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Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers.
It contains information that some (female readers) might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

Happy ending massages in Thailand and how to give space to your erection
Erections can naturally happen during massages, the question is how to give space to it

Massage lovers in search of a happy ending shouldn't have a difficult time to find one in Thailand and certainly not in a city like Chiang Mai. The practice of giving 'special' as it is commonly called in Thailand is widespread, even sometimes in seemingly 'proper' places where you wouldn't expect it. This is because the amount of tip for a handjob is so significant in comparison to the shop's normal pay out to the masseuse for the massage itself, while wanking that one lone muscle for a few minutes is relatively easy compared to the real work of a proper massage.
No male massage lover in Thailand should therefore be surprised to hear the words 'do you want special?' during a massage, if not, you simply didn't go to the right places and, worse, you're denying yourself a cultural experience.

So, it's not difficult to get a handjob in Chiang Mai, but there is a huge difference in the quality of experience you can get and the price you pay for it.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration reading this article with all my best tips on getting a happy ending in Chiang Mai.

What's the best Happy Ending Massage?

First of all, everybody is different so what you want to get out of a happy ending massage can also differ. I know some guys who just want a quick and cheap relief a few times a week, so they can go back to work asap. Others aren't satisfied with a wank only and need the masseuse to take off her tops and perhaps the rest of her clothes before they are happy to come. And some simply can't stop at a handjob only and need to go all-the-way with the girl else they still feel frustrated.

IMHO, the perfect Happy Ending massage is a sensual massage by a cute-to-pretty girl with as much real massage skills as possible, that not only offers a happy ending but offers happiness all along from the very beginning, while at the same time being sure that something will happen so that you won't walk out frustrated. 


As you will find out, it can be quite a challenge to get that perfect combination of happy ending massage elements in Chiang Mai.

As a general rule, the prettier the girl, the lazier she is (especially in Thailand), because she will feel that her looks suffice to generate her enough money, so she doesn't develop her skills, which is noticable even in her handjob technique. And when you go to the obvious tourist places, a special is typically being offered without any sense of sensuality.
The most frustrating is of course, when a hot girl massages you during a full hour but refrains from pulling your trigger.

So what I 'define' as the best Happy Ending massage is actually a Happy Blending massage that combines all these things together: young girl, good looks, as good as possible general massage skills (in so far as that can be expected from a pretty girl in Thailand), good sensual massage skills, and the certainty that she gives you a handjob.

Below, I go through the different categories of Happy Ending massages you can get in Chiang Mai.

I. Regular massage + Happy End

If you want to have a proper massage in the first place, but to be sent home with a smile, you can try any of the massage shops all around town. It simply depends on the massage practioner whether or not she'll offer you the final special and if not, you can ask or hint. Even though some massage parlours appear very decent from the outside, some girls are still naughty enough to go for the extra tip.

DISADVANTAGES: The problem with these type of places is of course, that you're not always sure to get a cute girl. Even if you thought you saw one and she welcomes you in the shop, suddenly another girl might show up in your room because she was first in queue. You will then feel too awkward to explicitly ask for that cuter girl and some shops won't grant your request as they really follow the queue.
The other disadvantage is of course that there is always this little uncertainty that you won't get your special dessert. That can also feel exciting: if you don't know for sure whether she's going to touch there or not, but in the end if she doesn't then you'll walk out with some frustration.

How to pick the place and the girl?

Well, if the place looks super decent, like a more expensive spa, most likely nothing spicy will be happening. The most important indicator that the girl is in for more is to watch the girls sitting outside in front of the shop: are they naive and pure-looking or do they challenge you when you walk past with a smile in their eyes? If the girl pays more attention to her make-up and her nails, chances are she is more keen to close on the special than on the massage itself.

A natural way to pick a massage in this league of parlours is of course to simply walk past a shop and glance sideways to check up the masseuses. If the girls are aggressive to catch your hand trying to pull you in, for sure they'll also be aggressive to pull your dick later on.

Simply reply to their action ("Welcome Massage !") by asking for the price and the menu to gain time. While a girl is answering  you, you can have a second look at her and at her colleagues to decide if you want a massage here.

When massage girls pay more attention to their looks than to their skills, you know what's on offer
When massage girls pay more attention to their looks than to their skills, you know what's on offer

How to deal with the queuing system?

