there cannot be a disappointment about looks being different from a picture. But realize that at times it can be busy and either all rooms are full or your preferred masseuse has already been booked.


QUALITY EXPERIENCE ASSURANCEif you follow the shop's policy about booking and changing a girl, Anime Kawaii shop guarantees your massage experience! Read more here.


Contact the shop by phone or LINE at 0946514295  => ask which girl is available and tell the PR clearly what your preference is: type of massage, good looks, better service, etc.

After making a telephonic booking, make sure you're not late for more than 15 min, because after that the staff will be available to accept other (walk-in) customers.

LINE ID: add by phone number 0946514295 to your Line if you want to get an update about what girls are working.
WeChat ID: Animemassage
Kakaotalk: Animemassage

NOTE: phone calls are answered only between 10:30am - midnight.


Free pick up service by car available between 11:00-24:00 from your hotel to the shop (and back) if you book at least 2 hours and within 5km from the shop. Please reserve about 30min in advance at phone number 0935695499 (only between 10:30am - midnight).

Anime massage Chiang Mai QR code LINEAnime Massage Chiang Mai QR Code WeChatAnime Massage QR Code Kakaotalk
QR codes of Anime Massage for LINE - WeChat - Kakaotalk


Every day (including Sunday, Monday and public holidays unless announced here) from 10:30 hr until 24:00 hr (midnight). It’s possible to have a treatment around closing time, if you make a telephonic booking before, else there is a chance that the girls will have left back home and the shop is closed. However, the staff are willing to wait for you as long as there is a booking.

Last order for a 1 hour massage is at 23:00, last order for 2 hour massage 22:00. Shop closes midnight.

SHOP CLOSED 31 DEC 2020 - 3 JAN 2021
OPEN ON 4 JAN 2021


Address: Sermsuk Road, just opposite the YMCA
​GPS coordinates: 18.7995208 - 98.9777070


Anime Kawaii Shop Chiang Mai route description

Route description: Just across from the YMCA. From the northwestern corner of the moat, take Hussadhisawee road up north and take the first soi on the left, which is Sermsuk road. Take the second soi on the right and curve with it until you see the YMCA on your left. The shop is just a few steps down the road on the right.

From the northeastern corner of the moat, follow straight on in northern direction, towards Santitam.

At the first (small) intersection, turn left. There is a sign to the YMCA.
This is Sermsuk road. Then, take the second soi on your right.

After a curve, you see the YMCA on your left.

Anime Kawaii shop Massage Chiang Mai location
The shop is nearly opposite the YMCA.

Parking is possible along the road, preferably not in front of the YMCA. There are ample spaces along the roads nearby. On Saturday and Sunday there is less parking space due to more lessons at the YMCA.

Anime Kawaii Shop Massage Chiang Mai - parking space


Anime Kawaii Shop offers 6 private massage rooms with aircon and 1 room for Japanese style body scrub (Akasuri).
All rooms are clean and cozy with sufficient privacy, cotton sheets and towels are provided.

Anime Kawaii Shop massage by cute Thai girls akasuri and sensual massageAnime Kawaii Shop massage by cute Thai girls akasuri and sensual massage

Open-air shower room from where you can see the sky, stars and moon at night!

Anime Kawaii Shop massage by cute Thai girls akasuri and sensual massage

This is the Akasuri massage bed where you get a Japanese style bodyscrub. It works as follows:
the practioner rinses your body with luke-warm water, then uses a mix of salt and cream to scrub your skin thoroughly with a massage glove in every little corner of your body. This is to scrub away the old skin and open up the pores so that your entire body feels reborn. Perhaps it may remind you of how a mother washes her baby, only now you're a bit older and the one who washes you is a cute young practioner. A must-try for every massage lover, you'll be refreshed from top to toe, and this is one of few places where you can do it.


The shop has some 13-15 girls working during different hours every day. New staff are coming in regularly.
All staff are good at giving a gentle oil massage and body scrub, but if you want a strong and solid Thai (or oil) massage please ask for number A5, A6, A14, A18 or A19.
Please let the receptionist know your needs (pretty girl / solid massage / good English) so she can recommend the right staff for you.

Pictures for reference only, staff may change over time. To see update pictures of staff available without blocked face, add the shop's LINE.


Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girlsAnime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girlsAnime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girlsAnime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girlsAnime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls Anime Massage Chiang Mai sexy girls


Anime Outcall Massage girls Anime Outcall Massage girls Anime Outcall Massage girlsAnime outcall massage Chiang Mai



Anime massage takes your massage experience seriously! If you have any question or complaint, if you feel that a staff member has cut corners or didn't do a good job, that she didn't complete the full hour of massage, or anything else, please report to the reception immediately. We can change the staff for you if it's at the beginning of your treatment (within 15 min from start) at no extra costs. However, it is important that you tell the counter what kind of therapist you are looking for.
We have a constant flow of new staff and we instruct all staff but in order to respect your privacy we do not check performance inside your room. Staff are not allowed to take a smartphone in the room, to make sure you get the attention you need.
You can also contact the shop owner khun Beer at 0935695499 or at LINE ID 0935695499 or by email at We value happy and satisfied customers and we like to see you coming back or referring friends.


I've been coming back to Anime Kawaii Shop time and again over a period of a few years. There are plenty of other massage parlours everywhere in town, but what makes me coming back here is that it's very well managed and the girls are very accomodating. Khun Beer is an excellent manager who also makes you feel very welcome.
The staff is sometimes changing, like in all Thai businesses, but there are always fresh, young and cute girls here who understand the needs of men. Technically, of course you don't get the best massage here, but I feel so much more relaxed with a pair of young soft hands on my sensitive spots and a good chat all along the way.
The best deal in this place is the combination of oil massage + akasuri, which will rinse away all oil residues and also your old skin and other sores. There is no other place in town where the akasuri is so comforting.
The only pity is that this place has become rather popular so often it's busy and I've got to book my favourite girls.

Michael Campbell


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Chester Posted on July 01, 2020 at 23:33:43
I have been to this massage parlour in 2019, it was wonderful. Everything was perfect, A9(Haru)did a wonderful job, sweet smile did the warm welcoming and also her friendly nature would make anyone visit this massage parlour again.... THANK YOU.....YOU MAKE MY CHIANG MAI TRIP A MEMORABLE ONE.
James Posted on December 22, 2019 at 18:07:25
I don`t recommend this place during the cold season, unless you don`t mind suffering from hypothermia during the body scrub and freezing cold massage room with no windows and the girls refuse to turn off the air con.
armando56 Posted on November 21, 2019 at 22:41:26
Hi is there possibility to have massage from ladyboy
Steve Posted on November 19, 2019 at 16:22:01
I want to be with a mature woman. How old is your oldest masseuse, and does she do outcall?
Rose Martine Posted on October 12, 2019 at 06:17:43
Excellent, what a webpage it is! This weblog provides valuable facts to us, keep it up.
rose martine
A Posted on July 28, 2019 at 03:48:40
Been here a few times. Normally there is a grumpy receptionist who will look annoyed that another farang has turned up at her doorstep. The massage is usually fairly light but decent enough and the special is normally good as well. Just watch out for the grumpy receptionist.
Roco Posted on May 15, 2019 at 12:40:19
Hi Admin, I just used an email address that should work. You may contact me there.
Admin Posted on May 14, 2019 at 05:56:12
@Roco: Hello Roco, we have tried to reach you several times. Your email address seems incorrect. Please contact us. Thanks
Roco Posted on May 13, 2019 at 11:51:23
Hey Chris, I speak perfect Thai, not sure why my comment was removed.

Can you please explain how I got ripped off? How is oil massage for 400 baht a ripoff? How much do you pay?
James Posted on March 23, 2019 at 20:29:08
I have visited the Anime Kawaii Shop about 4 times usually as last resort because couldn`t find anything better and the prices are reasonable.
They do have a good selection of pretty girls and most are friendly, although their English language is practically non-existent.
I usually go for the 30 minute body scrub and one hour oil massage.
The girls change 500 baht extra for a hj and 1000 baht extra for the girl to get naked.
But the place is a dump and the service is very inhibited. They seem to have 10 ft long arms and if trying to sit up and touch the girls they might let you have a quick feel of their tits or pussy for a few seconds and then they`ll pull back or push you away.
It`s really just a glorified hj, so if your expectations are low you won`t be disappointed.