In most regular massage places, there is a queuing system, meaning the girls take customers in turn. Some put a very pretty PR girl in front of the shop and after she has caught in you as a customer, suddenly an average looking woman appears and leads you to your room, leaving you disappointed. The way to deal with this is simply to take a bit of time. When the pretty girl talks to you, just talk back, ask some random questions and then confirm that she'll be the one to massage you or not. If not, just say thank you politely, tell her that you may come back later, and leave. This is Thailand and you're the customer, don't bother to feel ashamed. They may be thinking that you're an old pervert, well, let them. There is a certain joy and energy of feeling the hands of a pretty young girl on your body even if there is no happy ending, and we guys shouldn't feel ashamed at all of wanting to enjoy that pleasure.

What massage package to take?

It's much easier for the girl to slide towards forbidden places during an oil massage than during a Thai massage, so in general you should go for the oil massage. If you prefer the firmness of a Thai massage, just ask if they have a mix of Thai + oil, so at least she can switch to oil later on.

TIP: unless you go to expensive spas which use good quality aroma oil or coconut oil, most massage parlours in Thailand use rather inferior massage oils that can leave your pores blocked for the rest of the day, even if you take 2 showers there is still a residue of thick oil on you skin. If you don't like that feeling, just get a bottle of baby oil and bring it with you. Alternatively, plan to have a swim after your massage: the strong chlorine pools in Chiang Mai will rinse away the thick oil. Also, bring a small or large towel because although most parlours in Thailand change sheets between customers, some don't and it's always a better feeling to lay your manhood on a fresh piece of cloth rather than suspecting that somebody else's sloppy seconds remain there.

Typical massage parlour in Chiang Mai
Typical massage parlour in Chiang Mai

Where to find a regular massage + HJ?

Like I said, happy ending massages happen everywhere and you've just got to observe how a shop looks like and how the masseuses behave, to get a feel of whether or not they'll offer the special.

If you want to have a high chance of finding one, the easiest is actually to stick to the tourist centers because the shops there are used to 'market needs'. You can find a high concentration of Happy Ending massages as you stroll along the roads in the tourist areas: Loi Kroh, Kampaengdin, Sridonchai, Changklan road, areas around Taphae and some soi's in the old town. Nimman area no doubt has it too, but less so.

Rough overview of where you can find the highest concentration of
happy ending massages in the centre of Chiang Mai

Mind you, these are the obvious tourist places, so you won't always get the best service. After you, another short term tourist will come anyway. And some girls try to 'scam' guys charging up to a staggering 2,000 baht (!) for a happy ending. Clearly, if you're just off the plane from a rich country and you haven't got laid for a while, you may just be fooled to pay that amount of money, but the market price for a Happy Ending in Chiang Mai is simply 500 baht, period.

The worst thing about sticking to the obvious tourist places is the girl's attitude: they are simply to used to foreigners, their English is too good, the experience isn't that local anymore but just for tourists and the girls usually know too much.

The other thing of course is that as you stroll along dozens of little massage parlours, there are actually not that many real pretty girls working there, mostly older women with a lot of make up. This is because the real pretty girls prefer not to display themselves on the street in front of a massage parlour and can sell their services more discretely in other businesses with a better return, for example in body-to-body massage parlours, in teen massage parlours or in karaokes.

Standard prices

The market price for a HJ during a massage in Chiang Mai is THB 500, but if you go to a regular massage shop in tourist areas, the girls often try to rip you off at THB 1,000 or THB 2,000.
You could try to negotiate on the price of a HJ. For example, if you'd take 2 hours of oil massage for say THB 700 then you could ask the girl during the massage if she's okay for THB 1,000 all-in, including the massage and the HJ. The girls often try to do the same anyway: if the price of a 1 hour oil massage is THB 300-400, they'll also try to round it up for THB 1,000 including the HJ.
The worst thing about this is that you'll be spending too much energy on determining a price, which will definitely disturb your massage experience and probably your erection. After all, who feels horny bargaining at a market?
For this reason, it can be nicer to go to teen massage parlours, where the unspoken market price for a happy end is simply THB 500.

II. Teen massage parlours

The next category of happy ending massages in Chiang Mai is what I call the teen massage shops. Teen massage shops merely or only have young girls, average to cute to pretty, and there is a (usually unspoken) guarantee of a happy ending. "Teen" is here a euphemism because most girls are in their twenties.

The advantages of going to teen massage parlours is that you'll be sure that your little brother gets serviced, you are expected to pick the girl (there is no queue system), there is a standard price for the handjob and it's usually off the beaten tourist track in a more local and hidden street where you'll have no risk of being spotted by your friendly female neighbour.

The disadvantage of teen massage shops is that, because the girl is young and cute, you can't expect the best quality thorough massage here. So the emphasis is more on the sensual part than on getting an solid massage. But if you want to get a firm massage to relieve your sport injury, for example, you should of course go to a proper regular massage shop or even better, a massage school.

Voted best happy ending massage in Chiang Mai

Where to find teen massage shops?

For an overview of all teen massage parlours in Chiang Mai, become a Premium Insider Member and click here. If you're not a Premium Member, just pick one of the teen massage shops advertising at the bottom of this page.

IMHO, the best concentration of teen massage shops is nowadays in Santitam area with about 5 parlours located not far from each other: Daisuki, Anime, Aunyong, Jet Yord massage, and Iris massage.

One reason why Santitam is popular with teen massage parlours is, because many young girls and students live here, it's a cheaper area with lots of apartment buildings and close to the universities.
Besides the concentration of teen massage parlours will this also give you a much more local feel than you find strolling along Loikroh road, and the girls in teen massage shops are by definition not old (usually between 20 and 30), which is much better than the average in Loikroh.
Daisuki with it's modern management systems and fabulous girls definitely tops my list. Anime is a good second because of the number of cute girls, be it generally less trained.

Both first time visitors and for long term residents should prefer teen massage shops more than Loi Kroh road.

Daisuki with it's modern management systems and fabulous girls definitely tops my list. Anime is a good second because of the number of cute girls, be it generally less trained. And Aunyong is up and coming as an alternative when you're not too serious about having a young girl but want some more general massage skill instead.

Both first time visitors and for long term residents should prefer teen massage shops more than Loi Kroh road, if you ask me.

Golden Triangle of Teen Massage shops
A few good teen massages can be found within a 5 min walk in the Santitam area.
For a complete overview of all teen massage shops in Chiang Mai, become a Premium Insider Member.

Standard prices

One big plus about teen massage parlours is that there is generally no negotiation drama and no illusion about the price for a HJ: it's simply THB 500 all across the industry. Then, most girls are in for add-ons: she'll usually take off her t-shirt for another THB 200-300 and perhaps strip all the way naked for THB 500. Sex is not standard in teen massage parlours, but it surely happens and in certain parlours like Iris most girls are actually aiming for it.
Some parlours (Daisuki and Okane) have been smart enough to take away the hassle of asking for the hanky-panky and agreeing on the price, by simply including it in some packages of the menu.

III. Body-to-Body Massage (B2B)

The last category of Happy Ending massages in Chiang Mai could equally well be put in the category of brothels, because in practice full service is often given here, besides the official body-to-body massage with handjob that's on the menu. Like special is the Thai word for happy ending, so is full service the Thai terminology for sex in a massage shop.

The standard massage treatment in a B2B is always a naked massage with breasts, body and hands, ending in a handjob or sometimes a blowjob ("spray" in Thai terminology). Usually, you shower before and after together with the girl.

Why would you go to a body-to-body massage parlour in Chiang Mai? Well, for one, you can usually find some really hot chicks amongst the staff, far better than you find in regular massage shops across town. Then, although it's usually not officially on the menu, most girls in B2B parlours go for full service at an extra tip.
Should you also go for the body-to-body massage itself? Well, the first few times, it can be exciting to have a really hot girl rubbing and sliding her business against your business (it's a B2B after all), more or less as a soapy massage was originally meant to be, but in B2B usually with nuru gel. But the truth is that most girls in Chiang Mai nowadays don't really know how to give an exciting body-to-body anymore and tend to rush to the handjob.

After a while, it sort of gets less exciting to see the girl undress straight-away without any build-up before. There are some exceptions, such as Absolute Paradise Spa and Sean Suk where the girls are generally better trained and the fun already starts in the bathroom, but most B2B parlours lack that kind of training system. So then the main reason to go to a B2B is because you want to opt for full sex or just because you want to get the girl completely naked for the HJ and you don't need a normal massage first.

A taste of what can happen in a Chiang Mai's B2B (but normally with 1 girl): Mermaid Chiang Mai

Standard prices

The starting price for a body-to-body massage in Chiang Mai is about THB 1,000 (for example in Fang VIP and the Sun Inside), but typically most B2Bs charge about THB 1,200-1,300 for a 1hr 20min treatment. There are sometimes higher rates for classes of prettier girls: for example THB 1,600 or THB 1,800. These rates are all without sex.

If you want full service (sex), most B2Bs suggest that you talk about that with the girl privately when you're in the room. Expect to pay about THB 1,000 extra for sex, but it also depends on your looks and how charming you are. If you're young and handsome and charming, some girls will let you finish it off at about THB 600 more. But if you're older and grumpy or not such a smooth talker, she'll probably stick to her standard price of THB 1,000-3,000.