Tim Posted on December 14, 2018 at 06:14:28
Hi, is it possible to wear girls panties like in the video? Thanks
Kevin Posted on October 31, 2018 at 08:45:56
@Chris the redeemer. Which girls are uni students? What extras/price is fair?
Chris the Redeemer Posted on October 30, 2018 at 08:46:14
Roco and James you got ripped off. Learn to speak some Thai or just man up and figure out how not to get taken advantage of. I am a regular at this shop going back 2 years. Introduced by a Thai friend. I only go with the uni students on staff. Stop being a dumb farang.
Chai Posted on September 03, 2018 at 13:59:59
I heard about Anime Kawaii from a friend and decided to give it a try. I arrived just after they opened and chose my package of oil massage and body scrub and with i being early only had the choice of two girls. The girl i chose was very sweet and softly spoken and she gave me the most amazing massage. I did not tell her about my back injury but when she got to that point she noticed me tension and massaged accordingly. She chatted with me throught and i was very relaxed. This was going to be a one off massage but before i left i booked another session with the same girl and that massage turned into another twelve massages. I will not forget this girl and the massages and if she is still there next time i visit Chiang Mai i will go to her again.
Roco Posted on February 24, 2018 at 17:31:44
I had an amazing experience here with a 20 year old student. Cute face, perfect body, and long, dark and soft as silk hair. I'm coming back for sure; if all girls treat their customers like she treated me this place is a real gem.

I chose the oil massage, for 400 baht. Since the first minute she put full attention on it. No smartphone, no wasting time with old tricks. The conversation with her was pleasant, and never became annoying.

In some (or most) massage places girls give you a boring 45 minute massage, and then ask you if you want a "special". It was not the case with the cutie I chose here. The massage was great, and very sensual. She slowly built up my desire as the minutes went by. She seemed to really enjoy what she was doing, and when she asked me if I wanted a special I didn't even have to think before responding. I didn't even ask about the price, I was "on cloud nine", and I didn't want to spoil the fun, not for a second.

She came very close to me, so that I could touch all of her body, kiss her beautiful legs, and play with her boobs (over her bra). Great experience.
I'm coming back for sure.
sul jun hee Posted on October 25, 2017 at 04:41:03
I wanna be there this afternoon around 2 dcock . I am stayin at chiang mai riverside
Antonio Posted on April 03, 2017 at 09:49:52
Can you forward me a photo file of all the girls please. Coming to Chiang Mai soon,can you recomend some clean three to four star hotels nearby. How far are you from the night market ???
Tony Posted on February 13, 2017 at 08:15:35
Soon I`ll be in Ching Mai, how much charge for private room ?
Paul Posted on January 21, 2017 at 16:04:46
Soon be in Chiang Mai and will certainly visit!
Do you open any earlier than 10.30. Can I email you for an appointment as no phone on holiday! How can I view the pictures of all the girls?
See you all soon.
Bird Posted on October 09, 2016 at 16:27:38
I will be in Chiang May in november (I"I arrive day 5) and I will like to do course massage. during one week (30 horas). I"l need to know:
What´s andress and reference point ?
How much?
Who are the teachers?
and If have accomodation and certificate?

I hope your answeer

Thank you!

Walter G. Posted on October 07, 2016 at 06:15:54
Been going to this little parlour for more than a year now. It's strongest point is that there is always a fresh supply of new cute girls. The rooms are not high luxury but always private (VIP room they call it in Thailand) there are no curtain rooms here. Also here you don't risk getting disappointed, all girls will let you go with a smile on your face for an extra.
James Graneria Posted on October 07, 2016 at 01:49:08
How much extra do they charge for private room? And how much for the happy ending afterwards?

Greg Lebaron Posted on December 26, 2015 at 20:10:25
A 10 was cute