In general it's best to negotiate the extra of full service when you're in the room with the girl, not when you book the massage at the reception. This is because most shops don't like to discuss full service and also when you're with the girl you'll have some time to make her feel at ease and to show her that you're not a creep or an asshole.
Some B2Bs actually take away the hassle and uncertainty of the full service by simply including it in the menu for a reasonable price: Dolphin, Mermaid and Seansuk.

Where to find body-to-body massage parlours in Chiang Mai?

A few B2B parlours are featured at the bottom of this page as advertisers. For a complete overview of all body-to-body massage parlours in Chiang Mai, become a Premium Insider Member.


It's not difficult to have a Happy Ending in Chiang Mai, but the quality differs greatly. It can be difficult to find the perfect combination of beauty, service mind, general massage skill and sensuality. In general, it's like hit-and-miss because so much depends on the girl, but you've got a much better chance of getting a good experience in businesses with good management systems.



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Hans Klemperer Posted on April 18, 2020 at 06:36:10
I always wondered why men who get handjobs or happy hand endings seem to think that ‘cute girl’ is important. Sure, it can’t hurt but my experience here in SE Asia (resident in Thai and traveled throughout SE Asia) is that...when it comes to handjobs, pretty and cute don’t really matter. Once you’re laying back and her practiced hands are doing their magic (hopefully), your eyes are probably closed in joy. Yah, sometimes the girls will agree on a price that includes mild groping or sometimes none at all, while others will happily dry hump you before naked then finish with their hands while your probing fingers caress their pussy. It takes all kinds. Now that the plague is on us all, I’m not sure when any of us will get back to even regular massage, much less extras.
Jack Posted on June 15, 2019 at 16:38:03
Nice site, having lived in CM for some years I have tasted some of the local delights. I soon found that the main Loikhro Rd a bit cut and dry. I had to do a visa run North to Waing Phang Kham I stopped 10 minutes before the town for a Massage it was a small of the track shop house. I was not bothered about a hand job just wanted a soft oil massage. It was cheap as chips just 150 B walked up with the young lady nice body not too young striped off and she started not saying much at all I just wanted to enjoy the rub. When I turned over she continued with out talking slowly working on me when she cot to the top of my left leg she took my cock and moved it out the way and then moved to the right leg by now her hand was constantly touching my cock and it took on a life of it own standing stiff and proud I was expecting her to start asking if I wanted special or a HJ but nothing then out of nowhere she just dropped her mouth over my solid shaft and took me all the way down. I was shocked not because she was giving me a BJ but that she could take it all the way down I should just say I am not small and have never found a lady that could take it all. She had it in all the way to my balls I was totally blown away no intro no would you like nothing. Needless to say I shot my load with her still taking me deep she simply took my load said nothing just smiled. I did tip her but she was one of those who I will never forget.
Cyprusdave Posted on January 23, 2019 at 11:36:16
I was in Bangkok and then Chiang Mai in December 2018. I had already had a 2 hour body scrub and oil massage but no happy ending. On my last day wife and her daughter had gone shopping so I took a walk round near the old wall area. I was asked by several girls if I wanted a massage but walked the full length and back before settling on a place. The girls were all dressed rage same and were ok looking. I was offered a full body oil massage for 250 baht. I accepted and was led into the shop. It had several beds with curtains round. My thought was after reading other sites, that there was no way this was going to have a happy ending. She started on my back and legs with a nice firm touch but relaxing also. She did not speak much English but asked a few times if I was ok. After about half an hour she asked me to turn over. As I am used to aromatherapy massages with no added extras I was still soft so no embarrassment. She started on the front of my legs working up. As she got close to my cock I felt myself getting the start of an election. She leaned over me and asked if I wanted hj I asked how much. She said 250 for massage and 1000 extra. I said too expensive but she persisted and started kissing me while stroking me. I agreed reluctantly to pay. I asked her to undress but she only took her top and bra off. She said her tits were too small but I told her I prefer smaller. She then got some oil and started stroking me as I played with her tits with one hand and rubbed her pussy through her trousers. It's true what they say, always empty the pipes before going to these places. I found that as soon as she got into a good stroke, I emptied my balls. Have to say it was one of the best orgasms in a long time. She kept going until I could not take anymore. She cleaned me up then carried on with the massage even climbing on the bed behind me to do a head massage. So I came out not only fully relaxed but also happy. Expensive hand job yes but worth it? Absolutely!!
Luci Lu Posted on September 21, 2018 at 14:28:05
This blog is great! It is packed full of useful information. I did publish an article on why going for an happy ending massage should never be looked down upon.
Steve CM Posted on July 14, 2018 at 12:58:04
All those spots around Loh Kroh have turned into cheap rub n tug joints, last time I was there at one of my faves, the gal who rubbed me, a decent massage too, then we would have a nice bonk for 800, jacked up her prices badly. She asked me for two grand, even after I’d known her around a year, and we’ll enough to teach her 4 year old daughter some English.. She said the rents had gone up everywhere and the police come to check a lot and get tea money from her. She had no choice, and now she’s gone, went down to Samui with her kid...
Since then, I go through Thaifriendly for girls and ladyboys, easier to deal with and more relaxed, and many will come to you or a close by short time room. Many are university students who make extra on the side, all young, very cute and not expensive.. Same with ladyboys, though some are pros. Many give a good massage, they have the strength plus a nice cock to massage your bum hole if you’re into that ( I love it )..
Bottom line, geez a pun, is try that website, forget about the shop front rip offs
SATISH DESAI Posted on December 23, 2017 at 11:57:20
From 2nd February to 9th February I will be comming to Thailand
Falcon Posted on December 16, 2017 at 13:34:01
I tried my luck on the thapae toad lane 1 under the loikroh road. Unfortunately i don't remember the name of the massage shop but it was close to the natchan massage (in the south) what i found on google maps. I talked to the girl who sits infront of the massage shop. She wore shorts and below them some nylon stockings, so she looked for me as a kind of some hooker. I first asked her directly if its possible to get some special massage from her. She said yes and i thought perfect i'm in. The next question of me was if she also gives me a blowjob. She also was accepted. She took me in a room besides the normal massage shop and closed the door. She asked what would pay for her and i said 1000 baht..in this moment i was already on the next step in my mind. I would like to fuck her. I first let her start to massage my legs a little bit and during that i talked to her. She was maybe about 38 and looked not very beautiful but still hot. Before she could start with anything i asked her if i could take her csurpricf. First she was a bit shy because she dont like her body and so on. I said her that she looks hot and something like that and then i started to take her clothes off. She had normal tits, not too small not too big. But i realized that she had a nice butt. Thats the most thing what make me hot on women. At first we started to kiss each other really nice deeply. It was really hot. Then i had pleasure to lick her pussy so i lay her down. Her pussy was hairy but it doesen`t matter to me. I licked her and fingered her and she had a nice orgasm. During i licked her pussy i also tasted her asshole. Call it pervert but i like to rim a female asshole. And the best for me was she really liked it. After i finished my pussy eating she started to suck my dick. What should i say it was brilliant and she also sucked on my balls and licked my asshole. After some minutes i started to fuck her in doggy and i was nearly to cum in her. But to spend some more time i took my dick out of her and started to lick her nice asshole again. Because she really was turned on i started to finger her. At first she had some pain but because i was really careful i gaped her asshole more and more. The finish was that i fucked her anal and cum all deep in her asshole. After that she told me it was her first anal. It was some of best fuck in my life. Maybe because it was so unexpected. Hope some of you also are so lucky!!
Mar Posted on June 25, 2017 at 05:48:09
Hey! Ive been trying to find a place for Happy endings / pussy massage for women, any tips? I'm having really hard time finding anything!
MICK Posted on November 01, 2016 at 11:02:14
Agree with James - girls in the Loi Kroh Road lead you to a place where you have to hire a room. Once you have paid they get undressed and lie next to you for 5 minutes then take a call which is meant to be from a sick or lost friend asking them to pick them up. Always tip AFTER, never pay for anything before.
JOE SMITH Posted on May 29, 2016 at 12:17:22
I meant to say HJ not BJ
JOE SMITH Posted on May 29, 2016 at 12:16:07
i AGREE with James. I thought it was just me when some girl in a Loi Kroh massage parlour wanted 1000 bath for BJ. Maybe she thought I was a chump.So I feel better know knowing they think every guy is a chump. Thanks James!
James Graneria Posted on December 17, 2015 at 19:42:41
It all changed over the last couple of years. The girls have got greedy and even in the standard spit and sawdust massage parlours some women are asking for 1000 baht just for a no thrills HJ. The places to avoid are in the Loi Kroh Road, total ripoffs. none of the girls know how to do a proper massage, it`s all fast and furious and boring after a while, just not value for money unless the guys are desperate.